November 17, 2006


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Today is the day the battle for next gen kicks off with the release of the ps3 and soon followed by the nintendo wii. I know theirs alot of you guys out there excited and waiting in anticipation to:
A.crack open that box and be amazed at your new ps3 and it’s crispy gfx’s/ wii and it’s small size and remote like controls
B. take photos of your unopened ps3/wii and list it on ebay hoping to score some serious $$$$$
C. call in sick/ take time off from work so you can play games,games, games!!!

For what ever reason you choose, enjoy what you have and be glad you were able to get’s a good time to be a gamer!
Unit out!


November 6, 2006

Mario Bros. + Robot Chicken= Genius!!!!

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Funny as hell!!! This clip from Robot Chicken pretty much says it all! Check it out and see why Adult Swim is the shit!

October 27, 2006

Ps3 tv ad

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Here’s one of the ps3 ads airing in the u.s.This joint reminds me more of a horror movie than an all powerful system. Peep the vid below…what do ya’ll think?


October 26, 2006

Funny sh*t!!!

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check out this sketch from comedian mc chris that was done at a gamespot after hours show..some real funny shit!! “This aint a cutscene bitch” lol!

here’s the same act cut to clips from the actual game:


October 21, 2006


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New footage of gears and cliffy b interview (sorry cliffy), this is one long ass trailer for the game!! And don’t forget our contest were you can get this bad boy for free!!

Unit out



October 17, 2006

New Madden Wii features explained

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This new vid from EA does a decent job of explaining the Wii controls for those who are still sittn’ on the edge. I personally have to admit that the more I see how the controls work, the more I want to play this game. Im not much of a fan for the sport, but for some reason I feel like taking a crack at this game. I’d like to know if any of you kats out there who don’t care for footabll games are some what intrested in this Wii version after peeping all the footage on it.

October 11, 2006

First 360 HD-DVD commercial = b-boy goodness

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I have to say this joint is pretty tight! Props to Microsft for one a hell of a way to introduce their new HD-DVD player. Check it!

October 8, 2006

Call of duty on the office

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Check out this funny clip from the tv show “the office”. Videogames are def’ hitting the big times!!
Damn i wish i could do this at my job!