May 17, 2007

Hip Hop Lives…says KRS-ONE!!!!

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NAS said hip hop was dead, well KRS-ONE and DJ Marley Marl have to say otherwise! I hand it to KRS, this kat has truely lived through it all when it comes to the beginnings of the whole hip hop music movement. I always see him as like that old villiage elder who been and seen it all while educating young kats on everything about the culture LOL! Anyway, peep the video from the first single off the upcoming LP “Hip Hop Lives”(may 22nd). The video is pretty damn TIGHT and if you don’t know the man by now, listen to his lyrics as he breaks down the true meaning of Hip Hop to the cut of one ill ass Marley Marl!!!!


Pharoahe Monch “Body Baby” Video fresh of the new LP “Desire”

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My man Pharoahe has been off the map for a hot minute (mostly due to his splitting from Rawkus Records) and behind the scenes work on Diddys “Play”. But now looks to make some noise coming back to the scene! Here’s a video for the track “Body Baby” hot of the upcoming LP(droppn’ June 26th). With his Gospel like flow, he pretty much kills it on the old 50’s beat! I recently copped the Desire mixtape from Clinton Sparks and have to admit Im even more amped for the full LP release as Monch’s flows are as sick as ever proving things do get better with age. June 26 can’t come soon enough!


May 16, 2007

Super Paper Mario review on

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Whut up gamers!, Sir-G and myself give you the lowdown on Super Paper Mario for the nintendo wii. Head on over to the G-hole on and peep the video review!
Unit out

May 15, 2007


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The greatness of OES stuff just keeps on trucking in the world of PSP. Programmers just love playing with the little device and now they say you can watch cable on your psp. Seeing is believing.

And if you’d like you can also view your PSP on your PC while you control your TV O_o.

I guess it could be useful for those of us who have their computers in another room with their TV’s somewhere else. That way you can get access to your TV while on your PC [as if you didn’t have enough attention already]. This would probably only be plausible in a dual monitor setup on your PC though but it’s still impressive that these guys turned the unit into a proxy/hub.

May 11, 2007

Ninja Gaiden goodnes!

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Damn team Ninja! Them kats are really something else when it comes to pushing graphics. They impressed with Ninja Gaiden on Xbox and now they are continuing that trend on the little old DS. At the recent Tecmo event, they gave an 8 minute demo of the game. If you slept on DS as far as graphics, I think this game will change your mind! And the game play looks pretty damn fast and tight for being controlled only with the stylus.


May 9, 2007

Last Call with Carson Daly has a confession….

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In the vein of Late Night with Conan O’brian and Steve Cobert Report, Carson Daly on his late night talk show confesses to a new addiction. Thankfully his co-workers were there to help this man in his time of need. Just check out the video for a good chuckle!


May 2, 2007

G4 tv does it again…Playstation 3 Elite!!!!!

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It’s no doubt the network sucks pretty damn bad, but every now and then they do put out some funny stuff. In the vain of the PS3/Wii mac spoof ad comes an ad adverstising the new Playstation 3 Elite. It’s pretty damn funny and a testament to all the techno babble nonsense that pollutes next-gen gaming. Check it out!


April 28, 2007

Call of Duty 4 trailer!!!!

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Call of Duty is back and boy is it back with a vengance! But this time and thank the heavens there’s no nazi’s in sight. The setting for this version is in modern times hence the name Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat and what appears from the trailer you’ll thrown into the battle that is the current iraq/terroist war that’s raging on as we speak. The game looks sweet and looks too take this game in a much need new direction. Peep the trailer below and say Hot Damn!! Cuz it looks like Call of Duty 4 is about to bring tha noise!
Also peep the official website for the uncut trailer (you have to register to see it tho).