February 24, 2008

Metal Gear awesome returns!

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Check out this new funny ass version of metal gear from the awesome series! Prepare to laugh out loud as they hit on some many true points from the game. Also this one aint for the little kiddies, Enjoy!
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February 19, 2008

Hot Ironman cg videos!

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In anticipation for the new Ironman movie droping this may, marvel comics has posted these hot ass cg videos of ironman taking out some giant robots with the help of some special friends of course! Peep the videos below in order and then ask yourself, why the hell arent these on t.v. or a direct to dvd movie!
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February 12, 2008

Card Sagas Wars 3

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Here’s the 3rd installment to the fast growing fan made video featuring heavy hitting video game characters from Master Chief to Cloud (FF7). We can only pray they make this into a real video game some how. Just have to find a way to tackle that licensing issue you know the same one thats keeping Jump Super Stars DS from crossing the border to US soil…..sigh!


November 4, 2007

Mario Galaxy… time to change up the game!

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Mario Galaxy is upon us and it can’t come soon enough! With glowing reviews slowly trickling in, it looks as though Galaxy is giving the 3d platforming genre a much needed shot in the arm. Word from reviewers are that the game takes everything we know about platformers and literally flips it upside down while bringing a feeling of freshness to the now stale genre. And for all you die-hard gamers, word from reviewers is also that the game is pretty hard when trying to go for all 120 stars. With a fully orchestrated soundtrack, sweet graphics, and crazy gameplay, this looks to blow away Mario 64 in each and every way and quite frankly is looking like the best 3d platformer to come out in a very long time! Just take a look at the videos for a peek at one of the early boss encounters and space hoping levels. Petty damn epic for an earlier boss if you ask me!

P.s. Mario has never looked and sound better till now. Hear the Mario Galaxy theme music which sounds like something strait out of a Spielberg film. Just click the link below. And I guarantee you’ll be humming the music in no time!

AWESOME theme music!

October 21, 2007

Carnival!! :D

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Something to get your blood going!


October 19, 2007

Holy crap, Wesker really was the sh!t……

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Well finally after all the Resident Evil shooting games, Capcom looks to have finally got it right with this. I know alot of heads(especially RE fans) will be happy to see that capcom is giving this game the full polished treatment like it’s other titles. The game is looking pretty damn good as can be seen from this recent Capom gamers day event. Wesker, I never knew you had it in ya!

In a Galaxy far away….Mario rocked the house!

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I really and truely don’t need to say much. Check out the new trailer for Mario Galaxy. This looks to be a worthy follow up to the genre changing game that was Mario 64. This holiday is going to be a special one for us gamers. Oh and the music……BEAUTIFUL!

TV Spot:

October 10, 2007

Mario Kart and Monster Hunter 3 vids, come see!

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Mario Kart Wii

Monster Hunter 3

September 14, 2007

Happy Video Game Nerd!

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This is how you make a good parody kids!


August 19, 2007

Irate Gamer!

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Ever since last year when Angry Video Game Nerd showed his face on YouTube with his series of “reviews” on old school games and plenty of trash talk, many middle aged gamers with a camera are trying to mimic his styles for some quick easy success. Most sucked, while some are worth mentioning. Irate gamer is one of better ones out there.

He just started a few months ago, but actually shows a bit of promise. To be honest, ever since the Nerd went to GameTrailers.com, he hasn’t been as good as his early videos.


July 14, 2007

Live 4 Dead Video

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From the guys who bought us Counter-Strike comes an upcoming co-op game dealing with stereotypical zombies named Left 4 Dead. The catch? Besides there is only 4 players who must work with one another because of huge storms, you can also play as the infected zombie side to control the hordes!

Check out the video by G4TV

July 8, 2007

Gears of War PC?

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Looks like some new levels are going to be included!


June 5, 2007

Exclusive video…Silver Surfer kicks offical ass!

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I wasn’t a huge fan of the first flick, but will admit it was an okay comic book adaption. But I have to say this second film looks to be pretty damn tight! As cheesy as the Silver Surfer may seem to some people, i think after watching this movie they will have a sudden change of heart. In the exclusive clip(thanks to IGN), the Surfer flexes his skills and pretty much proves he’s not just some silver dude riding a surf board. So yeah, watch the clip and I think you’ll agree when I say im pretty much amped for this flick. FLAME ON!!!!


June 1, 2007

TIGHT Chrono Trigger soundtrack remix(turntablism)

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Ahhh this track brings back memories! Chrono Trigger has to be one of my all time favorites from Square of back in the day. It was pretty fresh and revolutionary for it’s time when it first dropped. And now looking back, alot of rpg’s are based of it’s foundation. So as you can imagine, I gets all choked up inside when I see kats like this pay homage to game. As far as the dudes skillz on the tables, he’s pretty decent for a young kat. Peep the video and check him out and towards the end of the clip, he mentions that he is pretty drunk! So i guess this makes it all the more impressive?????