September 25, 2007

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete

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And the never ending struggle to make longest named DVDs, CDs, and what other media you can find continues.  Square-Enix announced at this years’ Tokyo Game Show that “yes, we are releasing an updated, and final, version of the Advent Children.”  So what do you get with the new fandangled alpha-delta-pie* version of a movie juggernaught that everyone waited for will be dying to have yet again?


  • 1080p Resolution
  • More language selections that you could ask for
  • Extras, extras, and more extras, its all about extras baby
  • Enough deleted scenes [like the one above] to make a reasonably long flick even longer

Ahh you never know when you buy these anymore.  Check out the complete posting at Square Enix’s site [some translation required].

*All Rights Reserved Sir-G 2007 :p

September 23, 2007

*UPDATE* Suda 51…you so crazy!!!!

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Funny ass cinema screen! Peep it!

It looks like Suda 51 next uber cool project “No More Heroes” will be making it’s way stateside in February of 2008. And who is responsible for this, why none other than UBISOFT as they have picked up the publishing duties for the title. For those who don’t know, No More Heroes is the latest from Grasshopper studios(of Killer 7 fame). The game stars Travis Touchdown(who happens to be a huge anime and videogame fan in the game) who after an internet auction, wins a lightsaber inspired beam katana. So what does one do with such a weapon, why you become an assassin! now that Travis has entered such world, he stumble apon a underground contest(known to other assassins) to become the number one assassin. To do so one must kill the others (13 to be exact) in order to climb the ranks. In typical Suda fashion, they consist of the crazy type. For instance, you have a female assassin who has a rocket launcher for a leg( Grindhouse anyone?).
The game world is open ended and allows you to go anywhere taking on jobs as well as upgrading your weapon and buying t-shirts(that contain anime illustrations from real famous Japaneses artist). The clothes play a big part in the game as they effect attributes for Travis. The official website has videos being posted every week, but my favorite so far has to be the games save system! just look at the video below!

September 21, 2007

Hey Kratos, can I get some love too?

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Looks like old Rygar ain’t going down without a fight. Straight outta TGS comes this new trailer for Rygar: Battle of Argus for the Wii. When Rygar was released(it came out before God of War) on the PS2 way back when, it pretty much did alot of cool things that God Of War did, but with alot more japanese flair. The game was pretty tight and had really good production values as far as story, music, and gameplay. The combo system was pretty impressive which incorprated your disk armor weapon. The weapon can be compared to Kratos chain blades, but in Rygar you can actually latch onto enemies and swing the hell out of them or use them against other foes. So it’s good to see the series coming back. Hopefully it won’t go as overlooked as it did on PS2. Argus awaits and the gods won’t be pleased!

Ninja Gaiden DS, cuttn’ handhelds a new one!

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Ryu will be making the return to the big screen next year, but in the meantime this kat gets no rest as he’ll be bringing his trade marked fast paced action to the DS. And gasp…….this time it looks like it has an actual well thought out story(pay attention Ninja Gaiden 2). The game plays completely with the stylus and through Team Ninja’s technical wizardry, manages to maintain the same frantic pace of it’s console brethren. By simply slashing the stylus in various directions to tapping on an enemy to throw a shuriken, Ninja Gaiden promises to make sure you’ll have a good time all the while pushing the systems touch capabilities as well as graphics! They also didn’t forget the Ninpo attacks which are summoned by quickly drawing various symbols in a rapid succession unleashing pretty much all hell on enemies. Itakgi, you may have one hell of an ego, but I have to admit you came through on this version of the franchise!

Draw your way through time….. literally!

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Time Hollow is the latest entry into the DS’s growing library of adventure titles. The premise for this game is an interesting one. You have this green futuristic ball point pen that allows you to literally draw a window into the past! With this ability, you set out as the main character Horo Tokio( a 17 year old high school teenager), on a quest to discover what happened to your parents who have been missing for the past 12 years. What makes things pretty peculiar is the fact that your parents were thought to have died in a fire years ago. Drawing a window through time allows you to see things as they have changed over time and can lead to clues to help you solve the games various puzzles and secrets other characters may hide. The gameplay is played out through animated stills and text with the story being told through fully animated vocal cinemas as shown in the trailer.This is a very interesting concept that I hope gets translated for the American audience. With the success of adventure titles on DS, Konami would be kinda stupid for not bringing it out overseas!


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Finally we get to see some more meat to this little game from namco and so far word from the floors of TGS say it’s coming along pretty good. I personal like when devs take properties and try to expand on them. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin monks was actual a pretty decent standalone brawler that did a good job of retaining the feel of the Mortal Kombat series while giving it a spin on the brawler genre. Hopefully namco can pull it off with this as they seriously need to branch out of the fighting game genre!

September 20, 2007

O_- Looks Good!

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Wow, while my earlier reports on this game were hopeful at best, I didn’t expect the Combat System to look this good.  What’s even better is the fact that this one will hit the Box and PS3 at the same time.  It’s a world of gamer choice, pick your system / systems if you can afford them all.

Level 5’s White Knight Story

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Though we’ll have to question the possibility of an airing for FF XIII at TGS 2007, its good to see Level 5 and JapanStudio come together to work on something as promising as しろきしものがたり [Shirokishi Monogatari, aka White Knight Story]. Level 5’s president, Akihiro Hino may rattle the ol’ FF Spells yet!  The long awaited play test from this title was well received.  Users have already blogged across the net that the Knight will impress more than just Guinevere.


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Now answer this question please. If Microsoft had promised something and delayed it a whole year wouldn’t the Internets have set on fire with the outrage and venom? So why has Sony left their users Homeless and we can’t get a little outcry? I’m just saying. Keep on waiting Sony diehards. But how many “YEARS” will you have to wait for the promise? 2yrs? 3? Have fun on your Wii60 and call it a day!

More MGS Kojima Antics

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Another video to brighten up your day. In all the issues of War, loss of human life, technological babbles, and idea of a time on Earth when the only thing that mattered was the size of your gun, Kojima finds a way to make you laugh. I guarantee you that all the seriousness that gamers give MGS may be futile against Kojima’s attempt at comedic satire. Sometimes you have to wonder if he is just trying to make something so serious look funny. Check it out.

New DMC 4 Trailer Shows off More More More

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As if the fanboys of DMC couldn’t get enough [yours truly included] of DMC. After being thoroughly disappointed by the Bioshock ending [mumbles profanity at the ending], this has more than just perked up my day. Check it out -