February 25, 2008

Street Fighter IV - MAN - ‘ISH!!

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WTF! I have loads of Work Time Fun daily but it must be rediculous over at Capcom. I know the art team went a different direction with SF IV recently but the Chun-MANLI’NESS is seriously out of control. Stop the madness. I mean just look at her hands -


Am I the only one seeing this? Bet! We’re gonna find out CL was a guy in ten years and that it was some sick joke by Capcom. This is stupid. I mean, I’m for the whole Japanese brush motif, but the cod-piece on Ryu and Ken, and now this even makes the C-Viper chick look suspect -


Ever since the Poison fiasco, I’ve lost all faith in the Gender-Bender rules over at Capcom … rel’ boogie-man business. At least in KOF you know what’s up from the get go -


October 1, 2007

Import fans…….REJOICE!!!!

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Sin & Punishment

Well Nintendo has finally listened to it’s audience! Thats right folks, you can now purchase import titles on the Virtual Console! No longer do you need to spend a crazy amount of doe for your favorite import title from back in the day! Anyone who has been playing games since way back when can relate to how it feels when you had that one game you always wanted to play, but for whatever reason, it was never released outside of Japan. Well that all going to change now. Just head to your VC channel and go straight to the import category. And as if Nintendo wasn’t already listening to us, the first titles released are none other than Treasure’s masterpiece “Sin & Punishment” and Nintendo’s very own true sequel to Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2(which was never released to the US because it was too hard for americans at the time). Both titles are highly recommended for those who are familiar and not so familiar. Sin & Punishment is my personal favorite from back in the day. And for those worried, the graphics are sharp and clean(from the original) just like all the N64 games available now. So head on over and download these 2 phat titles. And for those wondering, hell yeah Super Mario Bros. 2 is hard as hell! But one thing is for sure, it will make some great speed run videos now that this game is available to the masses!

June 4, 2007

FF XII - International Due this August

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For those of you who are insane enough to pick the import versions of FF games, and spend up-teen hours of the night translating, and slaving over Japanese/English Dictionaries, and furigana books, to translate text, menus, and what nots, you will be happy to know that the International version of Fabula Nova Crystalis XII will be released on 8/9/2007 in Japan.


If you’re import store is not as up to date as mines, most likely they will get copies the following week, or the week after that. The International Version will include an upgraded job system, double speed mode, trial battle mode, and all the standard international treatment that usually includes, English, or Japanese, voices, or texts; extra bosses; items; moves; and tougher final bosses. What’s also cool, is that the game will have a new layouts for grid system based on each characters Zodiac sign. No two characters will have the same layout again in terms of leveling up. Rumors of the gaming sporting 16 x 9 playback for those wide-screen loving fans is never a bad thing.

May 8, 2007

No Vagrant Story II?

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last remnant

I’m a huge fan of the above game that was never released, you know the one that all the niche gamers, who fell in love with that very cool game, that titles like Final Fantasy XII borrowed its battle system from [and its Director].  Square-Enix had mentioned a new property to infest our little hearts, rpg wise, a few weeks back and the net was rampant with ideas of “What could it be? OMG, Vagrant Story II!”  That would have been too sweet but Instead they throw us something new, as they have always done so in the past, touching on new ideas, genres, and delivering great content and then departing from them for eternity.  Titles like Einhander and Vagrant Story deserve a sequel, and many a gamer will agree with me on that.  The new title is called The Last Remnant and will be supervised by Hiroshi Takai of the the ill-fated Bouncer game for ps2.  The world of last remnant will include you standard RPG fantasy styles populus, half human, human, lizard men, fish women, and perhaps other strange things to look at.  Remnant is due some time in Spring 2008, so it will be a while till we hear anything about this one again.

April 27, 2007


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PS3 has made it to the land of Curry, fine looking women, and crowded streets.  Lets not forget Dubai but for those of you don’t have the time to travel, consider staying there for a few nights if the chance ever comes by in your life or you have the sudden whim of a feeling to just go east. 

India Flag

Now for the cost of the system - about $40,000 Rs. And you thought you had a lot to complain about here in the US man.  Each game goes for about $3000 Rs so I guess its not bad considering the FX rate - but damn!!!  Nothing has really changed in terms of the system itself and the regular marketing applies to our beloved George Forman Grill with Spidey Text.

March 28, 2007

Pure Pulse - Part I

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Okay boys and girls, I know some of you couldn’t handle wipeout pure but if you made up to the higher speeds and got 100% gold [like yours trully] on the American and the European version [yes I played both cuz they both had different tracks to download] you would have come to understand the meaning of a perfect lap.

Anyways, the Liverpool boys are doing a sequel and are actually adding new gameplay elements to the series… I stand on my ground that Pure was the best version since WO3 .. but this is sounding 2B2 damn good 2b true:

- online play [ad hoc and infrastructure] , the inclusion of magnetic rails, aka MAG-STRIPS, around gravity defying portions of the tracks to implement 90 degree drops, insane loops [miss em and you’re dead] and more, the option to store your own music [FINALLY!!!], the ability to take in-game shots of your races for bragging rights and reference material, seven modes of play, including training mode to bring more to the franchise [that’s good news for Dave], of course killa sounds from groups like Stanton Warriors and more …. sounds good ta me!!!

September 21, 2006

Xbox360 gettin’ some rpg love from japan…update1

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Check these new videos from the tokyo game show. Lost odyessey is looking sick with it’s smooth transiton from cg to real time. You can def’ see the big final fantasy influence with this one. And this intro remindsd me of the opening for the first lord of the rings movie but with a japanese twist. We also have a video of the Blue Dragon which is lookin’ damn tight! I love akira toriyama’s(dragon ball z) character designs. This game has a nice smooth look to it and a full vocal soundtrack while your battling the bosses! Will these heavy hitters get japanese gamers to finally embrace the x360? Only time will tell. Check the vids below

Unit out




Update: Another vid added of the rpg Trusty bell

September 9, 2006

Final fantasy drink commercial

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This is a old one but goodie! Check out this japanese commercial for square-enix’s final fantasy themed soft drink called “potion”. After seeing this i kinda would like to see a live action ff movie. What ya’ll think?


September 1, 2006

Space shootin’ xbox360 style

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Long live the space shoot ‘em ups!! Square enix has updated the website for the shooter “Project Sylpheed” with some screens of the cast from the game. You gotta see the lady with the thick rope chain on….can you say hoochie mamas in space? It’s good to see that folks will still be rockin’ jewelry like that even if it’s thousands of years in the future..lol. Anyways the actual game itself is lookin’ tight and i know it’ll be headin our way states side in the near future. Oh and if ya’ didn’t know, this game is the succesor to the classic sega cd and ps2 3d shooter from back in the day called “Silpheed“.

Update: here’s a  trailer to check out but don’t blink or you’ll miss the actual gameplay footage.
Unit out