June 27, 2007

Wiimbledon by TrueGameHeadz

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Check out the second ep on location of Gameslap

June 22, 2007

Game over for Manhunt 2?

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This is an interesting turn of events. Not only did this game become banned at the Britian, but Ireland as well. To make matters worse, MH2 has been given an “Adults Only” rating, a step up from the Mature rating; this is a very bad thing for a developer because Nintendo and Sony doesn’t like AO-rating games on their system. In fact, their policies ban them.

To plug my piece of opinion, it just makes make wonder as to what Take2 was thinking when starting the sequel. There was no big demand for the sequel of a mediocre game and the money could’ve been invested into better things into the company such as the next GTA. To anyone who has actually played the first game, let’s be honest here, the game did get stupidly repeatitive in a short amount of time and watching a guy suffocate with a plastic bag doesn’t become very shocking after executing it 50 times.

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June 16, 2007


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TrueGameHeadz decided to visit my old campus’s stomping ground to ask the girls around dowtown why don’t they like video game players as boyfriends and such.  An interesting approach but a reminder to all my game brothers out there that there are indeed girls who are in to gaming / gamers.  Yes, they are a rare catch but a word to the wise, hang on to her if you ever meet her. 


No, not iBlog, sBlog; as in Sony has officially launched its own blog site this week.  Sony has promised to keep us up to date with all necessary info for those information starving PS3 owners.  I have to admit, that should have been created from day one guys.  Maybe the fact that BestBuy decided to start offering a $20 discount on some PS3 titles this week was better news but that type of information was no where to be found in any of their blogs.  It would be nice if they made a world portal instead, but then again my ideas are always too grande. 


Piyotama, cousin of PuyoPuyo was released on the PS Network in Japan this week.   I am jealous.  Who’s to say that the EU PS Network gets no love, as I was able to spot some listings for old PS1 titles that the boys over the pond would never get as we had thought.  That includes titles like Crash Bandicoot, Medievil, and Jumping Flash just to name a few.  The Queen is dead indeed.  The HAZE HD Trailer was released this week in full force and it looks tight.  How did I see it you say? I’m not telling!  What didn’t f’ing come out was the “BIG update” that was supposed to have been released this week. 

Guess what?  The Motorstorm God Update got delayed again!! Are you F’ing kiding me guys!  The Lair game is still not out, and buggy as it may be, the creators at Factor Five have a lot to live up to so it would be nice if they took their time.  However, if you were insane enough to buy that horrible version of Fith Element BR DVD, I want you to feel immediately upset that the true remastered version of Fifth Element was released this week.  Yes, on BR, and if you didn’t know, they won the HD warz.  Didn’t you notice all the commercials yet?  The firmware for PS3 was updated once again.  I think it’s Sony’s idea of a joke.  I need a shot of Kass Rum right now.  What does it fix? Some RGB Feature that only certain TV’s experience. Well the good thing about it is that it shows Big S is willing to take even the small guys into consideration considering the size of this niche problem.   It is now possible to get certain video feeds sent directly to your psp.  That’s nice, other than the 60 reasons given to own a PSP these days.  You can now get that Xyanide demo for the PSP as well.  It looks sweet by the way.  I’m also surprised that people were bitching about how hard Wipeout Pure was [*cough*], but then again I’m a fan of the series so it comes naturally to me.  Lead designer Colin Berry says that they will aim for something more balanced in Wipeout Pulse.  Colin points out that the difficulty of the AI can be lowered at Phantom class speeds and up so new players will have a better time adjusting. 

Doak and Furture of Sega

David Doak of Free Radical went to point out that PS3 developers are nothing but a bunch of pansies.  Strong words David.  You’re officially part of the Ninja Gaiden Itagaki Fan Club.  However, I pointed out this week that Ninja Gaiden Sigma has completely shut me up.  After going through the demo upteen times [ I still cant’ finish it on very hard!! ], I have to admit that the game is impressive, especially when compared to the first two versions.  Not only that, members of the original Itagaki fan club pointed out that when the game is finally released, it will show just how powerful the PS3 can really be.  My thoughts are whether or not they were able to push the system to its limits already.  Just remember this is coming from a guy who loves cabbage.  Sega is no more.  Sega is now SegaSammy.  You heard that right!  The VPs over at the new firm echoed out a sentence I mention to my breathren here on TGHz: “The PS3 will win the console war.” Like all the other boxes pushed out by Sony, the directors point out that the system has the same type of potential as its predecessors times ten.  Like what you ask? Hell if I know, they rejected my request for the Dev Kit so I can’t say for now.  This is the same difficulty and frustration that I’m sure many a Sony developer bitches about.  Case and point: PS2 was announced dead in 2006 December, Janurary - April of 2007 has seen some of its most amazing releases.  The problem with all this is that gamers just don’t want to wait so even I to am waiting for the right moment to pick up a XBOX 360.  Well at least the PS3 has been slated to have a new controller with rumble, but developers of the unit are saying that battery life of the wireless controller will be an issue.  My co-worker got this interesting error while coding this week on MS Software : ” … this error is by design.” 

May 31, 2007

THE OFFICIAL 360/Wii rap(tha’ diss to Sony)

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Oh man, oh man!!! It doesn’t get better than this! In the time honored tradition of mcees dissing each other over beats comes the “I Love 360/Wii” street mix from Dj Chedda. Boy does this kat have it in for the PS3! It all started when this wanna be felt the need to defend the PS3 in all it’s expensive glory by explaining to who ever cares why the PS3 is worth it’s price. And of course the net exploded with all types of spoofs on his original video. But it looks like Dj Chedda is putting an end to it all for good by actually laying his diss down to a beat. This is why I love the video game community and the marvel that is You Tube! Long live the INTERNET’S!!!!!!


May 26, 2007

Geometry Wars heads to wii & ds!

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One of xbox360’s cult live arcade games, Geometry Wars is headed straight to the wii and ds as Geometry Wars: Galaxies. And although they’ll have the same levels as the x360’s version, these new entry’s will be fully fleshed out with the likes of a full campain mode( which’ll have you traveling to several different galaxies taking out enemies),co-op modes, new weapons, new enemies and several different gameplay modes. Also if you have the ds version you’ll be able to link it up to the wii version for some new unlockable content. Now that’s the way you do a port! You take it to the next level! Check out this interview cvg conducted with more info on this upcoming title.

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May 25, 2007

Smash Bros. official site up and running!

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Nintendo gets ready to rumble!! The official Smash Bros. Brawl website is up and running. So far they have profiles and new pics of the 3 characters below, but they’ll be updating the roster and news as time goes on. And if your a big fan of the orchestral arrangments of classic nintendo games, then you should check out the star studded cast of video game musicans they’re pulling out for this game…WOW! can you say hot! Peep the site and make sure to check back often for updates!

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FF crystal chronicles wii trailer!

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Square-enix has finally released a teaser trailer for the upcoming wii action rpg: Final Fantasy: crystal chronicles: The crystal Bearers (damn thats a long title!) which is a sequel to the gamecube game Final Fantasy: crystal chronicles. From what can be seen from the trailer, this game is looking hot and will be a departure from the original and in a good way! Although the original was phat, it was hampered by that annoying gas protecting bubble you always had to be in.(great design choice square…jeeez). And from an interveiw s-e had in famitsu magazine, it was stated that your character is sorta like a superhero to that world and will start off already known through out and somewhat powerful. So the game won’t follow the typical “farm boy growing up learning that it’s his destiny to save the world from impending doom with a mighty sword and magic inhand”. We def’ won’t see this game states side for a while but we’ll keep you up to date on news regarding this game.

May 16, 2007

Super Paper Mario review on MTV.com

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Whut up gamers!, Sir-G and myself give you the lowdown on Super Paper Mario for the nintendo wii. Head on over to the G-hole on MTV.com and peep the video review!
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