February 14, 2008

Deadly Creatures….life as a bug ain’t easy!

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Ever watched insect shows on the nature channel? Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of some of the most deadliest insects? Rainbow Studios and Wii have the answer for you! Enter Deadly Creatures. This would probably have to be the first 3rd person action title were you play the role of a deadly scorpion or a stealthy spider. What sets this game apart is the fact that it all grounded in the real world. No special weapons or power ups or talking insects. It’s just pure insect survival. LOL! The game promises to combine traditional platforming levels along with a brutal fighting mechanic that as the developers put it “Think about the immense battles in King Kong or Jurassic Park - the scale may be smaller here, but the impact is the same.” Anyway, peep the trailer which does a good job of amplifying life in the tiny jungle that exist around us. Can you feel the sting? It hurts doesn’t it!


January 31, 2008

Video showing all Smash Bros. features…WHEW!!!!

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With Smash Bros. Brawl officially out in japan, Nintendo dropped a video showcasing all the games features. There is alot! Just peep the video and if you look closely, you’ll see they threw in the kitchen sink as well. LOL. Enjoy!


January 30, 2008

Fatal Frame returns on the Wii…..

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The Fatal Frame series has taken a more passive approach to the survival horror genre. As the game never featured zombies or mutated monsters which required you to shoot them with a gun or some other form of bullistic weapon. Instead the series focused on using a camera(camera obscura) which had the abilities to weaken and destroy the many ghost that haunted players in the game. The series had gotten off to a low key start, but really came into it’s own as it progressed. It’s took on a style that was similar to that of Japanese horror films or the Ring movies. There were times when I admit the game sacred the sh!t out of me. And it wasn’t on a cheap jump out the closet type of scare either.

Tecmo and Nintendo officially announced they are developing the next in the Fatal Frame series “Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse” together. Thats right, not only is Nintendo publishing the title but they are also lending their development hand into the game as well and to top it off Suda 51 of Grasshopper fame will also be lending his directorial skills to the mix as well! With this attention to the franchise, it could mean that the series could get that extra polish it always needed. After the sucessful incorporation of the wii-remote with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, one could see what control scheme they’ll come up with especially now that Nintendo is in the mix. As a fan of the original series, this sounds like good things for the franchise. We’ll keep ya posted!



January 24, 2008

This is why im HOT!!! Smash Bros. Wi-Fi battle footage….

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Nintendo, why do you taunt us so!!!! RELEASE THIS GAME ALREADY! Fresh out of the offices in the land of the rising sun comes this new video which shows a heated wi-fi match between 2 Nintendo internal dev teams stationed in Tokyo and Kyoto. I have to say this is on hot looking level. I’m a huge Star Fox fan so to see and hear classic Star Fox brings a tear to my fanboy eye. But you don’t have to be a fan to admit that this is one impressive looking level for a fighting game. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this game can’t come soon enough!


January 22, 2008

Sega answers to Mario tennis

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Sega diffidently has the better characters for sure, it’s just well anything the fat plumber touches seems to turn to gold. Let’s see how this tennis game turns out it seems to be on the right track the only thing that can ruin this game is it’s controls. Which seems to be Sega’s biggest problem nowadays. I just hope they get it right this time, I believe this can be yet another title in favor of Nintendo’s gimmick control…. sorry 360/PS3.


January 11, 2008

Square Enix dissing Microsoft!

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That’s right you heard it square-enix the rpg god’s are dissing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by shifting all attention towards the Wii, PS3 and DS. O well who needs rpg’s when you have a shit load of fps games….. right?


January 9, 2008

RUMOR: Leon S. Kennedy in Smash Bros. Brawl…

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As if the inclusion of Sonic and Solid Snake in Smash Bros. Brawl wasn’t big enough according to the IMDB the actor who voiced Leon S Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 is a credit with reprising his role as the infamous Racoon city cop in the soon to be released Smash Bros. Brawl. Below I attached a screen grab of the page as soon enough, Nintendo will request that he take it down. Again this has note been confirmed by Nintendo, but if it is true, Smash Bros Brawl is going down as one of the best fighters in history! Smash Bros. is about to bring the noise come February!

IMDB screen grab



Wii Fit = Wii $$$$$$$$$$

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In Nintendo’s continued onslaught to win(in which the are succeeding) over the casual gamer, has hit a new millstone with Wii Fit. The $70(us) balance board and game bundle has sold an impressive 1 million units in Japan in a time frame of a month and 6 days. That says a lot for a gaming peripheral that isn’t Guitar Hero or Rockband! The unit is an official success even before it hit the states here. Most people doubted the board when it was unveiled for the first time, but with Nintendo’s current track record this gen with nothing, but success with the Wii and DS it’s safe to say they know what their doing. One thing is for sure, this will be a hit here in the states as America struggles with obesity in it’s youth. Now you have a videogame that actually encourages health as well as keep you in shape. If you thought the Wii was getting enough publicity amongst the casual media, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Quick someone make an “it prints money” gif for Wii Fit!!!!!



January 6, 2008

Wii download to DS games only Demos what gives nintendo?

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What a way to kick of the new year! Nintendo corrects what could have been possibility just one of the many wonders of the Wii. According to a Business Day article they stated that, “Complete games… will be able to be downloaded into the Wii using its broadband connection, and then transferred wireslessly to the DS”. Well Nintendo fans Nintendo has officially corrected that statement and your not going to like the outcome. It’s goes a little some like this “in the future, the Nintendo DS will be able to receive demo versions of some DS games from Wii, but not the entire game.” These demos, like all content that can be beamed to DS currently, will be erased once the hand held is switched off. How fun is that sure it’s understandable for consoles such as xbox 360 and ps3 to have demos being that they games run you a pretty penny but a portable with games priced no higher than $34.99 really are demos necessary.


November 11, 2007

Finger tracking with Wii in 3 easy steps!

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Remember that scene from Minority Report with Tom Cruise? Well if you couldn’t get enough of it, you can recreate that in the comfort of your home with a Wii. The video shows a pretty simple to follow instructions on how to exactly setup the the Wii-mote in a way were it tracks the motions of your fingers. It look pretty cool to say the least and can work on your PC to boot! Since the Wii dropped on the market, it seemed to have become the ultimate toy for engineers, musicians and programmers alike. With all that has been to the system, I hope Nintendo themselves are taking note as these things can lay the foundation for some cool new features in the next round of consoles!


November 9, 2007

Get off the couch and jog in your living room!

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In Nintendo’s continued push to be the ultimate family console, this holiday in Japan the Japanese will get the new Wii fit board. In this new trailer we get see some new features to the game such as Snowboarding and Jogging. Many of hardcore gamers may scoff at the idea, but there is no denying that this looks to be a good addition to the casual games push. If Wii sports is any indication, the Wii Fit board should be a hit. And releasing here in the US for the price of 70 bucks will go well with many of casual gamers. I personally think they should release the board here first because America is the only country with a serious obesity issue!


November 4, 2007

Mario Galaxy… time to change up the game!

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Mario Galaxy is upon us and it can’t come soon enough! With glowing reviews slowly trickling in, it looks as though Galaxy is giving the 3d platforming genre a much needed shot in the arm. Word from reviewers are that the game takes everything we know about platformers and literally flips it upside down while bringing a feeling of freshness to the now stale genre. And for all you die-hard gamers, word from reviewers is also that the game is pretty hard when trying to go for all 120 stars. With a fully orchestrated soundtrack, sweet graphics, and crazy gameplay, this looks to blow away Mario 64 in each and every way and quite frankly is looking like the best 3d platformer to come out in a very long time! Just take a look at the videos for a peek at one of the early boss encounters and space hoping levels. Petty damn epic for an earlier boss if you ask me!

P.s. Mario has never looked and sound better till now. Hear the Mario Galaxy theme music which sounds like something strait out of a Spielberg film. Just click the link below. And I guarantee you’ll be humming the music in no time!

AWESOME theme music!

October 19, 2007

Holy crap, Wesker really was the sh!t……

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Well finally after all the Resident Evil shooting games, Capcom looks to have finally got it right with this. I know alot of heads(especially RE fans) will be happy to see that capcom is giving this game the full polished treatment like it’s other titles. The game is looking pretty damn good as can be seen from this recent Capom gamers day event. Wesker, I never knew you had it in ya!

In a Galaxy far away….Mario rocked the house!

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I really and truely don’t need to say much. Check out the new trailer for Mario Galaxy. This looks to be a worthy follow up to the genre changing game that was Mario 64. This holiday is going to be a special one for us gamers. Oh and the music……BEAUTIFUL!

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