March 3, 2008

Limit Reached - Kojima makes Sony Commercial Dated!

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Yea, you heard that right, looks like MGS4 is serious about being the Magnum Opus of 2008. reports that Kojima and the would be Fox Hound members of Konami were able to fill up the blu ray disc and still had other things to put in the game.


Damn! Rememder this commercial -

Obviously Sony didn’t invite Kojima to the marketing meetings back then. You have to appreciate a developer/producer like Kojima though - “why limit yourself?” So it ruins the chance of me playing MGS4 with one of the Policenauts characters? I was looking forward to that.


It also ruins the chance of a 360 version for sure but I guess a 3 Disc solution isn’t so bad if users were willing to play 4 CDS of FFvII. Are users ready to loose there lives over this? I am. I wonder if a future version of this game will be released? You know, the version that has everthing he wanted in there. Hmm, suspicious? Bloggers are wondering why Kojima didn’t just put the game across two blu ray discs, or why not use the Quad Layer 100GB discs as well. Most likely, that would require a firmware update on the PS3 side of things and a release signature from Sony as those discs are probably reserved for the next gen of cinema viewing - QuadHD, or PS4. Kojima never ceases to amaze.

February 28, 2008

Badcompany … reminds me of Black

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Remember Black? Yea, that EA Criterion game that allowed you to blow shit up. Apparently the boys over at DICE built this software that allows you to that times two ya. Ya, that’s right. Blow more shit up. I have to admit, Black was very satisfying and I played through every difficulty setting got all items and secrets not because I wanted to but mostly because I just wanted to blow shit up - This looks like it will deliver more of that. Let me let DICE explain it all to you -

Home! - Not a Glorified Chat Room?

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Seriously, I love my ps3 and all but I saw the Home idea as a gimmick. Yea, hate me but that’s how I felt. Its’ a fact that communication via texting and messaging is enough but yea, users wouldn’t mind seeing impressions of other users mugs either.

Great, so enter Home. You have to wonder why Sony put the brakes on that thing, even when PH had edged other parts of the Empire to push more on the “community” aspect of gaming. So what do you do? Integrate actual “game-playing, side quests, and game content extras” ino the game Home System.

See the posts here at many other gaming sites -

  • Resistance integrates Home into Gameplay.
  • Uncharted makes it cool.
  • Warhawk adds functionality.

In addition to this expect to see all the advertising your eyes can handle. I’m not sure I understand the complaint about this but it has something to do with visual pollution. As a city dweller, you really can’t complain about visual pollution here but if you’re from other parts of the world where ads are at a minimum, I can understand why you might suffer from information overload.

February 27, 2008

EA+Resident Evil=Dead Space

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Well look at EA gettin all new and original on us gaming folk. Not one to be known for new ip’s, EA has decided to take a stab at the survival horror genre with their upcoming title Dead Space (droppin’ this october). And from the looks and premise so far, things are shaping up to be pretty interesting and worth a look. EA has gone as far as to say that they’re making quite possibly the scariest game yet. How scary you ask? How about not being able to pause the game what so ever! Not even when you got your menu screen. Damn..Im scared from that statement alone! A quick summary of the story goes like this: you play the role of an engineer by the name of Isaac Clarke who is sent on a mission to a deep space mining ship to fix their communications. Upon arrival it’s obvious that all hell has broken loose plus there’s this nasty ass alien infestation in which he has to survive and get the hell out. Im liking the look and design of the characters and the atmosphere they have going. I’ll def’ be looking forward to this and it’ll calm my horror game fix until res 5. Peep the newest trailer below:

Here’s an older trailer:

Unit out!

February 25, 2008

Street Fighter IV Artwork

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The game may not look good but the artwork does!


Phil Harrison Says “Peace Out”

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Long time supporter, employee, world class business man, co-founder, and promoter of the PlayStation family, Phil Harrison, has put in his resignation with the mother ship that is known as Sony Computer Entertainment effective 2/29/2008. Yea, there are 29 days in February this year among other things.

Phil has supported Sonys’ PlayStation since PS1 back in the mid nineties, up to the PlayStation3 but has actually worked with Sony years before (Since 1992).

Phil was undoubtedly a key part of the core team that made PS what it is today. He worked as a graphic artist and game designer prior to his post at Sony. Harrison says -

“The past 15 years at Sony Computer Entertainment has been the defining journey of my life so far. I am grateful to all the PlayStation family for their incredible support, guidance and friendship.

It has been a privilege to serve as part of the team and be inspired by them on a aily basis. I am so proud of everything PlayStation has achieved and will continue to support its future in every way I can.”

Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai will take up Harrisons’ post and continue his current role as well.

Hirai has worked since the days of CBS/Sony here in NY and has been strongly involved with Sony’s marketing and music departments for years. Since heading up Sony Computer Entertainment America Kazuo Hirai has been a key member regarding Sony’s success. Many believe that he and Phil are the sole reason why PlayStation became a success in the United States and abroad, and his methods of cross-promoting of the PlayStation brand took its advertising beyond merely “game” or computer fields.

Through him, PlayStation advertisements were placed in mainstream areas, even NASCAR, that were not approached before. This method of marketing has been credited with introducing large numbers of individuals to video games who would ordinarily have not considered purchasing a console.

February 14, 2008

Official JP SFIV Website Up

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Click the image below to go straight to the Japanese site for SFIV. Minimum Japanese required to watch videos and pictures, but required to read the blogs. One of the new characters in the game has been posted on the site as well …


Ono-san made a good point back in his interview with that the main 12 will be back and that’s a good thing but he can’t ignore the love that SF III has generated over the last ten years. Yea, it’s been that long. Minus our Jackie Chan jokes, we love the series and still fight over top players to this day. I mean, they still have competitions in Japan for that game, so bringing back one/two popular characters from that lot is not a bad thing.

More importantly though, gamers are also interested in what’s new, and so far two new faces have been added; Crimson Viper and Abel [above, courtesy]. OH yea, he has a giant Cod-Piece to. Just thought I’d point that out since its the talk of the town with Ryu and Ken these days.

February 12, 2008

Ted Price Talks Resistance 2

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GT just put up an interview with Ted Price who divulges some information about Resistance 2. Always amiable, but resistant, Price says the game will take the same engine that ran Resistance - Fall of Man, then used on R&C Tools of Destructions, and now pushed even higher and further for Resitance 2.

Though unwilling to answer burning questions, Price says that the 8 player online co-op will be a separate story experience from the main game and that 60 player online is already a reality with no lag. My answer to that is “show me that thank you very much.”  No promises of a video at GDC 2008 though but one can hope.

February 7, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Impressions

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Of course I got my reserved copy of DMC4 for PS3. For those of you wondering, yes, I’ve almost cleared it and I am itching to play Nero Must Die/Dante Must Die mode because the game just isn’t hard enough.


January 22, 2008

Sega answers to Mario tennis

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Sega diffidently has the better characters for sure, it’s just well anything the fat plumber touches seems to turn to gold. Let’s see how this tennis game turns out it seems to be on the right track the only thing that can ruin this game is it’s controls. Which seems to be Sega’s biggest problem nowadays. I just hope they get it right this time, I believe this can be yet another title in favor of Nintendo’s gimmick control…. sorry 360/PS3.


January 11, 2008

Square Enix dissing Microsoft!

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That’s right you heard it square-enix the rpg god’s are dissing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by shifting all attention towards the Wii, PS3 and DS. O well who needs rpg’s when you have a shit load of fps games….. right?


Rise of Man Boasts 60 MP Online, 8 Man Co-oP

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Okay, I got the third degree from my 360 brethren many a time about co-op this and co-op that. Yea, RB6 had it, but that game was beyond lackluster for me on Ps3. Well, looks like the girls and boys over in ps3 world will get 60 player online battles [an they said it couldn’t get bigger] and 8 man CoOP [four per PS3]. See the back of the box art for more - Damn. The only other thing that I can think is, is that this is … fake. But it would be nice to be wrong wrong wrong.


January 10, 2008

Soul Calibur IV: Vader and Yoda Preview

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So we’ve all heard by now the big news about Master Yoda and Anakin Skywalker a.k.a Lord or Darth Vader which ever sounds more devastating to you, appearing in the new upcoming soul calibur game. Here is the video proof that it’s all true so sit back and watch yoda stop Astaroth raging axe with the force and Vader clash lightsaber with katana against Mitsurugi.


January 7, 2008

God of War III in good hands

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Well it was bound to happen I mean what game out there in this world of sequels honestly has 3 consecutive hits back to back to back. We all have seen what happened when lead developers who create masterpieces step down to work on other projects, the result are always never too good. Cory Barlog, lead developer for God of War steps down and leaves poor Kartos 3rd finale in the hands of Sony’s Santa Monica team. According to Barlog he believes that the Santa Monica team is very talented and being that he already laid out the bread crumbs all they have to do is follow. I can’t help but wonder why leave before the game is even developed, just what exactly went down over there at Sony that would have him do such a thing. I’d figure you have the power of the PS3 now at your side and the 3rd installment of a blockbuster game in which countless fans are waiting for to see how kratos ripping will play and look on a next gen console, stepping down wouldn’t have even been a thought in your head.

Sign I have a bad feeling already that this game will offer nothing new besides ps3 graphics. Being that the story and design is already laid out for the team that leaves little to no room for changes that may occur during development that can actually work out good for the game. O well only time will tell as we wait with anticipation for more info on the development of the game.