August 25, 2007

Archlords is now free!

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The MMORPG from Codemasters is now free, meaning no monthly payments or paying for the client. Instead the system they will be using involves paying for “superior” items and features in the game.

Why is it free? I don’t know. It might involve the 44% rating by several critics, or it could be that CM are generous people. Now you can find out for yourself by visiting their site.

August 23, 2007

A Night in Rapture

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I got a chance to download the Bioshock demo tonight for my PC [vista enabled 5gb dual core *2, 512mb nvidia GC rig] . I will pick up the full game later this week so I can loose myself in it over the weekend after being teased by this demo. Below you will find my general impressions and some screens that I took while playing.


Besides the obvious fact that this game looks good, it plays just as well. There was an interesting difficulty setting in the game called “You played a lot of Shooters!” that was not selectable. I was very annoyed by this as my brethren are aware of my love for taking on an impossible challenge. That must be the insane setting because playing it one difficulty lower will be challenging enough for most players. Even though that’s the case the game still plays well, rewarding you just in time so that the difficulty does not appear to be too harsh. While playing I had a heighten sense of all the objects in the game, and this is a must if you expect to survive.


If dirt was the leading elemental character in Motorstorm, then water takes the spot light in Bioshock. Mind you the game is running on limited settings. Though I was able to max out the settings on my PC, there were few options that were not made available in the demo, specifically shadow highlighting and all that volumetric mama-jama nerds go gah-gah over. But looking at the above picture, with the game running at a mere 800*600 resolution, do you really need it? Then again I was running it on Vista, so take note.


The entire feel of this game is something to talk about, from the audio, characters, and the themes used to get a design point across, this game is top notch. Though the default PC control layout was questionable, once you have it set to your liking, everything works beautifully. It’s tough to get an FPS to feel right, and this game ebbs a level of smoothness that I haven’t felt in a FPS for quite sometime. The default sensitivity is a little high for my tastes but this is adjustable as well. A key setting that should be adjusted as you will have several foes attacking you at once. During the insanity of switching between plasmids, and weapons, and dealing with the roster, the game maintains a solid frame rate. My hat’s off to 2K for this game as I haven’t been impressed by a demo this much in a long time. Expect my full review soon, Click “more” to check out extra screens.


August 21, 2007

Two Freebies - Upshift StrikeRacer and Rumble Fighter

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Two more freebies for fellow Game Headz, imported from the East Side.

First one is called Rumble Fighter. In this casual-based online fighting game, you basically create a character with a “class” and fight against others online like the old school Double Dragon style. Cool thing about it, besides teamplay and RPG-like levelling, is you can morph your guy in the fight to get special abilities like insane kicks or harpoons. It’s not a bad game for something that is free.

Next game is called Upshift StrikeRacer. This online car combat game could use a bit of work and some tweaks, such as better controls, but the big hook about this is the team combat and the close battles. So many ways to catch up to your foes and weapons especially targetted for the first place runner, the game manages to keep the racing tight with no “runaway leaders” like many other racing games. Again, it could use a bit of work, but it’s still worth a try.

August 17, 2007

Team Fortress Featurette

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If you’re into 3D Design and software then the following video posted by the lad’s over at VALVE will tell all you need to know on how to make your models look like those in team fortress; well that and a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.  This game could not come out any sooner.  Valve shows us how simplicity can have a solid impact in visual flare and style - nice job guys, I am thoroughly impressed.


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Ahh Jericho, the other title that I must own for my PC. The only thing preventing me from getting this title for my PS3 is the fact that I know a shit load of of FEAR PC buds are getting it and we’re gonna tear it a new one when it’s released. I love the simplistic plot made for this game [did I say that] and what’s more, I like the way it looks. Though the recent trailer showed off some lip sinking issues, you’d have to wonder if they are going to spoil the fun for me and release it too soon. I think a cake, like this one, should taste like Tira Misu from Junior’s Bakery and served with a healthy dose of Gordon’s Extra Dry.  Well, that’s just me at least.

August 11, 2007

Check it out: Duels

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Web games tend to crap.  Most of them follow the same formula where they slap you into a position of a leader of a country, planet, or empire.  All of them tend to require you to build vast armies that takes days to prepare.

Duels is a somewhat of a different type of web game.  One that requires no wait times to do play the game and allows you to challenge other players, even at the first level.  It’s basically an RPG-style game with one-v-one style of PvP in mind.  The strategy comes in by tuning your guy with the right skills and equipment, very similar to trading card games like Magic the Gathering.

Best of all, it’s free.

Stop reading, start playing.

August 7, 2007

New Left 4 Dead Footage Impresses

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The Left 4 Dead game has been under some serious scrutiny as of late. GI had a great review of this title as it touts the whole “post apocalyptic worlds done right.” Here’s hoping they don’t allow characters to walk into any churches. After the RE5 demo, and looking at the way the zombies move in that game, it’s obvious now that gamers are up for a challenge in survival horror. This PC title looks descent enough to own; especially if your machine can’t handle the likes of Cryteks’ Crysis. Though a little on the cheap side graphics wise, at one point the below video download looks too fanatic; we like this very much.

August 4, 2007

This Week in Gaming

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Hmm, what a tornado of a week. It came and went by so fast. Good thing is, Warkhawk finally got the seal of approval and will be out on 8/28/2007. I’m not sure I’m as excited as this months release of Bourne Ultimatum, and Rush Hour 3. Still, the fact that the downloadable version of Warhawk will go for $39.99 as opposed to the $59.00 CD version will have an interesting effect on your purchasing choice. Do you really value a physical disc for your game. Paying the $59 price, plus tax, is almost double as the DL version. Personally, I’ve gotten accustomed to DL games, and so have my XBOX brothers, as they testify to the fact that the online games for that system are worth their DL price.

Speaking of XBOX Live, ID announced that Quake Arena will be released for XBLA in the near future. Strange though that also for XBOX, the new title Rage requires two [2] DVDs for an FPS, as opposed to the 1 BR Disc for the PS3 version of the game. If you come across this video on the net, you may see why. Of course, the first year for any system is usually drought with the games so its good to see titles for the PS3 get release dates. Several PS3 titles will be hitting stores from now on to the end of the year. Heavenly Sword, which got a 9/12/2007 release date should have more work done on it if the demo was anything close to what it will play like. Mark my words, that demo had tale to tell regardless of how short it was. Besides, being proven wrong is much better than saying “I told you so.”

Ready at Dawn developers say their work on God of War for the PSP is done. The game will see its scheduled Christmas release. To recap, this game is set 10 years before the events of God of War and counter attacks will make a return in this hand held addition to the series. No word on the US getting those limited edition DS Yellows. Everyone has resorted to trash talking the yellow beast. My favorite one is from

“Your DS is so yellow, Crest Whitestrips told it go to the dentist.”

Unlike another title, Capcom’s Zack & Wiki [once thought to be Island] will not offend. As a matter of fact, it looks so good you have to see it -

If you’re into PC games like I am, which includes FPSs, some strategy titles, and others, you’ll be happy to know that UT3 will have full keyboard mouse support for the PS3.


That’s not much to brag about as Activision plans to follow in the steps of Team Ninja and claim that COD 4 will be the best game on the PS3 this year. Given the insanity for titles like Halo, and those in the same genre, they may be right. To top them off, Team Ninja recently announced that Ninja Gaiden sigma will get a few expansion packs for the PSN before years end [in Japan]. This includes things like Survival mode and time attack. I hope this will cost $3.00 because that’s what I thinks it’s worth right now.

If you’ve never played みんなのゴルフ Mina No Golfu, perhaps you can’t understand its insane popularity in Japan. The title has been one of the key selling points in Japan as analyst claim that it caused PS3 sales to hit the 1 million mark in Japan this week. Maybe the lads who help direct the Underworld movie will move sales of the XBOX even more, as Len Wiseman has been rumored to have started talks on doing a movie based on the GOW game for 360. As if things for UE [unreal engine] couldn’t get better. One of the developers of the engine claim that the potential for building games on the PS3 with the engine will be limitless with UE. Mark Rein, VP of Epic, claims that constant help they’ve gotten from Sony and the constant optimizing of the system has almost gotten the dev kit to a plateau of greatness. If you didn’t know, if you can afford to get this Dev Kit, you have constant access to their servers, so developers always have the latest version. Mark claims that if other groups go ahead and release games before updates, their games will not take full advantage of the system and will require them to mimic those updates [if possible].

The first week of Tekken 5 Online has gotten some positive reviews. Here are the things you can do on online brawler, take note VF Ojiisama:

- You can play anyone in the world, there are no boarder restrictions [I’m calling you out かずおさん]

- Download size for update: 550MB

- Lag/Latency for global play considered extremely good [of course if one of you had dial up and the other has broadband, the math is easy]

- Unfortunately, players are able to pull off those insane juggles easily online :(

- Modes that have returned include - Survival, Command Capture, and Practice Mode which include Defensive Training, Hit Analysis, and standard practice. Required game modes when trying to play the world in this game.

The US version of the game will be out in the middle of August but if you’re a Tekken freak and you can’t wait, go ahead an purchase the JP version with no worries. Don’t worry, the menu’s for JP Tekken titles have always been in English for some time now. Microsoft is more worried about that their XBOX may have killed a baby a few years back. This is not a joke. As you all know, the XBOX is known to generate a serious amount of heat and MS has gotten some of that heat in the form of a lawsuit filed by an Illinois couple who lost their child via a fire thaty they claim was caused by the XBOX. My heart goes out to the couple. MS claims that the fire, back in 2004, was due to:

“…missuse or abuse of the console.”


From what I remember, if you were unlucky enough to buy an XBOX around this time, the power cords used on that machine have been known to set a ablaze. MS had originally claimed that the XBOX and the accessories used by the family at the time did not exist on the market yet. We all know that you should keep your consoles in a well ventilated area, keep cords concealed if you have kids, and take general precautions if your room is not properly ventilated, especially if you own a carpet.  A final thought: personal computers, like Dell XPS, now come built with mini air conditioning units within them. If this trend continues perhaps the next wave of consoles will have them to and nip that awful overheating problem in the ass.  Also expect to pay way more for consoles in the future [as much as a PCs that is].

August 1, 2007

This Week in Gaming

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I’ve decided that the “This Week In Sony and other Tidbits” just won’t cut it anymore. This does not reflect any disappointment with Sony as of late. Its so hard to find the good [and there is some] when your in the pits of Hades. Why not look at gaming as whole I thought? Besides, who else is doing it? I have a lot of catching up to do since E3 so make a thick cup of Cacoa [if you know what that is] and read on.

Right after the Sony media blow out at E3 and the late clearance Sale on the PS3, everyone was wondering where the 360 was at the show. Don’t get me wrong, the Box didn’t have much to worry about, especially when things are going so well for MS and its powerhouse machine [besides that annoying “I’m afraid to buy an XBox360 because the Ring of Death God my get me.”] .

All they had to say were a few things; Yes Halo 3 is coming out, Yes, Master Chief is in it, Yes, we are still making games. And that’s good considering that M. Moore claimed that Halo 3 will make launch sales of a lifetime. Shame the same can’t be said about the release of the 80GB PS3 on 8/12/2007 [maybe]. Perhaps more exciting is the pending release of Blast Factor 2, aka, Blast Factor - Advanced Research on the PSN.

Where is that XBOX360-PS3 release of Stranglehold? Several of us were looking forward to that title this early in August, well maybe except the WII owners, but don’t feel bad, things are looking up for you as well. Its times like these that a game like Everyday Shooter would be ideal to pass the time till Stranglehold releases. The creator of that game, Jon Mak, points out that the game is strictly focused on “maximum re-playability.” Another addition to Sony’s artsy marketing approach and their jump into what they call casual games. As a matter of fact the last Sony update to PS3 was so casual that it took me a whole week to figure things out [even though they post what’s updated before you install said updates]. What did fanboys get -

  • you can play movies and access the main menu [ala xbox menu]
  • you can add images to your main bg if you don’t like that wobble, bubbly looking thingie [ala psp]
  • free images now on psn
  • delete/copy multiple files
  • new dvd/bluray features added [don’t ask me, I didn’t look yet]

It was more impressive to hear this fact though: Miyamoto is working on new characters for Nintendo. OMG! It only took you like what, 10 years, and four consoles. C’mon man, I’ll be fifty by the time you stop milking those new bad boys. Please tell me you’ll shell out more. The telling quote from the mighty mouth of Miyamoto-san is as follows -

“Maybe next year sometime, we may have new characters in the same way we came up with Pikmin when we introduced the GameCube.”

Wow, 1 character in 10 years.  Emmm Goody-Gum-Drops. While some of you may argue that the MII characters are new characters there in of themselves, do they really count? I won’t answer that. The new Smash Brothers Brawl screens over at count. Those boys know how to taunt me. Damn! I got dibs on Kirby TGHeadz!

If you’re not into Kirby, lets not leave Arcades out, as new clips of the upcoming Basara X has made it on the net. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look here. And you thought Arcades were dead.

Way to go Microsoft for dispelling that ugly rumor that they would discontinue the core XBOX360 system after the pending $50.00 price drop. The price drop isn’t much but it would be nicer if it was $100 and they didn’t discontinue the console *cough*Sony*cough*. It’s a little painful to look at the current gameplay footage for Mass Effect. I thought this game would be much faster but then again, maybe that happens later on in this must have title for 360 [well if you like action RPGs that is].

My feelings were some what mixed after playing the Heavenly Sword demo today [900MB+ download!!!!]. Don’t worry it was only impossible to get the download when it was first released because every gamer and their uncle were leached onto it like the media hungry parasites that we are. The game not only does not feel like God of War, but button mashing really gets you no where. You really have to plan out your attack a few steps a head, something thats actually very hard to do as the enemies don’t do the come at you one at a time attack like old games of lore.  Also there were some jittering while loading that made it look odly suspicious.  Hmmm, I don’t know.

Someone should have told your cool Dad who plays video games non-stop, that casual games will be the thing of the future. Analyst Evan Wilson says that “US online casual market will nearly double in the next two years while publishers have misplaced their judgment on the hardcore market.” Strangely one can agree with this as he/she/[it?] gets older and you only have time to dedicate 1 hour a day to games. Funny thing about that is that reviews for Darkness claimed it was too short but several gamers I have spoken to [in my age group] all said that it was great, fast paced, and they felt more satisfied with the game than other more intense titles. Better brush up on my Flow skills.

It seems that the Donkey Kong King Billy Mitchell had to brush up more than just his skills as he bested would-be nay-sayers from taking his title for a cool $10,000.00. Shit! Talk about talent. Mitchell’s new high score in Donkey Kong is now a whopping 1,050,200 points. Can you say damn! What’s more cool was his quote -

“I’m Billy Mitchell. I don’t need to run up the score. I just want to put one in the win column. I want to make it competitive. I didn’t want to make it too tough.”

Too tough!? Maybe that’s what Nintendo’s George Harrison, Senior VP, was thinking after recently announcing his retirement at Nintendo; via voice message? Honestly, I didn’t see this one coming but then again, you never know. I didn’t even know that the boys over at Electronics Arts where even considering putting Crysis on the PS3 and XBOX360. I’m sorry for some of my brethren, but I’ve already upgraded my PC and I’m bleeding to play this intense title, as well as titles like Jericho that take advantage of a shit load of RAM, VISTA and Core based processors.

Still Castle Crashers is anything but intense. The strange racial issue that surrounded this game late last year was an interesting one. You didn’t hear about that one? Okay see the video below -

Well guess the boys at Behemoth had a serious one on their hands but that didn’t stop em from getting this ready for the XBOX360. The game will obviously be out soon, especially after seeing its new showing at Comic Con. I’m sorry lady but this game looks hella fun!

July 15, 2007

Who said the PC gets no love! Crysis not just good looking.

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VISTA may have disapointed many a hard core PC user but maybe not its gamers. With titles like Lost Planet, and the new expanded version of Gears of War hitting the PC VISTA market soon, PC owners have something to look forward to for the next generation of PC gaming. Enter VISTA, DirectX 10, and the insane developers willing to go through hoops to bring you titles like Crysis. In other news, expect a new version of First Ecounter Assault Recon, and the sequel to hit some time next year. In the mean time take a look at this walk through for Crysis, so you can get an idea at just how intense this FPS will be when it hits shelves - I guess it not just all looks after all.

July 12, 2007

E3 2007 - New IPs for DS, PSP, PS3, WII, PC, XBOX360

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I can hear the cries already from my fellow TGHz crew. My duties are soley based around the PS3 and I will venture into other consoles when a game catches my eye; especially WII titles. I hate to turn this site into a PS3 loving site but that’s not my fault :D. I’m relentless when things are this good. By now, you’re all guessing “… well that’s nice DW, but where’s the new stuff, I don’t want to see Devil May Cry 37 and besides Snake is a old fart that should have died long ago.”

I agree, e3 is not just about the new iterations of games of lore, or updated versions of software we love. It’s more than that. We want to see what’s new, even if its just an idea that looks bad. I never thought I’d live long enough to see Final Fantasy XIII so, I rounded as much of the new IPs I could find for all systems out there. Enjoy!

Infamous - ps3

Organic, sand-box gameplay is what he calls it.  Check it out.


July 8, 2007

Gears of War PC?

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Looks like some new levels are going to be included!

June 13, 2007

Win Real Cash Playing Online!

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New UK based startup has just launched with the draw of putting your money where your mount is! We all know how competitive gamers can be and this is the ultimate at stake, REAL MONEY! The good thing about this site is they have set monthly wagering limits, so they forsee the obsessed gamer betting his rent money and then suing later on for their overly addictive site. The limit is currently set at $150 per month per user. Which I think is a good thing. There are chances to win as much money as you like, you just aren’t allowed to lose over $150. Let’s say you play 40 matches and you win all 40, you get to keep the pot.

Currently the only games you can play on are Valve licensed Counterstrike and Half-Life 2, but have plans on opening up more genres.

Check out their site

June 11, 2007

Haze-ee Stuff

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Ahh David Doak, one of the founding fathers of Rare, and that ever comparable FPS Goldeneye. Any descent gamer knows, that the only FPS that ever mattered over the last 10 years was Goldeneye. Yea, I said that. Lately, I’ve been a little annoyed with all aspects of the gaming industry, from publishing pushing out false ads, and delivering even more false games, to manufacturers making batteries that explode and can turn your portable devices into a bomb. Well, maybe not but you get what I mean. David Doak understands what I mean when he says things like this -

It’s funny, because the videogame industry almost damns itself by just going out and saying, ‘hey, we’re all generic and boring and we just do the same shooters all over again, and let’s make another one,’ which is a shame. And then people look at us and say, ‘you know, you guys, you’ve got nothing useful to say about the world, because you’re just there beating off in your little box making the same kind of thing’. I’d like to push it. I think with TimeSplitters we were also trying to push it, because we’re saying, ‘these shooting games - let’s not take them too seriously, because it’s good fun’. And some people get that and some people don’t get that. It’s most disappointing, when sometimes in the States people get TimeSplitters and say, ‘well why’s it so stupid?’ Well, it’s just trying to be fun.

Which brings up an important topic for me; fun with videogames. I think, in all the promotions and all the hub, bub, weave, parry, ho, gamers and producer-developer-manufacturer-creator-IP-Owners-designers are loosing the point. Sometimes Earth Defense Force is just more fun anything on the planet, heck, even Goldeneye. Did you forget why you would travel 18 train stops into the next county to go some guy, who you know only 10 other guys knew about, and was the only one that carried a certain title even if it was sold out? You did didn’t you? Or more precisely, you can’t see yourself as that person anymore, you even think that you’re a sell out to corporate gaming. Lies.


Every gamer knows that if a title doesn’t speak to you when you play it, or test it, none of the above applies. It doesn’t matter what level of detail, or how innovative the thing is, the point is, will a gamer get it, and enjoy it while their getting it. So yes Mr. Doak, hiring army vets to do games is a little strange but it doesn’t mean that the titles are going to be any less fun either. I have to admit though, Haze looks beautiful, and its much needed exclusivity [for now] on PS3 is a wonderful thing. One of the features that may spur the above moments includes the whole lets-join-in-four-man-team, anytime, anywhere. I like that. I even like the fact that Mr. Doak and his team are trying to release this thing all platforms - that’s a leap forward in itself. When you hear the guys over at The Darkness saying that it was ridiculous creating that game for both XBOX360 and PS3, you have to wonder what plant did guys like David Doak grow from?