July 13, 2007

Hot!!! Simpsons on DS looks OFFICAL!

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Pet Homer says it all!!! After watching this video, I am now looking forward to buying this game when it comes out! The graphics are on point and the game play mechanics remind me of the classic game Lost Vikings. EA has definitely came through on the production of this game. It’s no surprise that good Simpsons games have been far and few, but between this version and the console versions, EA looks to put squash on that! Check out the video and I think you will agree.

July 12, 2007

E3 2007 - New IPs for DS, PSP, PS3, WII, PC, XBOX360

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I can hear the cries already from my fellow TGHz crew. My duties are soley based around the PS3 and I will venture into other consoles when a game catches my eye; especially WII titles. I hate to turn this site into a PS3 loving site but that’s not my fault :D. I’m relentless when things are this good. By now, you’re all guessing “… well that’s nice DW, but where’s the new stuff, I don’t want to see Devil May Cry 37 and besides Snake is a old fart that should have died long ago.”

I agree, e3 is not just about the new iterations of games of lore, or updated versions of software we love. It’s more than that. We want to see what’s new, even if its just an idea that looks bad. I never thought I’d live long enough to see Final Fantasy XIII so, I rounded as much of the new IPs I could find for all systems out there. Enjoy!

Infamous - ps3

Organic, sand-box gameplay is what he calls it.  Check it out.


May 28, 2007

FF crystal chronicles ds trailer= Hotness!!

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In what is sure to be on of the nintendo ds’s biggest action rpgs to date, square enix’s trailer for FF: crystal chronicles:Ring of Fates shows how you push the ds to it’s limit. This game looks sick and continues the look and feel of it’s prequel FF:crystal chronicles on the gamecube, but more fast paced. This is def’ one of the ds shining moments and i can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy!

Unit out..

May 26, 2007

Geometry Wars heads to wii & ds!

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One of xbox360’s cult live arcade games, Geometry Wars is headed straight to the wii and ds as Geometry Wars: Galaxies. And although they’ll have the same levels as the x360’s version, these new entry’s will be fully fleshed out with the likes of a full campain mode( which’ll have you traveling to several different galaxies taking out enemies),co-op modes, new weapons, new enemies and several different gameplay modes. Also if you have the ds version you’ll be able to link it up to the wii version for some new unlockable content. Now that’s the way you do a port! You take it to the next level! Check out this interview cvg conducted with more info on this upcoming title.

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May 11, 2007

Ninja Gaiden goodnes!

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Damn team Ninja! Them kats are really something else when it comes to pushing graphics. They impressed with Ninja Gaiden on Xbox and now they are continuing that trend on the little old DS. At the recent Tecmo event, they gave an 8 minute demo of the game. If you slept on DS as far as graphics, I think this game will change your mind! And the game play looks pretty damn fast and tight for being controlled only with the stylus.


April 26, 2007

And you thought Pokemon was dead!

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These are some unstoppable beast. Nintendo has just sent out a press release stating that pokemon diamond and pearl have sold a combined total of over 1 million copies in 5 days. Check the release below:

One of the video game industry’s most celebrated franchises is officially hotter than ever. Within just five days of availability, more than 1 million copies of Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon Pearl for the portable Nintendo DS™ have sold in the United States since Sunday’s launch; a faster rate than any previous Pokémon games since the franchise’s U.S. introduction, almost a decade ago. To date, more than 155 million copies of Pokémon games have sold worldwide.
Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl are poised to become two of the top-selling games of 2007 in the United States. More than one half million people pre-ordered the games before launch. Additionally, thousands of people attended the kickoff launch event in New York, and demand for the games continues to be off the charts. These latest versions of Pokémon games were introduced in Japan on Sept. 28, 2006, and have already been purchased by more than 5 million video gamers there.
The two games include a number of features that make them particularly attractive to gamers, including:
* More than 100 new Pokémon.
* A 3-D look that makes Pokémon jump off the screen.
* Worldwide wireless battling and trading using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection.
* Voice chat functions that let players talk wirelessly with their friends

Can you say damn!! Unstoppable indeed. Now nintendo, when will you make a full fledge version for the wii? Get on the ball with that joint! And speaking of console versions, the pokemon battle stadium will be released in june for the wii. In it you’ll be able to take your ds critters and battle them online in full fledged 3d. So start maxing out those levels on your little pocket monsters.
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April 16, 2007


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Well my non investing gamer friends, lets get down to business. Why? Because at the end of the day, those quality level games that you desire and hope that our elder developers, publishers, and game console designers are pushing to us exists for one other motive: profit. Profit that drives more creativity, more games, and more consoles that can run a small country if utilized correctly, and hopefully develop less fluff. Let it be known that Sony is not the only giant to turn a profit and experience growth as Nintendo is proving otherwise. From reports back in early April that Nintendos’ sales forecasts for the DS were met, passed, and left behind in the dust, to more up to date news that they have actually doubled in share owning from last year, is stronger than the jaws of a “Snapjaw”. JP Morgan analyst blame the DS but every other gamer and *cough* wii fanboy would proclaim otherwise. Still its good news to see that the little white box that never could, actually can.
See Nintendo Stock: NTDOY

April 12, 2007

Ninja Gaiden DS footage!

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Check out some new footage and see how the ds version of Ninja gaiden will be played. This game will be controlled entirely by the stylus and the man himself Itagaki said that it’ll be just as combo heavy (but not as hard) as the Xbox and ps3 versions. For starters This is a hot entry on the ds platform for team ninja. it’s good to see that they’ve taken a different approach instead of coping out and doing a straight up 2d sidescroller like the original ninja gaidens. I def’ can’t wait to get slicing on the ds!!……also check this cool interview with itagaki from the guys over at computerandvideogames.com. He gives some more insights and talks about how it relates to Ninja Gaiden 2 (you knew it was coming!)

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March 28, 2007

Ninja Gaiden returns to Nintendo(DS that is)

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The long and often rumored Ninja Gaiden DS has been officially unveiled in an official Japanese magazine. Those who are thinking it will be a 2d game can scratch that. The official title is Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and will be 3d and as well as contain the same gameplay as the lastest versions of Ninja Gaiden. Not much else is known about the game, but you see from the scans that it is indeed looking pretty good! Now i’d like to know if it will have the insane difficulty as well!

P.s. you can also see in the scan what Ryu(dude with the red hair) looks like without his mask! Metrosexual guy indeed!


October 31, 2006

You knew it was coming….another tomb raider game

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Eidos is gonna hit us next year with another game in the tomb raider series. With the new trend of “re-imagining” things, this new adventure is gonna be a retelling of her first adventure from back on the ps1. Chec the statement from Ian Livingstone, director at Eidos.
“We’ve captured the essence of what made the original game so special and with today’s technology, created a game that pushes the boundaries of the current gaming consoles,”
“Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a special celebration of Lara’s reign as video gaming’s leading lady.”

When you can’t go no further you always go back.

October 26, 2006

One sweet deal!

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I thought i’d give you guys a heads up about this sweet package you get from ebgames if you pre-order castlevania:portrait of ruin for the ds, online from their store. Peep what you get:

  • Art Book: This 48 page book details the artwork of every game in the Castlevania series and features an embossed cover.
  • 20th Anniversary Soundtrack CD: Spanning 20 years of music that has defined the Castlevania series, this soundtrack contains songs from nearly every Castlevania game ever made, including four never before released tracks from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
  • Stylus and DS Game Case: Extendable stylus and transparent game case are both emblazoned with the Castlevania logo.
  • Timeline Poster: Detailing key events and characters in the history of Castlevania, this fold-out poster features a timeline on the front and a Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin poster on the back.


That’s a pretty hot deal for a ds game! Head on over a get your reserves on!

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October 23, 2006

Find any video game on Ebay Easy!!!

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What Up GameHeadz. If you are a TrueGameHead, you most likely know that to find the real sleeper games and the hidden gems you’ll have to buy your games from other places besides the EB/Gamestops. Often times I find myself trolling the bins at Toys R’ US to see if they have a discounted game in there (ie Punisher, Hulk, Conkers etc) but if you go to the game stores, you are more than likely to see dozens of games you “Don’t” want.

Now you can go to good ole EBAY and do an individual search, but why not check out this new site called “VideoGameLocator.com”

This new site indexs Ebay and finds the auctions for you. Right Now it’s only enabled for Nintendo DS, PSP and 360, but soon it’ll have the Wii and PS3 and work backwards to get the older systems in stock.

Basically say you wanted Spider Man 2 for the Nintendo DS. You click on the title and then all the listings for that game on EBAY show up. With it’s current auction price, time left etc. If you click on a title, it’ll take you right into the EBAY auction.

Now you say why don’t you just go to EBAY and do a search? Lets say you don’t know what you want. Maybe you just know you want a game. This site lists ALL the games for each console. So if you see one you are interested in, you just click on the image of the box and “Check out the price”. Sort of like a virtual wall of games.

There are a lot of ways to improve on a site like this, but it’s a start, and it shows how people are using EBAY’s open api.

Check it out, and if you buy a game. Let em know TrueGameHeadz. Sent you



October 11, 2006

SUPERMAN hittin’ on Nov 20

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Ea has finally let it be known that Superman Returns the videogame will be hittin us on nov. 20 (way past the release of the film, ahh well) for the Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox and DS. So save up $$$ and pray that this will be the best superman game to date!…..Damn isn’t that sad that as many superman games were made, all of them sucked ass!

September 28, 2006

Touching is good….right?

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Aight, we all know the Japanese tend to be some crazy kats when it comes to making games. But I think this is going a little bit overboard! Apparentley SNK is droppn’ this game called Doki Doki Majo Saiban in Japan. The premise, you basically have to find witches hiding on modern day earth. And how do you find them? You simply touch them in “special” areas to see if they are a witch. Now I don’t know if thats how they did it back in the day in Japan(if they even had witch hunts to begin with), but I think thats a little crazy. Can you imagine someone seeing you on the train touching girls on your DS screen!!! The site is in japanes, but check it out for some pics!