February 14, 2008

Another hot DS RPG to Keep your eye’s out for!

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Ds delivers yet another great looking RPG that won’t be release in the US until 10 years from it’s Japanese release….sigh. I’m personally still waiting for crystal chronicles, Ds is really doing it up with the RPG’s leaving PSP behind although they have Crisis Core dropping soon what else do sony fans have to look forward too from the fantasy universe.


January 11, 2008

Square Enix dissing Microsoft!

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That’s right you heard it square-enix the rpg god’s are dissing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by shifting all attention towards the Wii, PS3 and DS. O well who needs rpg’s when you have a shit load of fps games….. right?


January 6, 2008

Wii download to DS games only Demos what gives nintendo?

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What a way to kick of the new year! Nintendo corrects what could have been possibility just one of the many wonders of the Wii. According to a Business Day article they stated that, “Complete games… will be able to be downloaded into the Wii using its broadband connection, and then transferred wireslessly to the DS”. Well Nintendo fans Nintendo has officially corrected that statement and your not going to like the outcome. It’s goes a little some like this “in the future, the Nintendo DS will be able to receive demo versions of some DS games from Wii, but not the entire game.” These demos, like all content that can be beamed to DS currently, will be erased once the hand held is switched off. How fun is that sure it’s understandable for consoles such as xbox 360 and ps3 to have demos being that they games run you a pretty penny but a portable with games priced no higher than $34.99 really are demos necessary.


September 25, 2007

Screw Attack Took the Words Right outta my Brain :D

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I love these guys … and of course their top tens are great .. but even more so when they give you reasons to ignore Master Chief!

That’s right b1t7he$! :D

September 21, 2007

Ninja Gaiden DS, cuttn’ handhelds a new one!

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Ryu will be making the return to the big screen next year, but in the meantime this kat gets no rest as he’ll be bringing his trade marked fast paced action to the DS. And gasp…….this time it looks like it has an actual well thought out story(pay attention Ninja Gaiden 2). The game plays completely with the stylus and through Team Ninja’s technical wizardry, manages to maintain the same frantic pace of it’s console brethren. By simply slashing the stylus in various directions to tapping on an enemy to throw a shuriken, Ninja Gaiden promises to make sure you’ll have a good time all the while pushing the systems touch capabilities as well as graphics! They also didn’t forget the Ninpo attacks which are summoned by quickly drawing various symbols in a rapid succession unleashing pretty much all hell on enemies. Itakgi, you may have one hell of an ego, but I have to admit you came through on this version of the franchise!

Draw your way through time….. literally!

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Time Hollow is the latest entry into the DS’s growing library of adventure titles. The premise for this game is an interesting one. You have this green futuristic ball point pen that allows you to literally draw a window into the past! With this ability, you set out as the main character Horo Tokio( a 17 year old high school teenager), on a quest to discover what happened to your parents who have been missing for the past 12 years. What makes things pretty peculiar is the fact that your parents were thought to have died in a fire years ago. Drawing a window through time allows you to see things as they have changed over time and can lead to clues to help you solve the games various puzzles and secrets other characters may hide. The gameplay is played out through animated stills and text with the story being told through fully animated vocal cinemas as shown in the trailer.This is a very interesting concept that I hope gets translated for the American audience. With the success of adventure titles on DS, Konami would be kinda stupid for not bringing it out overseas!

August 4, 2007

This Week in Gaming

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Hmm, what a tornado of a week. It came and went by so fast. Good thing is, Warkhawk finally got the seal of approval and will be out on 8/28/2007. I’m not sure I’m as excited as this months release of Bourne Ultimatum, and Rush Hour 3. Still, the fact that the downloadable version of Warhawk will go for $39.99 as opposed to the $59.00 CD version will have an interesting effect on your purchasing choice. Do you really value a physical disc for your game. Paying the $59 price, plus tax, is almost double as the DL version. Personally, I’ve gotten accustomed to DL games, and so have my XBOX brothers, as they testify to the fact that the online games for that system are worth their DL price.

Speaking of XBOX Live, ID announced that Quake Arena will be released for XBLA in the near future. Strange though that also for XBOX, the new title Rage requires two [2] DVDs for an FPS, as opposed to the 1 BR Disc for the PS3 version of the game. If you come across this video on the net, you may see why. Of course, the first year for any system is usually drought with the games so its good to see titles for the PS3 get release dates. Several PS3 titles will be hitting stores from now on to the end of the year. Heavenly Sword, which got a 9/12/2007 release date should have more work done on it if the demo was anything close to what it will play like. Mark my words, that demo had tale to tell regardless of how short it was. Besides, being proven wrong is much better than saying “I told you so.”

Ready at Dawn developers say their work on God of War for the PSP is done. The game will see its scheduled Christmas release. To recap, this game is set 10 years before the events of God of War and counter attacks will make a return in this hand held addition to the series. No word on the US getting those limited edition DS Yellows. Everyone has resorted to trash talking the yellow beast. My favorite one is from DSFanboy.com:

“Your DS is so yellow, Crest Whitestrips told it go to the dentist.”

Unlike another title, Capcom’s Zack & Wiki [once thought to be Island] will not offend. As a matter of fact, it looks so good you have to see it -

If you’re into PC games like I am, which includes FPSs, some strategy titles, and others, you’ll be happy to know that UT3 will have full keyboard mouse support for the PS3.


That’s not much to brag about as Activision plans to follow in the steps of Team Ninja and claim that COD 4 will be the best game on the PS3 this year. Given the insanity for titles like Halo, and those in the same genre, they may be right. To top them off, Team Ninja recently announced that Ninja Gaiden sigma will get a few expansion packs for the PSN before years end [in Japan]. This includes things like Survival mode and time attack. I hope this will cost $3.00 because that’s what I thinks it’s worth right now.

If you’ve never played みんなのゴルフ Mina No Golfu, perhaps you can’t understand its insane popularity in Japan. The title has been one of the key selling points in Japan as analyst claim that it caused PS3 sales to hit the 1 million mark in Japan this week. Maybe the lads who help direct the Underworld movie will move sales of the XBOX even more, as Len Wiseman has been rumored to have started talks on doing a movie based on the GOW game for 360. As if things for UE [unreal engine] couldn’t get better. One of the developers of the engine claim that the potential for building games on the PS3 with the engine will be limitless with UE. Mark Rein, VP of Epic, claims that constant help they’ve gotten from Sony and the constant optimizing of the system has almost gotten the dev kit to a plateau of greatness. If you didn’t know, if you can afford to get this Dev Kit, you have constant access to their servers, so developers always have the latest version. Mark claims that if other groups go ahead and release games before updates, their games will not take full advantage of the system and will require them to mimic those updates [if possible].

The first week of Tekken 5 Online has gotten some positive reviews. Here are the things you can do on online brawler, take note VF Ojiisama:

- You can play anyone in the world, there are no boarder restrictions [I’m calling you out かずおさん]

- Download size for update: 550MB

- Lag/Latency for global play considered extremely good [of course if one of you had dial up and the other has broadband, the math is easy]

- Unfortunately, players are able to pull off those insane juggles easily online :(

- Modes that have returned include - Survival, Command Capture, and Practice Mode which include Defensive Training, Hit Analysis, and standard practice. Required game modes when trying to play the world in this game.

The US version of the game will be out in the middle of August but if you’re a Tekken freak and you can’t wait, go ahead an purchase the JP version with no worries. Don’t worry, the menu’s for JP Tekken titles have always been in English for some time now. Microsoft is more worried about that their XBOX may have killed a baby a few years back. This is not a joke. As you all know, the XBOX is known to generate a serious amount of heat and MS has gotten some of that heat in the form of a lawsuit filed by an Illinois couple who lost their child via a fire thaty they claim was caused by the XBOX. My heart goes out to the couple. MS claims that the fire, back in 2004, was due to:

“…missuse or abuse of the console.”


From what I remember, if you were unlucky enough to buy an XBOX around this time, the power cords used on that machine have been known to set a ablaze. MS had originally claimed that the XBOX and the accessories used by the family at the time did not exist on the market yet. We all know that you should keep your consoles in a well ventilated area, keep cords concealed if you have kids, and take general precautions if your room is not properly ventilated, especially if you own a carpet.  A final thought: personal computers, like Dell XPS, now come built with mini air conditioning units within them. If this trend continues perhaps the next wave of consoles will have them to and nip that awful overheating problem in the ass.  Also expect to pay way more for consoles in the future [as much as a PCs that is].

August 1, 2007

This Week in Gaming

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I’ve decided that the “This Week In Sony and other Tidbits” just won’t cut it anymore. This does not reflect any disappointment with Sony as of late. Its so hard to find the good [and there is some] when your in the pits of Hades. Why not look at gaming as whole I thought? Besides, who else is doing it? I have a lot of catching up to do since E3 so make a thick cup of Cacoa [if you know what that is] and read on.

Right after the Sony media blow out at E3 and the late clearance Sale on the PS3, everyone was wondering where the 360 was at the show. Don’t get me wrong, the Box didn’t have much to worry about, especially when things are going so well for MS and its powerhouse machine [besides that annoying “I’m afraid to buy an XBox360 because the Ring of Death God my get me.”] .

All they had to say were a few things; Yes Halo 3 is coming out, Yes, Master Chief is in it, Yes, we are still making games. And that’s good considering that M. Moore claimed that Halo 3 will make launch sales of a lifetime. Shame the same can’t be said about the release of the 80GB PS3 on 8/12/2007 [maybe]. Perhaps more exciting is the pending release of Blast Factor 2, aka, Blast Factor - Advanced Research on the PSN.

Where is that XBOX360-PS3 release of Stranglehold? Several of us were looking forward to that title this early in August, well maybe except the WII owners, but don’t feel bad, things are looking up for you as well. Its times like these that a game like Everyday Shooter would be ideal to pass the time till Stranglehold releases. The creator of that game, Jon Mak, points out that the game is strictly focused on “maximum re-playability.” Another addition to Sony’s artsy marketing approach and their jump into what they call casual games. As a matter of fact the last Sony update to PS3 was so casual that it took me a whole week to figure things out [even though they post what’s updated before you install said updates]. What did fanboys get -

  • you can play movies and access the main menu [ala xbox menu]
  • you can add images to your main bg if you don’t like that wobble, bubbly looking thingie [ala psp]
  • free images now on psn
  • delete/copy multiple files
  • new dvd/bluray features added [don’t ask me, I didn’t look yet]

It was more impressive to hear this fact though: Miyamoto is working on new characters for Nintendo. OMG! It only took you like what, 10 years, and four consoles. C’mon man, I’ll be fifty by the time you stop milking those new bad boys. Please tell me you’ll shell out more. The telling quote from the mighty mouth of Miyamoto-san is as follows -

“Maybe next year sometime, we may have new characters in the same way we came up with Pikmin when we introduced the GameCube.”

Wow, 1 character in 10 years.  Emmm Goody-Gum-Drops. While some of you may argue that the MII characters are new characters there in of themselves, do they really count? I won’t answer that. The new Smash Brothers Brawl screens over at IGN.com count. Those boys know how to taunt me. Damn! I got dibs on Kirby TGHeadz!

If you’re not into Kirby, lets not leave Arcades out, as new clips of the upcoming Basara X has made it on the net. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look here. And you thought Arcades were dead.

Way to go Microsoft for dispelling that ugly rumor that they would discontinue the core XBOX360 system after the pending $50.00 price drop. The price drop isn’t much but it would be nicer if it was $100 and they didn’t discontinue the console *cough*Sony*cough*. It’s a little painful to look at the current gameplay footage for Mass Effect. I thought this game would be much faster but then again, maybe that happens later on in this must have title for 360 [well if you like action RPGs that is].

My feelings were some what mixed after playing the Heavenly Sword demo today [900MB+ download!!!!]. Don’t worry it was only impossible to get the download when it was first released because every gamer and their uncle were leached onto it like the media hungry parasites that we are. The game not only does not feel like God of War, but button mashing really gets you no where. You really have to plan out your attack a few steps a head, something thats actually very hard to do as the enemies don’t do the come at you one at a time attack like old games of lore.  Also there were some jittering while loading that made it look odly suspicious.  Hmmm, I don’t know.

Someone should have told your cool Dad who plays video games non-stop, that casual games will be the thing of the future. Analyst Evan Wilson says that “US online casual market will nearly double in the next two years while publishers have misplaced their judgment on the hardcore market.” Strangely one can agree with this as he/she/[it?] gets older and you only have time to dedicate 1 hour a day to games. Funny thing about that is that reviews for Darkness claimed it was too short but several gamers I have spoken to [in my age group] all said that it was great, fast paced, and they felt more satisfied with the game than other more intense titles. Better brush up on my Flow skills.

It seems that the Donkey Kong King Billy Mitchell had to brush up more than just his skills as he bested would-be nay-sayers from taking his title for a cool $10,000.00. Shit! Talk about talent. Mitchell’s new high score in Donkey Kong is now a whopping 1,050,200 points. Can you say damn! What’s more cool was his quote -

“I’m Billy Mitchell. I don’t need to run up the score. I just want to put one in the win column. I want to make it competitive. I didn’t want to make it too tough.”

Too tough!? Maybe that’s what Nintendo’s George Harrison, Senior VP, was thinking after recently announcing his retirement at Nintendo; via voice message? Honestly, I didn’t see this one coming but then again, you never know. I didn’t even know that the boys over at Electronics Arts where even considering putting Crysis on the PS3 and XBOX360. I’m sorry for some of my brethren, but I’ve already upgraded my PC and I’m bleeding to play this intense title, as well as titles like Jericho that take advantage of a shit load of RAM, VISTA and Core based processors.

Still Castle Crashers is anything but intense. The strange racial issue that surrounded this game late last year was an interesting one. You didn’t hear about that one? Okay see the video below -

Well guess the boys at Behemoth had a serious one on their hands but that didn’t stop em from getting this ready for the XBOX360. The game will obviously be out soon, especially after seeing its new showing at Comic Con. I’m sorry lady but this game looks hella fun!

July 28, 2007

IRONMAN movie videogame footage

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Check out some first footage from the Ironman movie videogame by sega (shown at this year’s comic con in san deigo). I must say so far it’s looking pretty decent, especially his character model and although the levels may look alittle sparse, keep in mind this game has a ways off before actual release( it’ll be hitting shelves along side the movie in the spring of next year). Im feelin the over the shoulder view during the flight and the missile air grab is a pretty cool move. Peep the video below and keep an eye out on this one!

July 15, 2007

Jam Sessions…guitar in your pocket, FOR REALS!

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Whether your into guitar based music or not, you have to give this new DS title props as it’s one of the coolest new “non-games” to hit the system yet. I personally don’t know how to play a guitar, but after watching and reading about the game it got me pretty interested in giving it a shot at doing some come cool little riff or something. The actual strums sound pretty impressive and spot on to the real thing(especially when they have it hooked up to amps) and the fact that you can save your recordings is a huge plus(the original Japanese version didn’t allow this). I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing get pretty popular with the underground music scene much in the way the Wii remote has done.

Contra 4…a return to hottness!

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Konami and WayForward team up to release the heat in Contra 4 for the DS. Forget about those other Contra games on the PS2 as this is a true sequal to the series as it picks up right after Contra 3: The alien Wars for super nintendo. Right now the graphics are looking very detailed as well as animation looking pretty sick! This is Contras true return to form. Now on the DS, the game us the dual screens to present a long vertical level with enemies coming from both the top and bottom screens. So to allow for faster movement between screens, there is an all new arm grappling mechanic just like in the old school game Bionic Commando. This allows you to jump between screens with the quickness. I’m so happy to see Contra is back the way it was meant to be and looking beautiful as ever! DS proves that 2-d is far from dead!

July 13, 2007

E3 - 2007 Star Wars - Digital Molecular Matter … err Force Unleashed

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Okay so wood will break like wood in this game, and glass is break like glass … okay. Personally I’m more impressed that this game is coming out on just about every console and hand-held. Now that’s impressive. Why oh why this won’t be made on for VISTA is a nightmare in itself but if you have a DS, PS2, PS3, or XBOX360 you’ll be set.  I think developers can stop ‘itching about hard coding now.

Hot!!! Simpsons on DS looks OFFICAL!

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Pet Homer says it all!!! After watching this video, I am now looking forward to buying this game when it comes out! The graphics are on point and the game play mechanics remind me of the classic game Lost Vikings. EA has definitely came through on the production of this game. It’s no surprise that good Simpsons games have been far and few, but between this version and the console versions, EA looks to put squash on that! Check out the video and I think you will agree.

July 12, 2007

E3 2007 - New IPs for DS, PSP, PS3, WII, PC, XBOX360

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I can hear the cries already from my fellow TGHz crew. My duties are soley based around the PS3 and I will venture into other consoles when a game catches my eye; especially WII titles. I hate to turn this site into a PS3 loving site but that’s not my fault :D. I’m relentless when things are this good. By now, you’re all guessing “… well that’s nice DW, but where’s the new stuff, I don’t want to see Devil May Cry 37 and besides Snake is a old fart that should have died long ago.”

I agree, e3 is not just about the new iterations of games of lore, or updated versions of software we love. It’s more than that. We want to see what’s new, even if its just an idea that looks bad. I never thought I’d live long enough to see Final Fantasy XIII so, I rounded as much of the new IPs I could find for all systems out there. Enjoy!

Infamous - ps3

Organic, sand-box gameplay is what he calls it.  Check it out.