February 26, 2008

2d will never die or what Street Fighter 4 should look like!

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Street Fighter 4 isn’t the only 2d fighter droppn’ this year. From the makers of Guilty Gear comes Blaze Blue. The first 2d fighter in HD. Above is a trailer, but it does no justice to what the game actually looks like. We’ll keep you posted until an offical HD trailer is available. Until then, peep the madness that is Blaze Blue!!!!

February 14, 2008

Official JP SFIV Website Up

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Click the image below to go straight to the Japanese site for SFIV. Minimum Japanese required to watch videos and pictures, but required to read the blogs. One of the new characters in the game has been posted on the site as well …


Ono-san made a good point back in his interview with 1up.com that the main 12 will be back and that’s a good thing but he can’t ignore the love that SF III has generated over the last ten years. Yea, it’s been that long. Minus our Jackie Chan jokes, we love the series and still fight over top players to this day. I mean, they still have competitions in Japan for that game, so bringing back one/two popular characters from that lot is not a bad thing.

More importantly though, gamers are also interested in what’s new, and so far two new faces have been added; Crimson Viper and Abel [above, courtesy IGN.com]. OH yea, he has a giant Cod-Piece to. Just thought I’d point that out since its the talk of the town with Ryu and Ken these days.