February 15, 2008

Batman Anime Anthology

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That’s right you heard me straight anime Batman! How many Batman fans was waiting to see old Bats pimped out in anime hotness, i know i have. This is a straight to DVD movie that will bridge the gap between Batman Begins and the up coming Dark Knight film. It’s a six part story told with 6 different versions of the Bat similar to the Animatrix just minus the CGI.


Just when you thought Dragonball games reached their peek!

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Now why didn’t i think of this one! This can be the Dragonball online game every fan has been waiting for, sure the fighting games have done their damage already but really guys no more please! How many times can you go through Goku’s story over and over again it feels like i was their when it all happen cell saga, buu saga etc., Seriously! Just think of all the possibilities you may face in this game new villains new heroes untold events made up on the fly. I’ll be keeping my eye’s out for this one and I’ll be sure to keep u guys posts when more news surfaces.


September 10, 2007

One of the best Animes ever!! (Dragon-Half)

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This is part of the first episode.  If you happen across the DVD, do not,  I repeat, do not hesitate to purchase it.  The show follows the misadventures of a half human and half dragon (Dragon-Half duh) called Mink as she is in pursuit of her true love Dick Sother (pronounced Saucer) the Dragon Slayer.  The show is also very tongue-in-cheek and pokes fun at many anime cliches.  The big bummer is that there were only two episodes done for the show.  Sigh.


September 5, 2007

Profes-Sir-G hits you on the head with ANIME101 peep!

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Find more videos at Heavy.com
August 28, 2007

Heavenly Sword Animated

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I’m not sure if any of you have been keeping track but you can download these cool movies for Heavenly Sword as a prequel to the game on PlayStation Network. So far four of them have been released on PSN, the fourth released yesterday. A fellow PS3 owner on my buddy list added the latest movie so here it is. The animation on this is done very well, and somewhat reminiscent of the Star Wars - Mini Clone Wars and Samurai Jack series.

August 27, 2007

TrueGameHeadz Brings you Heavy ANIME!!!

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Sir-G and yours truly help promote Heavy.com’s new Anime lineup. Peep the first of a few spots below

August 7, 2007

Boondocks season 2 droppin this oct.!

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Check this unedited teaser for the boondocks season 2 on cartoon network. These guys are back with some more funny ass sh*t. And i must warn you, if your offended by the n word i suggest you not watch the trailer otherwise peep it. I must say the animation has def’ gotten tighter!

June 20, 2007

Highlander - The Search for Vengence

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I pulled out a packet of Cocoa Tea and sat down with Highlander - The Search for Vengeance, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and written by David Abramowitz last night .  Mr. Kawajiri, a simple guy, always sporting his trademark light-tinting glasses, is known for a more popular anime title - Ninja Scroll. Other works under his belt include Demon City Shinjuku, and Vampire Hunter D - Blood Lust. All magnificent titles. The thing about watching Mr. Kawajiri’s work is the shear amount of detail that he whips his staff to put into the animation of everything. In Ninja Scroll, the amount of detail that was displayed in that peace was magnificent and a captured so many fans that it still rivals many a tale today. It would be safe to mention to you all that a sequel is also scheduled for that masterpiece later in this year.  With the onset of 3D Software for use in Anime, his team has taken the more subtle approach by including 3D only in scenes that are needed and at brief moments. His style is unique and still easily recognizable around the world even through the use of 3D.

David Abramovitz goes way back. He’s worked on previous Hihglander stories, and even on the Murder She Wrote series. It seems a ripe time for David to make these stories as he is also slated to release another tale for that other Higlander, Duncan McCleod, this September, titled: Highlander - The Source.  The only thing better than these two getting together is the Anime itself.  The resulting story, and effort put behind this play is nothing less but stellar, as it fits very well into the myth of Highlander.

I usually swear by watching foreign films, animations, games, and independent movies in their native languages, but there are times when the westernized voices actually add to the quality fo the movie.  In here, you will find people speaking in proper accents as the story is told throughout different periods in time.  Though most people will not appreciate this, it shows how much effort was put in Westernizing this peace.  The score borrows from various parts of the live action series and incorporates new ideas throughout.  Overall, this is a must see flick for any fan of Ninja Scroll, Kawajiri-San, or just well done productions in general.

April 7, 2007

Blue Dragon anime trailer!

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Yes folks, Akira toriyama is back with a brand new anime and it’s not dragonball z! The popular japanese rpg Blue Dragon for the xbox 360 has recieved the animation treatment and it’s looking good. This anime will be based directly off the game of the same name which follows the adventures of a young hero named Shu and his ragtag group of heroes on a quest to stop an evil empire from controlling the land. The english version of the game will be hitting our shores soon and as for the anime, only time will tell. For now peep the trailer and enjoy!

Unit out


**UPDATE** opening and ending sequence


April 6, 2007


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Hokuto no Ken - Raou Gaiden Gekitou-hen IS BACK!

And its about time to. The long awaited sequel to the ova is finally being released. The release will be pushed out on sometime this month. Though the team working on this title say the release date is tenative, many of us can’t wait to see some serious ass-kicking, chest opening, ball bursting, jaw dropping fun that is Hokuto!! RoRoRo WAH-TA!!!!

March 24, 2007

Anime fans rejoice! One Piece : Unlimted Adventure…

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It’s about friggn’ time! Bandai/Namco have finally come to their senses and are releasing a One Piece game that isn’t a fighting game! Based off the anime of the same name(minus the subtitle) the game presents an all new adventure staring Luffy and crew. I recently got into the series and must say it is really good. It starts off a little comedic, but once Luffy meets his whole rag tag pirate crew, things definitely start to get phat! And if any of you guys out there aren’t familiar with the series, it’s about a young wanna be pirate by the name of Moneky D. Luffy who after eating the legendary devil fruit, gains the power of being completley made of rubber. Think of Mr. Fantastic on anime crack with a dash of humor. Im personally glad that you can play with all of Luffy’s crew as Sanji(he’s bananas in the anime) is officially a hot character due to the simple fact his fighting style is based off of Caporeia!!!

This montage pretty much sums up the series if you have never seen it before!


March 21, 2007

Kahmehameha!!!!….Dragonball Z online

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The infamous anime known for it’s insane battles and distinct art style is finally hitting the wonderful world of massive multiplayer online rpg action(currently pc only). That’s right folks, Dragonball z is stepping on the scene with what looks to be a neat experince and a welcome change of scenery in the crowded mmorpg genre. Now why wasn’t this made long ago? It’s has the perfect setting and expansive universe needed to make such a game. But i guess better late than never right? And speaking of late this joint won’t be dropping till ‘08 and that’s in japan/korea, so who knows how long it’ll be before the good ‘ol u.s. will see it. Anyways we’ll keep you guys updated on story and gameplay once we get the info, but in the meantime check the pics below.

Unit out

October 5, 2006

Go ninja, Go ninja, GO!!!!!!

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Vanilla Ice Ice baby! If you know what Im talking about, then Im sure you know about Vanilla Ice’s ninja rap song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 flic from back in the day. Well Paul Mandingo(don’t even ask) laid that famous(for all the wrong reasons) track down to some pretty tight cuts from the anime Baslisk(dude with the killer hair is bannanas). As bad as that track was, it actual works watching it over the anime cuts. Pretty tight if I don’t say. Check it.

September 25, 2006

Boxcutta, act like ya know!!!

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Next time some fool try to step to you, drop the Boxcutta style on they ass! Kung Faux…act like ya know!