January 11, 2008

Rise of Man Boasts 60 MP Online, 8 Man Co-oP

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Okay, I got the third degree from my 360 brethren many a time about co-op this and co-op that. Yea, RB6 had it, but that game was beyond lackluster for me on Ps3. Well, looks like the girls and boys over in ps3 world will get 60 player online battles [an they said it couldn’t get bigger] and 8 man CoOP [four per PS3]. See the back of the box art for more - Damn. The only other thing that I can think is, is that this is … fake. But it would be nice to be wrong wrong wrong.


2 Responses to “Rise of Man Boasts 60 MP Online, 8 Man Co-oP”

  1. DaveDaGamer Says:

    Long Live the Lag!!! 8 player Co-Op? Hmmmm those better be some wide open areas!

  2. DW Says:

    Actually, 40 man death match was great on mid size areas on Resistance and things get really intense even on 18 man battles in the small areas. This holds true in every shooter I play but my style tends to go with the “run n’ gun” play style. Long range shooters would have a bitch of time in my world.

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