January 9, 2008

OMG Moment 2 - Vader Enters the Tournament of Souls

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The only thing more amazing looking [and sounding] that XBLA’s Omega 5 is the announcement from Namco that Darth Vader will be joining the cast in Soul Calibur IV. Okay okay. I know what you’re thinking - “this doesn’t make sense but yes I think its phat and Fighting games don’t have a solid story to begin with.” Some of us think its a despearate push but really Ain’t This Cool News? Namco must have moved some serious CREAM to get rights to put this bad boy in there classic brawler. Yoda snuck into Vader’s time dimension thingamagiggy and made it to. “Brave I am.” The only other problem is the light saber itself. Since SC 2 and 3, multiple weapons became available so perhaps each character will get the Lightsaber version. Cool. For the Star Wars geekz though, they would know, like myself, that there is an item that Lightsabers can’t cut - obsidian.




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