January 7, 2008

God of War III in good hands

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Well it was bound to happen I mean what game out there in this world of sequels honestly has 3 consecutive hits back to back to back. We all have seen what happened when lead developers who create masterpieces step down to work on other projects, the result are always never too good. Cory Barlog, lead developer for God of War steps down and leaves poor Kartos 3rd finale in the hands of Sony’s Santa Monica team. According to Barlog he believes that the Santa Monica team is very talented and being that he already laid out the bread crumbs all they have to do is follow. I can’t help but wonder why leave before the game is even developed, just what exactly went down over there at Sony that would have him do such a thing. I’d figure you have the power of the PS3 now at your side and the 3rd installment of a blockbuster game in which countless fans are waiting for to see how kratos ripping will play and look on a next gen console, stepping down wouldn’t have even been a thought in your head.

Sign I have a bad feeling already that this game will offer nothing new besides ps3 graphics. Being that the story and design is already laid out for the team that leaves little to no room for changes that may occur during development that can actually work out good for the game. O well only time will tell as we wait with anticipation for more info on the development of the game.


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  1. DW Says:

    hmm if the story is laid out for them, and all they have to do is end it [like trilogy movies], here’s hopping the presentation will be over the top and entertaining and seriously not like most movies, that can’t deliver on a solid third episode in the life of most trilogies.

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