January 7, 2008

Gaming - Week 1 2008

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The best way to start a new year is to flood the market and gaming scene with a plethora of rumors, demands, ideas, and Lord knows what else to confuse everyone even more. Gamers and owners of the PS3 are not confused though as they are thoroughly in belief that this year will be the year of the PS3. While another Rumor is that MS has a big surprise at CES 2008 [another system perhaps to answer all those returns consoles, melting motherboards, RRODs and law suits]. Still, the first week in the year hit hard with tons of speculations but all good for all of Gamedom. No 360 is not MGS4, No 360 is not getting an HDDVD version. Even MS denounced that one.

This is Not a Rumor

Don’t throw in the towel just yet, HDDVD got hit a solid blow as Warner and New Line are going to back Blu full time within the next months exclusively. Ouch. Rumor has it that some cash flew back and forth for the deal, but whatever the case maybe, everyone agrees that that’s gotta hurt. Following that, the HDDVD boys decided to pull out there press conference from CES 2008. Hmmmm? I don’t care what anyone says, that’s as public as it gets. Well, its not just the 360 Fanboys that are disappointed, but even manufactures like Toshiba. Especially strange when HDDVD has had its strongest sales for Q4 of 2007. It doesn’t matter though because for the year of 2007, BluRay outsold HDVD 2 to 1. That says a lot of about market share. With an increased library can bluRay pull ahead?

Skype is coming to your PSP - chat, be happy and love VoIP even more. Yes, its still free [for minimal features] and will you will need a headset. Expect to see gear geared towards this new demand. So, you can download games on your PSP for play from PSP, play classic PS1 titles, and now do Skype. Word to the wise Sony, keep it coming. And so they have, hitting up a $200 bluray drive for PCs. But seriously, go to Engadget, and do a CTRL-F for “Sony”. Gadgets run-a-muck.

Copy Cats

We know that Home will never see the light of day till Sony officials feels that it meets the needs of its consumers *cough*. But that didn’t stop developers from giving DMC4 full sixaxis support and to throw in an achievement based system for the game. The only thing better than that is the announcement that God of War will be made available for PSP. I guess it can handle PS2 games to? Sounds good to me.

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