September 25, 2007

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete

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And the never ending struggle to make longest named DVDs, CDs, and what other media you can find continues.  Square-Enix announced at this years’ Tokyo Game Show that “yes, we are releasing an updated, and final, version of the Advent Children.”  So what do you get with the new fandangled alpha-delta-pie* version of a movie juggernaught that everyone waited for will be dying to have yet again?


  • 1080p Resolution
  • More language selections that you could ask for
  • Extras, extras, and more extras, its all about extras baby
  • Enough deleted scenes [like the one above] to make a reasonably long flick even longer

Ahh you never know when you buy these anymore.  Check out the complete posting at Square Enix’s site [some translation required].

*All Rights Reserved Sir-G 2007 :p

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