August 1, 2007

And you thought Castle Crashers was bad …

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… Well in so many words. After getting onto my PS3 last night to download that super short demo called Heavenly Sword, I noticed that they had the special RE5 trailer up for download. After downloading and watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Castle Crashers. I was thinking at the time that someone’s gonna notice this and not like it, and that was only 7 hours ago. Before we start pointing fingers, would this be any different it were a black man in the Middle of Racoon City [a fictional place] dealing necessary justice for human survival?

Take a look at the PSN trailer below.

Black Looks , a blog site, points out a few things that you should consider. As if things couldn’t get more Race oriented in video games. Strangely RE has been around for a long time, and you have been killing black, white, and yellow zombies [and red funky looking ones to] for about 10 years now. I’m not sure if Capcom may have thought this one through but perhaps the location is “not” Africa since Racoon City is not a real place to begin with, though we know it is set on a fictional Planet Earth. No where in the trailer does it say so either but the reflection is uncanny and obvious.

Maybe I should send a copy of my BluRay version of Black Hawk Down where the tables were turned in that form of entertainment. I’m itching to see how Capcom handles this one. The boys over at Behemoth made no comment on the black looking characters found in my last blog, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out with Capcom.

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  1. DaveDaGamer Says:

    Oooooooh I just wish I saw that woman in a debate, I would give her her come uppins!

    Since most real gamers tore her a new you know what in the comments on her post to the point of her closing comments, she knew what she was doing. It’s a petty attempt of becoming “Internet” popular. It’s crass statements like this that makes the whole Gaming industry Misunderstood and look terrible.

    I’m not gonna even get into the racist remarks she said because the users on her blog commented perfectly. Gamers are for the most part COLOR blind. We are faced with an enemy and we shoot them. Simple as that. EVERY freaking other game has had people of various races as the enemies, but no we decide we are gonna get racist when you don’t know anything about the game.

    The fact that games have now crossed over into the state of uber realism so that we can show actual real looking places, and black, white, spanish, alien people in truely realistic ways we are now proporting racism in games.

    Oh yeah the ill informed Blogger who should get flammed for the rest of the year is gonna say something as turdish as “The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity. “I have a job to do and I’m gonna see it through.”

    I’m sorry for ranting I can’t see straight right now.

    I’ll come back later when i’ve calmed down.

    Check these other ill fated posts that have picked up on that first post.

  2. DaveDaGamer Says:

    Hi Holy Hell I say!


    Just because games are now in HD and we are afforded the opportunity of UBER realism doesn’t mean we are now spreading racism.

    Black people are soooooooo sensitive (Yes I am Black) about how we are portrayed. Because of eons of misrepresentation, fine. But guess what? That doesn’t really happen any more, cuz when it does, we raise all high holy hell and something happens. People don’t like to look at themselves and see the ugly. Many filmakers are now deciding to show the UGLY, Hotel Rowanda, Blood Diamond, The Last King of Scotland, Black Hawk Down, Shaka ZULU!!!

    The white man doesn’t have to go and hunt down “Africans” they do it to themselves and laugh over greed. Blacks love to say, “My Brother” but the second you don’t give him what he wants he’ll stab you in the back for someone else. Racism that.

    This game aint no different than any of the others. It’s a game about someone’s right to live when there are things trying to kill them. “Oh my god these virus infected blood thirsty beings have black skin, I can’t shoot them because I’ll be labeled a racist, lemme just get eaten and wished i was in the previous game and they were white.”

  3. DW Says:

    I heard an interesting statement by a brother once that goes like this:

    “Racism is only an issue because my brothers and sisters are still making it an issue. Indeed the thing exists but how long will you shackle and limit yourself in reality.”

  4. Sir-G Says:

    Ahhh…it never fails! Instead of black people complaining all the time about nonsense like this, why don’t they just focus their energy on the real issues at hand with black America! Like for instance how to get young Blacks off their ass and strive to do something more other than be consumers!

  5. DW Says:

    Naaahh man, it’s easier just to complain about things. Perhaps the ladies at Black Look will file a petition or something. Besides, if we can do it sitting down it’s so much better! :D Why didn’t they complain when we were slaying Spanards in RE4 .. what’s up with that? My Spanish friends loved that game!! Damn, and I thought they were looking out for “humans”.

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