April 6, 2007

Japan pissed off at DBZ Online

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Our brothers and sisters from the Far East coast, more specifically BANDAI, decided to create a Dragonball Z MMORPG for the PC. The problem? It’s made by Koreans, not the Japanesse.

The reaction? See this pic for yourself.

The outcry from the Japanesse gamers can be summed up like this: The Japanese game industry will be finished if Japan continues to give up valuable franchises to other countries without reserve.

BANDAI admits they didn’t have the experience in creating online RPGs, while the Korean does considering the fact that they release new MMORPGs on a daily basis. Strangely enough, this outcry was a sudden impact, as there was no prior complaints during the game development.

Just my two cents here, but does anyone else find it completely ironic that Japanesse gamers are pissed that a property of Japan, the Dragonball franchise, was being developed by Koreans. Yet at the very same time, the very origins of Dragonball was based on a Chinese Folklore, Journey to the West?

4 Responses to “Japan pissed off at DBZ Online”

  1. DW Says:

    Man that’s a joke … if they’re gonna itch over spilt milk then things will/may never evolve over there. Not only it has been impossible for them to create a descent DBZ game throughout my highschool and early college years but now they’re actually loosing it over companies that can make MMORPGS … c’mon.

  2. Sir-G Says:

    These kats need to take a chill pill on the real! They should be happy it’s being developed by experienced heads. And it is funny that they are raising a big stink over a property that is based of off a Chinese folklore! I swear, you can never please people.

    Oh….. and the game is looking pretty tight as well!

  3. MarkyX Says:

    It looks good, but knowing Koreans, it’s a really boring game that forces you to attack the same enemy over and over.

    I would be surprised if they tried to innovate.

  4. DW Says:

    Aint that the truth.

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