August 28, 2006

Marvel alliance interview

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Over at superhero, they have a good interview with Activision producer Matthew Paul on the upcoming action rpg Marvel Alliance here’s an excerpt:

Superhero Hype!: “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” has the largest roster of Marvel superhero characters ever in a videogame. Can you let us know how many characters are in the game and how many are playable?

Matthew Paul: In “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance,” there are over 140 total characters in the game and more than 20 playable Super Heroes. Each of the playable characters also has at least four different costumes and that’s not included in the numbers above. So, I think it goes without saying that there is a huge amount of variety in the game.

SHH!: Who are the favorite characters to use around the office? Do people stick with the big names like Spidey and Captain America or are there some surprising favorites?

Paul: Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine are of course big favorites. I think that everyone thinks they always have the best character regardless of who it is, because you are able to make the characters your own. I usually pick Ghost Rider, but Human Torch is my alternate for certain situations that require flying. Dr. Strange is also really cool and has some awesome powers.

SHH!: Our audience is REALLY into comics, can you tell them how you came up with a story that features so many characters from different Marvel worlds?

Paul: Actually, the core of the story for “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” wasn’t that hard because of the number of good heroes, villains and moments in the Marvel universe. The hardest part was trying to pick all the best parts and fit them into a story that we could finish in our lifetime! The story is a combination of the basic plots of Secret Wars and the new Secret War and major comic book moments in Super Heroes’ individual stories. We then placed all of that within a few great environments that will be familiar to every Marvel fan. We even had Marvel editor C.B. Cebulski help us craft the story so that it stayed true to the Marvel canon. It’s been a real fun, but grueling process keeping everything straight, but at the end of the day we’re sure fans won’t be let down.

Check the rest out:

This game seems to be shaping up pretty good and looks to give us some marvel ass kickin fun!! Hey DC where you at? it’s time to bring the noise!!

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