Anticipating Star Wars: The Old Republic By Finding Out What It Means To Be a True Fan

Concept Art

In the spirit of this anticipation praising post, I want to facilitate the anticipation practices of anyone out there who is impatiently waiting for “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” the upcoming (but very far off) MMO from LucasArts and Bioware. The demise of Free Radical has a few Star Wars fans depressed as some ex-Free Radical employees have been releasing concept art and footage from the canceled version of “Star Wars Battlefront III.” The game looked interesting and it is quite sad to see it fade away so quickly and easily. It’s possible that someone with some funds and a few extra devs might see this distorted message and embark on a quest to fulfill our hope. Until then, I will be drooling over “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

While I’m not sure I feel comfortable calling myself a real Star Wars fan, I am solidly attached to the Star Wars Universe. Just out of curiosity, I dropped in the Official “SW:TOR” forums and asked what it meant to be a “true” Star Wars fan and I got a bunch of interesting answers:

Thraxs chooses to permanently display his fandom:

I got three Star Wars tattoos, TOR is going on my butt.

Keys keeps it modest:

  • I own nearly all the Star Wars Video games released for PC (and i’d say most but not ‘nearly all’ on console)
  • I’m an avid reader of the Star Wars Books
  • I collect the Clone Trooper Action figures so I can pose them on my “Star Wars” Shelf in my room (Girlfriend thinks I’m funny…. )
  • I played SWG religiously because it was Star Wars (until that fateful day…)
  • I’m sitting here waiting on this game.
  • I used to (and still do occasionally) browse Wookieepeda via link-hopping
  • At 8-13 years I had a best friend who I for the most part only breathed Star Wars around. That’s all we did. Star Wars crap.
  • I own a ton of the old Hasbro (or whoever made them) mini Star Wars ships such as the X-wing, Y-wing, Lambda Shuttle, A-wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced, etc)

and last but not least

  • Because I know I am.

… But I do love the series, not so much the movies (with the exception of prequel Kenobi) but the Expanded Universe such as the games and books. The World…. err Universe of Star Wars is so incredibly advanced and detailed I don’t honestly understand how people can despise it. It’s… like another dimension.

I proclaimed kalenath as the winner with his response:

I saw Episode 4 at a drive-in in 1977. And haven’t looked back.

Obviously, there are so many levels of Star Wars fandom and so many ways to express it. I know a bunch of SW lovers are lacking the time to invest, so here are a few links to get you updated about “SW:TOR”:

SW:TOR known game info

SW:TOR storytelling

SW:TOR Lead Animator Blog

Official SW:TOR Web Documentary (in HD via YouTube)

Official SW:TOR Twitter Feed

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