Another Soul Calibur IV Update

As if this game needs any more good news to bring even higher into the gun range of hype fire.  About every month within this year received some new news about Soul Calibur IV. 

The first big news about the game was the inclusion of Darth Vader, which made an obvious hit with Star Wars fans but then users started speculating about including Yoda.  Though the idea of the lower statured Jedi Master seemed like a mixed bag idea, Namco deceided to include him anyways … but only on the 360.  Vader stayed on the PS3 though, but hey, you never know, there are things called downloadable updates (I hear cash opportunity there for Namco though).

To date, some 5 new characters have been added, and Namco has even decided to start including Anime type characters in the game. If you’re world can’t be rocked any harder, you can check out Ota desho’s Omakase translation from the recent manga strip created for the game here.  If you have the time to translate the entire Japenese series, check out the full strip here.  Don’t worry, this was strictly made for new comers to the series but I doubt it will see the light of day over here through anything other than fan subs.  So before this post turns into a massive college paper, here’s a list of what you can expect so far:

  • Darth Vader
  • Darth Vaders’ Apprentice
  • Yoda
  • All previous standard modes in the series
  • Tower of Lost Souls Mode
  • Active Matching Battle Mode
  • All previous characters
  • Possible tag type mode for Story Mode
  • Create a character mode (20 editable parts per character)
  • Rumored to have 50 slots for create a character mode
  • Museum Mode (with Bio/relationship charts)
  • Kratos is not included but would have been nice
  • Last but not least … Online Lag Battles

Sorry Kratos, maybe in Soul Olympus you’ll get a call from Namco’s agents.

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