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A Gamer’s Thoughts: Killzone 2’s Graphics

What’s up people? DaveDaGamer is back for the first time with his first Gamer’s Thought. I’m the proud owner of a spanky new 46″ Sharp Aquos and it has led me to examine the discussion on video game graphics a bit more closely. Which console looks better on this new HD Monster? My thoughts will surprise you.

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2 Responses to “A Gamer’s Thoughts: Killzone 2’s Graphics”

  1. Shadowolf on March 13th, 2009 1:28 am

    DaveDaGamer I appreciate you keeping it as real as it could be kept. The overall tone to your thought was ‘PREFERENCE’. At the end of the day that is really what it comes down to. As a gaming journalist myself I have to be careful about not getting too carried away with my own personal preference in my writing. But again thanks for doing what you guys do, people are watching so keeping it pushing. Great Vid!


  2. Horizons on April 14th, 2009 1:54 pm

    Obvliously Killzone 2 engine was optimised for Cell BBE taking advantage of its raw power, because as most developers know including famous ones who do not even support PS3 as second party developers (John Carmack, Doom 3, Rage, Wolfenstein) admit it has more raw power than Xbox 360 which means it couldn’t be possible on Xbox 360 is hard to tell.

    Graphics are always a little bit subjective but not technology, and if you know a little about the processes running on Killzone 2 you would know brutal force is required in order to make them run. (deferred rendering)

    Besides there´s much more involved in the development of Killzone 2 like sharing texture data between the 2 separated memory pools and creating the necessary algorithm to make SPE´s assist RSX rendering which was possible thanks to the cooperation of a Uttah University scientist Louis Bavoille who also happens to work for SCEI research and development department, it was hard to make it work believe me.

    I´ve heard hilarous comments from a ex-developer from Bungie (which name I won’t mention since he is a US ex-marine and therefore I feel great respect and admiration) stating Killzone 2 could be done on Xbox 360, funny thing is Halo 3 in its time was never considered revolutionary graphically speaking and even less nowadays while Killzone 2 certainly surpasses any console game available to date.

    Animation, texture resolution, lighting effects, particle effects, physic effects, polygon count, wave tracing sound, 7.1 multichannel support, blur with pixel precision effects and being capable of optimising the code not only for CELL BBE but also make it work in conjunction with RSX to render graphics considerably faster are not subject of subjective view points.

    What I´m trying to say is Killzone has great marketing but the game is truly a technical masterpiece and deserves to be studied.


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