A day at the 2008 NY COMIC CON

So i finally got to check out the biggest comic con to hit ny (which is in it’s 3rd year btw) since forever. To sum it up quickly, it was fun and exhausting. Upon entering the javits center in which it was held, you were immediately surrounded buy storm troopers, cosplayers, life sized statutes of various cartoon and comic book characters, movie trailers, and people handing you flyers and pamhplets advertising stuff you should watch or buy. But one thing was very apparent as you got through the actual entrance to the floor…videogames are taking over. There was a large g4tv rv parked right at the front with huge tv’s attached to the side with gamers glued to them playing the fps enemy territory. As you looked to the right, large lcd’s were displaying a demo of EVE online. A little past that all the kids were crowed in and around the namco bandai booth playing the latest naruto fighting game. And not to be forgotten, konami had a large area set up where they were demoing the first u.s. playtest of MGS4 online and as you could guess the lines were long and the wait longer.

There were several other game areas set up around the floor, but i found it alittle odd how they were all positioned right at the entrance to a comic book convention. I guess if you have the cash you can setup where ever the hell you’d like. Also another big eye opener is the amount of figures and statues that were strewn about! Talk about hot shit overload! There were so many things i wanted to buy it was making me sick. I was able to keep it under control and that’s sadly because i have no where to put that stuff in my small apartment. But one day when i get that house…wooowee lookout!

And lastly we come to the actual “comic” part of the whole convention. They were still represented in full effect but were def taken a back seat to the things mentioned above. DC and marvel had panels were their artist were doing sketches and signings. Tim Roth along side a life sized replica of the hulk himself was on hand promoting the new Hulk flick. A little further to the back was a hella lot of venders selling original art, classic rare comics, more toys and statues, shirts , you name it they had it. The anime and manga scene was also a large presents at the show. It was so true what my friend LeSean Thomas had said about the state of anime and manga at the convention. He said that if you looked around and saw all the young kids and teenagers, none of them were dressed as hulk, spidey,superman, batman etc. they were all dressed as various characters from different mamgas and animes out there. And he was so true about that fact. And it further shows how anime and manga has impacted our culture especially on the youth of today. It’s an unstoppable force that’s taking over.

All in all i had a good time (had to go back a second day to treat myself!). I ran into a couple of friends i haven’t seen in a while, saw some sick costumes and ugly ones, saw some of my favorite artist (David finch autographed sketchbook woohoo!!), bought some cool tees and took some cool pics. Stay tuned for our 2008 NY COMIC CON video special (TrueGameHeadz tv) with extensive footage and interviews from the show floor.

Unit out…

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2 Responses to “A day at the 2008 NY COMIC CON”

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  2. DW on April 22nd, 2008 12:41 pm

    comic con was great .. even got a chance to rub with David Finch. Great stuff.


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