No Wii Can’t Part Deux: Sega’s MadWorld Doesn’t Sell! WTF!

What do you Nintendo Wii lovers have to say for yourself now? This article is a direct follow up to my No Wii Can’tpiece from last year about the Wii’s pitiful lineup of games and the mass of shovelware that littered the system. As expected, I was hung out to dry by all the supporters who screamed at the top of their lungs: “Wait. Just Wait! ‘MadWorld’ is coming. ‘The Conduit’ is coming.” “Have you heard about the new ‘House of the Dead?’ ALL mature games, those games are going to rock!”

Yeah well two of them just dropped, and guess what? Sega is going for the triple, because so far they are 2 for 2 in giving us some ill mature content on this kiddie system. But guess what? They built it and nobody came!

To date, according to reports for NPD, “House of the Dead: Overkill” has sold barely 50,000 copies in two months, and “MadWorld” only did like 60,000 since launch a few weeks ago? This on a system with an install base near 50 million?

Sega’s reverse course, and decides to take it ultra, “Adult Mature” with “House of the Dead: Overkill,” “MadWorld,” and “The Conduit” and this is what it gets them? I hope they’ve learned their lesson and decide to stop supporting Nintendo with “Exclusives.” They were enemies for a reason.

This reminds me of last-gen when Midway dropped three stunners, “The Suffering,” “Psi-Ops,” and “Area 51″ and nobody bought them! Unexpectedly deep games from a company not known for that. Don’t give me the, “Nintendo’s audience is young and family oriented blah blah blah.” YOU got a Wii and YOU ain’t young (10 years old or younger), why the hell haven’t you bought these games YOU were begging for?

Could it be that the long list of gameshow titles, “We Ski,” and all the other crap has put you to sleep? I mean damn, IGN gave one of these titles a .8 score,  you read that right a point eight… as in less than ONE!

This is despicable. I don’t see how you can defend yourselves. You are leaving quality titles on the shelves, why? Oh, I know why, because you’re waiting for the next Mario, Zelda, or Metroid title to drop so you can buy those and scream at the top of your lungs again, “Nintendo rulez!”

I pointed out before that a huge problem for developers is that they can’t sell their games on a Nintendo system because they always get overlooked. Now the deluge of bad games is overshadowing them. The latest trek to my local GameStop and Best Buy saw dozens and dozens of games with little horses, kid heroes, Monkey Mischief, and every other gimmicky game you could think of for the dandy prices of $29.99 - $49.99

WTF is this?

WTF is this?

Got Damn! I wouldn’t wish these games on the worst kidz. I remember growing up sometimes my parents would go to the game store without me. It was always hit or miss that they would come back with something cool, or even playable. Now? Wow, I feel sorry for these kidz. Almost every one of these games are the same, and because they are rushed…horrible. Remember when Nintendo had strict quality control for the titles on their system?

I know that “Dead Rising,” “Deadly Creatures,” “MadWorld,” “HOTD: Overkill”, “The Conduit,” and “Tenchu” aren’t for little Timmy, but I do recall, all the fanboys fiending for some mature games. Now they are out, and still not selling, it is very very disappointing. I guess ya’ll are all waiting for the new 1-to-1 “Wii Play Tennis” to drop.

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54 Responses to “No Wii Can’t Part Deux: Sega’s MadWorld Doesn’t Sell! WTF!”

  1. Chris on March 23rd, 2009 12:16 pm

    I haven’t purchased MadWorld yet because I’m waiting for my birthday to come up, which is soon; however, it is is a definite I’ll be purchasing The Conduit.

    It’s really disappointing that people aren’t jumping at these games.


  2. mshope10 on March 23rd, 2009 12:20 pm

    wait a week to see what the other countries do i bet it sells at least 100,000 which is a ok number for a new fanchise! wii games are slow burners look at call of duty w.a.w. shaun white, and boom blox first weeks people said they floped the first 2 sold a million and boom blox is close i think wii owners play the games they got longer instead of jumping to a new game every week which to me seems more casual to jump from game to game instead of get the most out of the game like a real hardcore gamer!


  3. Adnan on March 23rd, 2009 12:28 pm

    Well accorindg to the VGA numbers in US alone its sold 57K in its fisrt week and it hasnt been a week yet for Europe so relax and just be patient.


  4. an idea on March 23rd, 2009 12:50 pm

    Didn’t RE:5 come out the same time as madworld? And I think house of the dead is more in the region of 160k:

    mshope10 brings up a good point as well, I remember when everyone was saying how much of a flop Boom Blox was and that has sold close to 1 Million.

    Game sales are a bit like premiere league managers, if they aren’t instantly good they are considerd flops.

    It’ll be interesting to see how these games sell after a year or so, much like the games that mshope10 mentioned.


  5. GoNintendo » Blog Archive » What’s up with the lukewarm consumer response to MadWorld?- What are you waiting for? on March 23rd, 2009 1:50 pm

    [...] Article here [...]

  6. Joe on March 23rd, 2009 2:23 pm

    That’s odd. You have the NPD numbers on MadWorld? Because, as far as I know, those don’t even exist yet.

    This post either is coming from a gregarious misunderstanding of how NPD numbers, video game releases, and basic chronological order in the universe works. Either that or your just trolling, and I hope for the sake of our race that its the latter.

    Let’s talk through this…

    MadWorld launched March 10. It is March 23. What that means, is that it launched 13 days ago. NPD releases numbers monthly. What this means is midway through March, you get February’s numbers, midway through april, you get March’s numbers. Maybe I’m just dense, but out side of a souped up Delorean, I can’t understand how you know what MadWorld wold.

    In addition to this, that means that House of the Dead sold 50,000 in the US in 3 weeks, of course, assuming these are NPD numbers. Something tells me you really just have two tabs open of VGChartz(lol). This is a game that has been in the best seller list in Europe for 4 or 5 weeks now. House of the Dead’s worldwide sales are performing surprisingly well for a 4 hour, on rails, arcade lightgun game, a very unpopular genre.

    Add into these numbers the trait of almost all Wii games to sell consistant at low numbers for a llloooonnnnggg period of time. You’ll be seing HOTD:OK hitting at least 500k by the end of the year.

    So, I guess, the best way to put this would be you’re an idiot.


  7. lol vgchartz lol on March 23rd, 2009 2:28 pm

    lol vgchartz lol



  8. Quagmire on March 23rd, 2009 2:28 pm

    Wait. I don’t see where he’s calling these games a flop. What he’s saying is that Nintendo fans have been screaming forever about a more grown up game. These games (which are great by the way), should be FLYING off the shelves. Now you guys are talking about waiting a whole year to see 500k in sales?

    Are you not looking at install base? Are you telling me there aren’t at least 1 million Wii owners (out of the possible 50 or so million out there) that should’ve scooped these games up?


  9. Keith K on March 23rd, 2009 2:35 pm

    I sold my Wii to my mom almost a year ago. Maybe she’ll buy MadWorld…

    (probably not)


    2.o Reply:

    You sold it to your mom …. you couldn’t just give it to your mom?


  10. Tony on March 23rd, 2009 2:47 pm

    Real gamers already have a true next-gen system to buy all their “violent and mature” games for anyway, with better graphics and sound. You’re best sticking with Cooking Mama and Mario Kart for the Wii.


    Adnan Reply:

    Lol what awesome game have you got on your consoles? how short are THEY ALL i own a ps3 too i love my psd3 but so far the good wii games have been superior and longer


  11. JonnyD on March 23rd, 2009 2:53 pm

    I picked up Madworld and Tenchu. As with everyone though, I buy what I can when my wallet allows it. I have two comments though, one being that companies may advertise these games online enough, but I never see commercials for games on TV unless they are the big publishers or titles. If the Wii is so mainstream, you have to advertise on the same channels, or find the proper audience and show it to them, such avoiding Ellen but maybe advertise you game during a WWE show, or something more mature? Secondly, you have to accept that there are families out there that bought the Wii for fun and games, and will only buy simple motion but also cheap games for their kids and themselves to play. I’ve been in stores and seen such purchases, a mother and father who don’t know much but want to look over the 20$ party games for something new, or just trusting in their kid to pick out what they want.
    In the end you have to look at the long term as well. Short, million sales are great but why not look at what these games add to the Wii library in long run? I can’t buy all of these great, intense and dark Wii games right away, but I will eventually get them all. I just have life outside of games right now so I’m supposed to feel mad and angry when my system is full of ‘lame’ games over quality ones? Budgets for Wii games aren’t as high as the other systems, so the losses might not be as high as you’d think. In short it sucks, but companies have to deal with the market and learn from mistakes. A recession doesn’t help new games either. In the long run…we all get something we want to play, wither we’re hardcore or casual.


  12. Brand on March 23rd, 2009 3:32 pm

    Seeing as how Mad World has yet to sell outside of North America, I’d say that’s pretty good.

    Sure they’re not selling at the moment, but that doesn’t detract from the games themselves.


  13. eric on March 23rd, 2009 5:00 pm

    ah mad world came out only two weeks ago from tommoro and only in the us. 60k the first week is pretty good considering re5 also came out that week and chian town wars for the ds the following. This is a crap article get you facts straight. oh and im still planning to get madworld still and im sure there is another 1mill or so that will to


  14. Waldo on March 23rd, 2009 5:06 pm

    Possibly the most badly-written article I’ve ever had the mispleasure to read.


  15. Bob* on March 23rd, 2009 5:37 pm

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok shut the hell up and listen!

    1.-it doesn’t have a week yet and 60K is not bad at all
    2.-it has been proven that wii games doesn’t sell as fast like the PS360 ones. The blockbuster mentality doesn’t belong to wii
    3.-Many of the wii owners I know want to buy said games but they don’t have money, including me
    4.-some of them also have a HD console and they bought RE5
    5.-why? because they already know about it and Madworld is brand new
    6.-also GTA chinatown wars appeared and is also a more known brand

    So don’t give us the “u wii onwers R ztoopid” argument! Shut up and GROW UP!


  16. wideawakewesley on March 23rd, 2009 5:45 pm

    I bought HOTD:O and MadWorld and I’ll be laying down the cash for The Conduit too. Now I could have just rented these games, but I want more hardcore titles on Wii and I’m prepared to put my money where my mouth is and back them when they’re released. I just wish more people would do the same.


  17. Hiltz on March 23rd, 2009 6:10 pm

    There is truth to this arcticle , athough I won’t agree with the sales numbers until they are officially revealed.

    While many core gamers say they want cool third-party games and help build hype for such mature, exclusive titles, they often do not do enough to support them even when publishers and developers seem to do an admirable job of promoting such titles. As much as I hate to admit it, many Wii owners appear to be hypocrites.

    Here are some issues as to why that may be the case with MadWorld.

    - Fact is, Madworld’s genre is niche. In addition, not everyone is going to appriciate its unique graphics and over the top gameplay.

    - The length of the game and the lack of replay value seem to be one of the biggest issues as to why there may not be enough gamers willing to buy it and instead choose to rent it.

    - MadWorld, in all fairness, did have some competition with RE 5 which of course is a bigger and more hyped title.

    - The Wii userbase is often unpredictable when it comes to what third-party franchises and original IPS they’ll choose to support.

    - Even though Nintendo hasn’t released any big titles since last year, third-parties will almost always have to struggle on the Wii. Fact is, Nintendo’s titles will naturally always be the most popular and best selling.

    Yes, the Wii has the current largest userbase. With that comes the advantages and disadvantages of those Wii owners being core, casual and non-gamers. There’s really no good excuse as to why Nintendo fans may not do enough to support Madworld. However, you can’t honestly count on non-gamers to support such a unique and mature title.

    - Fact is, Nintendo platforms are not well known to offer mature titles, particularly original IPs from third-parties.

    I do have to agree that it would be pathetic for a game of MadWorld’s caliber to not at sell 500k at the very least. Reaslistically, I predict Madworld will be lucky enough itf it reaches around 300k copies sold but I pray that it is a success. Only time will tell.

    When you get right down to it, there are indeed factors/obstacles that pretty much all third-parties have to deal with when supporting Nintendo platforms. However, when gamers express their desire to want to support the typesof games they want and end up not doing so by buying them, then there’s a real problem here.


  18. MarkyX on March 23rd, 2009 6:22 pm

    I think many people are missing the point of the article, and I’m not defending just because I happen to write for this site (and did the review on Madworld).

    Nintendo is best selling console and has a huge audience. Many “hardcore” gamers keep bitching about the shovelware on the Wii, an acceptable argument. Then Sega decides to publish mature theme games and are close to a “real game” that you’d expect on the 360 and PS3.

    Yet despite being the one of the few mature titles on the Wii, again with the biggest audience, they barely hit the sales chart due to piracy and/or stupidly high standards of “hardcore” gamers.

    In short, hardcore gamers aren’t the target audience because they don’t bring the cash to the developers and publishers.


  19. Hiltz on March 23rd, 2009 6:44 pm

    For the record, I bought MadWorld but I rented Overkill.I also will buy The conduit.

    As far as The Conduit goes, I believe it will be the most successful out of Sega’s 3 published titles. Actually, I believe it has what it takes to be the best selling orignial, exclusive third-party title on the Wii.

    The Conduit has alot going for it despite its generic nature. From the game’s popular genre to its attempt to offer some of th best graphics and FPS controls on the Wii to offering multiplayer and voice-chat support and it’s impressive customization options and even a fairly interesting story.

    It seems to me that the lack of good FPS titles on the Wii and how they’re haven’t been any truly impressive stand out titles is something that will only help make the Conduit a must-have, successful title. Plus, High Voltage, Sega and even Nintendo have done a pretty good job of promoting the game and I’m sure we’ll see a commercial for it as well at the time of its June release.


  20. Amirox on March 23rd, 2009 6:50 pm

    Your numbers are completely false. You are deliberately lying about the NPD sales figures to further your own butthurt anti-Wii agenda.

    Its no wonder I found a link to this bullshit article on NeoGAF. That place is a disinformation hellhole. People who listen to the bullshit posted on GAF are themselves complete idiots.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    Whut? I’m not Anti-Wii, I’m anti flamers who don’t back up their words. Did you buy Madworld and HOTD?


  21. Sensei on March 23rd, 2009 7:30 pm

    I will wait for real numbers from an actual source.

    But feel free to hate on. Even if the real numbers turn out well, I am sure you can still find a way to make sure everyone knows the Wii is for “teh kiddiz”

    I have faith in that.

    You can make up some NPD numbers again if you need to. Best of luck!


  22. Dragona on March 23rd, 2009 7:32 pm

    “That’s odd. You have the NPD numbers on MadWorld? Because, as far as I know, those don’t even exist yet.”

    And yet, even after this post the conversation continued as if nothing had been said. Unbelievable.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    You want some NPD Data,

    Here’s the Top 10 Selling Wii Games for Feb 2009

    Top 10 Wii


    Which one of those is Mad World, House of the Dead, or Even Conduit when it comes out is gonna knock off Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum?


    b1391 Reply:

    Thats February’s NPD, MadWorld came out in March……House of the Dead is selling faster than the 2 & 3 port (which is almost at a million copies now) “″


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    Again, my question was which one of those titles will any of the sega games knock off in the March release?


  23. anon on March 23rd, 2009 7:42 pm

    most people don’t care for “adult” or brutal games just as most people don’t care for “adult” or brutal movies. it’s only a minority who want that type of media. madworld sales are no surprise to me. the conduit on the other hand will do significantly better because it’s not about senseless brutality and gore like madworld.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    Good point. These Sega games are over the top.


  24. Cacrowe on March 23rd, 2009 8:28 pm

    What an idiot…
    Cant even give the game a month huh? Oh it might get 500k in sales the first month and prove you wrong so go with the first weeks numbers…

    Also Madworld might be fun but its also a niche game that not everyone is going to want the way they want RE5. Not to mention that when I went to get my copy it was the last one in the store because they only ordered 3 copies…

    Sad that any idiot can be a “game journalist” these days.. Sites like this one make the real sites look bad.

    BTW dumb ass, those same games were on the PS2 for years. Stop using it as some lame excuse to justify your hate.

    God Of war for PS2 only sold 2 million copies with 120 million PS2s sold. Rugrats outsold it by a large margin as did many kids games. Guess the PS2 was a complete POS as well….


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    So I guess Joystiq hates as well

    But they aren’t a real site either. What never heard of them. Sorry I thought you actually had a point.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    Wait… God of War 2 sold only 2 million? Where’s your data? I don’t believe you. lol. So I’m guessing ps2 had an install base of 120 million back in 2005 as well. I don’t even know why I bother to reply.


    UnitDaGamer Reply:

    jeez… to date God of war 2 actually sold 2.4million copies (worldwide)
    Damn I could have sworn a hell of alot more were sold, ahh well


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    You done dood it now! You used an unreliable source! Numbers can be taken out of context and manipulated in any way you like. First off 2.4 million sold is a LOT. People take the word Million and think that’s its easy, count a million of anything… People forget that GOW2 came at a time when people were fiending for Next Gen Games and still sold that well.

    Used to be 1 million was the all-time killer hit. But now if it’s not rivaling the Movie grosses it’s considered a “throw a way franchise” like Activision did with Ghostbusters etc.

    On the other hand. Having a great well made title not do decent at launch is a let down. You cannot for a moment think the creators of Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Mad World would’ve thought there games wouldn’t sell. The problem is, they are BURIED. The mass public doesn’t hear about them every day. Game journalism is a micro view, because we hear about EVERYTHING, all the time.

    But if you walk down any street in American and asked someone about Mad World, they would more likely think about the “Song” or the “Movie” and not know its a videogame.


    unitdagamer Reply:

    True dat, but considered that the ps2 install base was ridiculously insane, 2 mill to date stills seems really small. And remember, only the xbox people jumped on the 360 bandwagon first, all the ps2 people were waiting it out for the ps3 which came a year later. you remember that whole crap back when 360 first came out lol.


  25. MarkyX on March 23rd, 2009 8:45 pm

    “Cant even give the game a month huh? Oh it might get 500k in sales the first month and prove you wrong so go with the first weeks numbers…”

    You do know the first two weeks are the peak of the game, and then it eventually dies down, right?

    It might sell half a million, sure, after months when the game reduces in price, thereby giving no profit to the retailer.

    Although I am rather curious how much they actually spent developing the game. Obviously the less money thrown in, the less money needed to turn a profit.


  26. WTH on March 23rd, 2009 9:30 pm

    What the hell are you talking about ?

    The 1st week sales of Madworld in US alone is 85,000 units to consumers. It has exceeded all out expetations and is infact the 2nd fastest selling 3rd party game on the Wii.

    I don’t know where you got these numbers from but they are not accurate. Next time, wait for an accurate sales.


  27. lol on March 23rd, 2009 9:30 pm

    vgchrtz, haha. how can you call yourself a journalist if you use that site. shame on you


    MarkyX Reply:

    The article never quotes VGChartz


    Sensei Reply:

    No it dosen’t, it quotes NPD which has NOT released any Madworld numbers.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:

    I’m sorry Sensei… for those of you who are slow.

    The NPD number is quoted for House of the Dead. Madworld has been out for two weeks now. Not days.

    I will sweep the leg next time.


    Sensei Reply:

    In that case, what is the source for the Madworld numbers?


    Quagmire Reply:

    What does it matter? Are people flocking to the mature games on the Wii? Do you have it? or any of the others? People are so busy yelling “proof proof” when any measurement will be outdated by the time it’s read.

    What is the moral of this story? Developers should NOT listen to gamers, because they don’t know what they want.

  28. 2.o on March 23rd, 2009 10:19 pm

    I think someone hasn’t asked a very important question here - how many people reading/commenting actually bought either one of those games. Virtually no one that made any of the above comments addresses whether or not they’ve bought the game. At the same time, someone did mention to me that MadWorld had 27K torrent leechers earlier today.


  29. Sensei on March 23rd, 2009 10:31 pm

    Yes I have it (Madworld) and truth in games journalism matters to me. I don’t even disagree with the main topic, that hardcore games are struggling to sell on the Wii. Mad World may indeed be a flop. But if someone is going to throw numbers around, I need to know where they are coming from. Research sites sources.

    Also the Wii has not sold 50 million in the areas covered by NPD. (But perhaps in the area covered by wherever the Madworld number is from)

    If the source is posted and I see the numbers are fact and not speculation I will owe the writer an apology and I will gladly give it.


    DaveDaGamer Reply:


    How many Wii’s have been sold? How many copies of Madworld sold? How many copies of House of the Dead? Halo 3? Halo 1 for that matter?

    No One Knows. Not even NPD.

    Reports of copies of a game sold do not mean anything.

    More people can come in contact with a brand by just watching someone else play, or second hand from a friend, or even a used purchase. There is no way to quantify this.

    The point of this article is not to argue semantics of a copy here or there. The point of this article is as you said, the games are struggling to sell on the Wii.

    People who don’t read for context or care to have a rational discussion often get caught up in semantics rather than viewing the big picture.

    Which is, it’s alarming to see that now the Wii is getting these great games, not from Nintendo and seemingly mature enough to attract those who’ve been begging for them (article focuses on Mad World but makes mention of several other games.) and people still not purchasing.

    Fans had a wait till they come attitude in defending the Wii’s validity and now the games are out, for the most part they are being ignored. How do you expect quality titles to keep coming?


    wat Reply:

    You aren’t looking for a rational discussion, you only wrote this article to shout “I WAS RIGHT!” while using unconfirmed numbers as your base.

    I believe we saw these exact same “articles” written(by the entire gaming press) when everyone was claiming CoD:WaW, No More Heroes, De Blob, etc. as failures also, and all of those titles have gone on to succeed, posting 500k+ numbers worldwide.


    Sensei Reply:

    You are right no one does know how many copies of Madworld sold. That’s why everyone is so surprised they you gave numbers for it. No other credible site has posted Madworld numbers.

    You have every right to post the about the Wii’s failure to get the hardcore games/gamers. I will even agree with you on almost every point.

    If you had said “Madworld has probably only sold around 60,000 copies to date” I would have had no problem with this post at all. As I said I agree that the Wii has been very dissapointing in the hardcore market.

    But when you post non-cited numbers to support you point (which is probably quite valid) you weaken your argument and your credebility.

    Again, I would just like to know where this 60k number came from. If it is from a credible sounce, you have nothing to hide. If it is speculation, adding an “I think” or “I assume” to your post fixes that. But as it stands now, in my opinion, really hurts the post as a whole.


  30. Pollo on March 24th, 2009 5:31 am

    Assassin’s Creed - 2.3m (360), 1.15m (PS3)
    Bioshock - 998k (360), 106k (PS3)
    The Bourne Conspiracy - 103k (360), 83k (PS3)
    Burnout Paradise - 371k (360) 306k (PS3)
    Civilization Revolution - 96k (DS), 254k (360), 149k (PS3)
    The Darkness - 284k (360), 133k (PS3)
    Dark Sector - 139k (360), 97k (PS3)
    Dead Space - 337k (360), 212k (PS3)
    Disgaea - 45k (DS), 78k (PSP)
    Dynasty Warriors 6 - 113k (360), 103k (PS3), 26k (PS2)
    Eternal Sonata - 98k (360), 33k (PS3)
    Fallout 3 - 1.14m (360), 452k (PS3)
    Fight Night 3 - 1.19M (360) 526k (PS3)
    Guitar Hero 3 - 2.37M (360) 830k (PS3) 2.75M (Wii)
    Guitar Hero: World Tour - 924k (360) 466k (PS3) 1.39M (Wii)
    Kane & Lynch - 300k (360), 197k (PS3)
    Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 1 - 85k (360) 46k (PS3)
    Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 - 20k (36o) 16k (PS3)
    Lego Batman - 207k (360), 128k (PS3), 507k (PS2), 420k (Wii)
    Lego Indiana Jones - 241k (360), 142k (PS3), 456k (PS2), 563k (Wii)
    Mirror’s Edge - 207k (360), 125k (PS3)
    Mortal Kombat vs DC - 592k (360), 512k (PS3)
    N+ - 26k (DS), 21k (PSP)
    Prince of Persia - 282k (360), 248k (PS3)
    Pure - 158k (360) 92k (PS3)
    Rock Band 1 - 1.65M (360) 648k (PS3) 1.03M (Wii)
    Rock Band 2 - 1.02M (360) 384k (PS3) 353k (Wii)
    Saints Row 2 - 480k (360), 188k (PS3)
    Saints Row 2 [Collector’s Edition only] - 30k (360), 11k (PS3)
    Shaun White - 271k (360), 141k (PS3), 537k (Wii)
    Silent Hill 5 - 73k (360), 84k (PS3)
    Silent Hill Origins: 80k (PS2), 154k (PSP)
    Skate - 606k (360) 202k (PS3)
    Sonic Unleashed - 113k (360), 69k (PS3), 315k (Wii)
    Soul Calibur 4 - 500k (360), 353k (PS3)
    Space Invaders Extreme - 58k (DS), 34k (PSP)
    Star Wars Force Unleashed - 823k (360) 464k (PS3) 626k (Wii) 175k (DS) 263k (PSP) 352k (PS2)
    Tiger Woods 09 - 216k (360), 174k (PS3), 565k (Wii)
    Unreal Tournament III - 164k (360) 219k (PS3)


  31. Waldo on March 24th, 2009 5:53 am

    Yes, I have bought and played both House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld.

    And to reiterate, this remains one of the worst articles I have ever seen.


    Quagmire Reply:

    You are entitled to your opinion.


  32. Bob* on March 24th, 2009 10:07 am

    I am getting really tired of these kind of stupid “wii userz zucx” articles. You are using an extremely violent over the top game to label and attack wii users? who the hell do you think you are?!

    But that’s ok, I feel for you. I bet that you see the NPD numbers of the wii and you keep wishing that you’re in a bad terrible dream.

    Well sorry dude. This is real. The wii won and deserves it.



    MarkyX Reply:

    “I am getting really tired of these kind of stupid “wii userz zucx” articles. You are using an extremely violent over the top game to label and attack wii users? who the hell do you think you are?!”

    I think someone should tell Epic and Capcom that violent games don’t sell.


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