Crytek’s Slap to Ubisoft

If there is one thing we love here at TrueGameHeadz, it’s smacktalk. Whether it’s about crappy movie games or whiny developers, we just love to spotlight the drama in the gaming industry.

Our newest player is Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli, informing that EA has provided a better publisher experience than Ubisoft ever did. After Far Cry, who wouldn’t blame them?

“Everything’s just bigger. From a business point of view, we have more support from EA and superior distribution and marketing power behind us, more freedom,” Yerli said.

However, he added, Crytek is also enjoying more freedom thanks to success of its first game, which was published by Ubisoft. “It comes after Far Cry, too; that [game] established us in a different position,” he explained.

Crytek is now working on PC shooter Crytek, which will be published by EA on November 16. According to Yerli, the experience of working with the publisher has been a highly positive one: “We can dictate more, and at the same time we can ask for more support. [EA delivers] more, because we both want this to be the best game.”

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