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5 Videogame Movies That Got Something Right!: #5 - Hitman

number5It’s no surprise that movies based off of videogames tend to suck pretty hard. However, through all the convoluted and unfaithful adaptations, there were a few films that have managed to do something right. I don’t mean that the films were great by any means, but that they managed to accurately replicate an aspect of the game in one form or another pretty well. It could be anything from the costume design to the mannerisms of the characters, and we’ll be taking a look at a few films that have done a good job in visually translating its source material to the silver screen. Be sure to check in everyday as we count down to the number one movie to see who made the top of our list!

Today’s film is Hitman , which was released in 2007 and comes in at #5 on our list. There are two scenes that stand out to me, and if you’ve played any of the games, you should be pretty familiar with the scenario. The first scene is when Agent 47 gets his next assignments from Diana on his flashy laptop computer. This was an important part of the games because not only did you get your assignments for the next missions, but it helped to narrate the story as well.  The second is a typical setup in the game where you might be frisked for weapons whenever approaching your next target and so you would have to find a way to conceal them. You had the options of hiding the weapon in some form of package or just drop it somewhere out of site to be used later again. For those who are huge fans of the franchise, I am sure the syringe brought a smile to your face. Check out the scenes below and chime in on the comments as to whether they recreated the game accurately!

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