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5 Videogame Movies That Got Something Right!: #3 - Tomb Raider

number3It’s no surprise that movies based off of videogames tend to suck pretty hard. However, through all the convoluted and unfaithful adaptations, there were a few films that have managed to do something right. I don’t mean that the films were great by any means, but that they managed to accurately replicate an aspect of the game in one form or another pretty well. It could be anything from the costume design to the mannerisms of the characters, and we’ll be taking a look at a few films that have done a good job in visually translating its source material to the silver screen. Be sure to check in everyday as we count down to the number one movie to see who made the top of our list!

At #3 we look at Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring the lovely Angelie Jolie. I will be honest, I personally feel the movie wasn’t that bad. Especially compared to other movies in the genre. With talks of a new movie in the works (minus Jolie), this time around hopefully Hollywood can follow Edios and do a much needed reboot to the movie version of the franchise. Today’s scene in particular is the opening of the movie. In it I feel Lara Croft’s key trademarks were showcased in this action packed sequence. You’ll see her infamous flips that defy gravity and my personal favorite, her relentless use of her dual handguns. And they even went an extra step further by at least showing how she handles an almost infinite amount of bullets. Besides raiding tombs, the filmmakers kept the translation pretty true to the source material and kept everything that made Lara pretty popular amongst us gamers.

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