300 Mega Pixel Picture Management (3D Galleries)

Okay Kiddies, Microsoft has a habit of doing a lot of good at times, and sometimes they do even more. First lets take a look at these fully HiDef 1080p images that I pulled straight from my PS3 all managed in this unique program called MS Synth. MS What? As if they didn’t have enough software titles. I know I know you can’t keep up, but for anyone who is into photography, and thought that it was impossible to manage photos that pass the 100 MegaPixel barrier, think again. I’ll let the boy from Redmond tell you all about it.

Okay, what’s the big deal, my PlayStation 3 Image Galleries just got a little more interesting. Expect me to take full advantage of this feature in the future. Big up to “Big Daddy Cain” for sending me the email on this.

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