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Maestro! Green Groove Review: Classical Rhythm Gaming

Nowadays, music games come in all shapes and sizes, but there was a time when they didn’t. Some games attempted to incorporate music as an element of their gameplay mechanics instead of making it the focus of the game. While most never really reached any astounding level of commercial success, some impressed critics while others improved on the missteps of their predecessors. The latest DSiWare game from Neko Entertainment, “Maestro! Green Groove,” reminds me of those early music games that invented new ways for players to interact with notes, blending platforming and rhythm in a unique way. [Continue Reading]

Blacklight: Tango Down Review: Doing Your Duty

Blacklight: Tango Down

It isn’t uncommon in the game industry to mimic other game’s successes. For example, when “Street Fighter 2″ was released in the arcade, many companies jumped into the fighting genre bandwagon in hopes to mimic that game’s success. “Blacklight: Tango Down” follows this concept by using the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” series as the source of their influence. The major difference being is that “B:TD” is an Xbox Live Arcade game for $15 and it is strictly focused on online play, whereas “Modern Warfare” was a retail priced game with a single player campaign attached to the package. While all of this sounds like a decent idea in terms of gaming, is it really worth the bargain price tag? [Continue Reading]

Mafia II Lights Up My (And Snoop Dogg’s) Life With A 1911

Mafia II

Some title have a very distinct art style, or feel about them where you just know that everything just fits when it comes to that game. “Mafia II” is one of those games. The 1940s and 1950s are the perfect setting for the upcoming third-person shooter from 2K, and the developers at 2K Czech have done an expert job crafting one of the most distinct periods in this country’s history. Well, recently “Mafia II”‘s style manifested in real life for me when the lamp below showed up at my doorstep. [Continue Reading]

EVO 2010 Over – SSF IV Champion: Daigo

The first match up, Shizza Vs Inflitration was as though you were watching the final match.  One of the only Double KOs for the Street Fighter IV tournament at EVO.  Perhaps one of the more excited matches for sure.  The follow up match between New York China Town Fare – Henry Cen went up against Gamer Bee who took out Justin Wong, also a local to Chinatown Fare in New York.

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Tekken 6 EVO 2010 Winner: NIN

An amazing match this year between top 8 players for Tekken 6. Perhaps you can argue about RIPs’ final performance in the Championship but a solid composure by NIN saw him through the Finals to get top place.

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Justin Wong Eliminated from EVO 2010

Insanity over at EVO 2010 this year as it concludes before the last day of games with crowd favorite, and famous player, Justin Wong getting eliminated from the tournament by Taiwanese player, GAMER KILLER BEE, as they matched up in set of the day.

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