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Modnation Racers Review: Mario Kart Killer?

FIX THE DAMN LOADING! I had to get that off my chest first. I mean instead of getting better in this area we are steadily getting worse, especially on the PlayStation 3. When did it become acceptable to not only not be able to push start on a newly bought game, (for sometimes up to 7 minutes!) but after you push it you have to wait for the menu to load? Something is definitely wrong with this and I’m afraid won’t be addressed. Please no responses about next-gen this, awesomeness of ps3 that. Naughty Dog was able to pull of Uncharted 2 with no install and no visible loading. This is what developers should always strive for, especially in what is supposed to be a hop-in and play experience like Kart racing….whew that felt good.

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Play Theater: Super Mario Galaxy 2 First Star!

It’s a Meeeeeee Mario! He’s back and still holding the crown. Nintendo keeps outdoing themselves and brought the plumber back for a rare second showing on the same system. Jam packed with more content than the last, check out this Play Theater of the first star in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Accessory Review: Mad Catz FightStick Tournament Edition S

Capcom has answered the call of pleading fans with the update to last years’ surprising run-away success with Super Street Fighter IV. I can say surprising because it’s been many years since Capcom created a successful follow up to the Street Fighter franchise. Fans of the series weren’t expecting much and have been blown away.

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Play Theater: Alan Wake First 15 Mins!

The highly anticipated thriller from Remedy Games, Alan Wake, is finally here exclusive to the XBOX360 console. These kats are no freshmen to the industry giving us the gritty Max Payne series earlier in the decade. Alan Wake comes out to some strong competition this month, but as an XBOX360 exclusive and action thriller it stands along in this marketplace and there’s plenty of hype behind it. Check out the first 15mins of the game and see how the moody atmosphere draws you in. Stay tuned for the full review from TrueGameHeadz.

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EA Takes Aim at GameStop and Second Hand Game Sellers

EA announced today via their blog that they will ship every new EA Sports game, starting with Tiger Woods 11, with a single use code that will allow purchasers access to online features like, “Online Team Play, Live Tournaments and other modes and features.” Right now they are labeling this stuff “Bonus Content”, but it says here that it will expand to include everything other than basic online play.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Announced!


Apparently the boys and girls over at Media Molecule have been busy.  In a nut shell, take everything you know about a great title, and add another N variable at the end of it. Don’t misunderstand, Little Big Planet (LBP) itself is an amazing game; with over 2 million games created by users it is a force to be reckoned with.  However, this major update may prove that we haven’t’ seen anything yet from LBPs expanding fan-base. [Continue Reading]