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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Delivers More Massive Racing Thrills This Fall

If “Test Drive Unlimited” was any kind of indicator, “Test Drive Unlimited 2″ is going to be hours of racing fun. The original was simple compared to many of the other racing games on the market, but it was so perfectly paced, and had such an interesting setting that it is still one of the most engaging racers on the 360, and based on trailer above looks like “Unlimited 2″ is going to just as good.

Dante’s Inferno DLC Trials of St. Lucia Trailer! 2-player Co-Op!

Visceral Game’s critically acclaimed Dante’s Inferno game receives its second round of DLC today, Trials of St. Lucia. This expansion pack is very robust coming in at 800 points on XBL or $9.99 on PSN, you are getting a lot of bang for you buck.

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Isaac is Back! Dead Space 2 Dementia Trailer!

It looks like our old buddy Isaac Clarke is back. If you’ve been following the series you know that there’s a lot more to the story than what occurred on the space ship Ishimura. Definitely ranking at the top of any survival horror game this franchise brought us pretty damn close to what it would feels like to be in a eff’d up situation without no help! For more info on the new Dead Space game check out the website or the facebook fan page – www.facebook.com/deadspace

Sony Still Pissing Off Fanbase With PS3. When Will It End?

Sony can’t just live and let live. They just continue to make those who want so badly to love them, blindingly mad. With the latest firmware update, (God how many will there be before they get the system right?) the powers that be decided to remove support for installing another OS on the system.  Most notably Linux (hence our penguin buddy up there). I guess that’s what happens when a company famously decides to release a do-everything console way ahead of its time by deciding to throw in fluff and the kitchen sink to ensure it being future proof and hitting its 10yr cycle.

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Super Street Fighter IV Review: Iron Fist


“Super Street Fighter IV” is out, did you get your copy?  If you’re asking yourself what makes “Super Street Fighter IV” so super, we’ll break it down for you:

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Cursed? The Fans Select Drew Brees as Madden NFL 11 Cover Boy

This year EA Madden NFL 11 cover athlete is non other than Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. For the first time EA opened up the choice to the fans to bestow the honor. In partnership with Doritos “Change the Game” program, EA opened up the selection between Brees, Minnesota DE Jared Allen, and Indianapolis WR Reggie Wayne to fan voting. After bringing the first ever championship to New Orleans, this writer had little doubt of who would be on the cover.

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Final Fight: Double Impact Review: Hittin’ Twice As Hard

Final Fight: Double Impact

Twenty-one years ago the classic “Final Fight” was unleashed on arcades around the world, and it was seen as one of the best co-op experiences that you can have at an arcade. One year after that the action-platformer “Magic Sword” was released to slightly less fanfare, but managed to arouse a dedicated fan base. Aside from the fact that Capcom published both games, they have pretty much nothing else in common, except for the fact that in 2010 they have finally joined forces to be released together as “Final Fight: Double Impact.” It’s by far the oddest pairing of games ever, but the outcome should manage to keep retro game fans happy. [Continue Reading]

God of War III: Visually Appealing


By now, you’ve either heard too much about God of War III for the PlayStation 3 or perhaps for Olympian reasons you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of it. If you’re among the latter, then let me unaffectedly say that you are missing out. What would be sagaciously sad is if you continued denying yourself access to one of the best trilogies between two generations of consoles in the history of gaming.  You know a series is good when people make statements like, “the second God of War was The Empire Strikes back of the series”.  God of War III is by no means a perfect game but it comes so damn close that it’s a crime not to give it the time of day. [Continue Reading]

Samurai Showdown Sen Review: Heads Will Roll

Samurai Showdown is back exclusively for the XBOX360 console. As a fan of all things fighting games, I would be at major fault for not bringing you the lowdown on the “Latest” from SNK/Playmore’s Samurai Showdown series. I have latest in caps, because this came actually dropped in the Japanese arcades in 2008. Many of the series staples are back for another go-round, but you’ll find a few new heads to slice and dice with. (Pun Intended)

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Konami and Def Jam Team Up For Rapstar

In case you missed the announcement earlier today, Konami is teaming up with Def Jam to release the upcoming “Rapstar” rhythm game which has some of the most in-depth social gaming features ever in a console game. This won’t be Konami’s first rhythm game, after all, they are the ones that unleashed “DDR” on the world, but it could be their best (at the very least it’s got to be better than “Rock Revolution”).

Check out our preview of the game from last year’s E3 to get an idea of some of the features that the game is going to include when it drops later this year.

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