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E3 ’09: Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Developer Interview

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's QuestWarner Bros and Headstrong Games have teamed up to bring gamers their first Lord of the Rings title – “Aragorn’s Quest” for the Wii, PSP, PS2, and DS. At this year’s E3 they were showing off the Wii version of the game, and we had a chance to swing by their booth and check out just what they were working on for the next game to come to Middle-earth… or at least Sam’s version of it. Check out what Unit was able to find out from Headstong’s Development Director Steve Pritchard. [Continue Reading]

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review: Watch Out For The New Guy


Introducing a brand new 2D fighting game is a challenging proposition for any game company given the current state of the market. As it stands right now, most fighting games have shifted to full 3D (and some back to 2D) and are in their fourth, or tenth, or even twelfth iteration. And that’s just on the development side of things, the even tougher sell is to the fans. The gamers that play fighting games are a devout bunch, clinging to franchises that were birthed over 15 years ago, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, bringin a new game into the fray is almost like committing an act of war. There has to be a lot of power behind an entirely new game that’s going to make an impression on the market, and on the fans, but Aksys Games’ Arc System Works developed “BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger” is the first game in a long time that has a shot of winning over some of those fans. [Continue Reading]

E3 ’09: WET Developer Interview

WETI’m not one to overlook a game starring a lovely lady, and that’s one of the reasons I made it a point to swing by Bethesda’s booth at this year’s E3, and check out “WET.” In the game you play as Ruby, a wetwork specialist, and you have to master her acrobatic moves as you take down tons and tons of enemies – think “Stranglehold,” but with a hot chick … and … ya know … good. Unit had a chance to sit down with “WET”‘s creative director and find out a bit more about the game, and the arsenals that Ruby’s going to be packing. [Continue Reading]

Halo: Reach Possibly Natal Enabled


“Halo” and Microsoft go hand-in-hand. In fact, some say the Xbox 360 may have never even seen the light of day if it weren’t for the success of the original “Halo: Combat Evolved.” Yet, here we are, years later and millions upon millions of copies of games from the “Halo” universe sold, and the franchise continues to go on strong.

It now appears that the “Halo” franchise might be getting another huge, innovative boost to its universe with Microsoft’s new Natal technology, when “Halo: Reach” sees its release later next year. [Continue Reading]

Fight Night Round 4 Review: Toe-To-Toe In The Ring

Fight Night Round 4

In EA’s inevitable attempt to continue to capitalize on their franchises, “Fight Night Round 4″ is ready to step into the ring, and build on the beloved franchise built by the new defunct EA Chicago. I have been waiting for this game since I first played “Fight Night Round 3,” and even though there was a lot of good in that game, the the career mode was absolutely horrible. So, after a few years of holding my breath, it’s finally time touch gloves, and come out swinging in “Fight Night Round 4.” [Continue Reading]

New inFamous Home Area and Firmware 3.0 Details


Ready for exciting new PS3 fans? “InFamous” is coming to PlayStation Home! Still not excited, huh? We’ll I can’t blame you. Sony’s online community service has been less than revolutionary, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I spent some time within the walls of my virtual apartment, but Sony claims it’s doing great and continues to support it with some of its biggest exclusives. [Continue Reading]

E3 ’09: Spore Hero Developer Interview

Spore HeroFrom the mind of Will Wright to your Wii – “Spore Hero” will be hitting Nintendo’s console later this year, and Unit had a chance to talk to one of the game’s developers about what we can expect when the game hits store shelves. Action adventure: Check. Mulitplayer: Check. Online Creature Creations Database: ? One thing’s for sure, if you didn’t pick up the PC version, this will be the best way to create your own creepy crawly “Spore” creature. [Continue Reading]

Let’s Tap Review: Hardcore Tapping

Let's Tap

In video games, there’s a fine line between innovation and annoying feature, and Sega’s latest Wii release, “Let’s Tap” toes that line very dangerously. It’s a creative new game from Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator Yuji Naka and his new studio Probe. The selling point for “Let’s Tap” is that it’s entirely motion controlled, and while that’s not groundbreaking in today’s market, you don’t have to use a camera to play, and there’s (mostly) no extra peripherals needed. Again, that’s still not entirely original since most Wii games fit both of those descriptions, but in “Let’s Tap” you can play the whole game without ever laying a finger on the Wii remote – the entire game is controlled by tapping. [Continue Reading]

More PSP Go Questions Answered

PSP Go Mock Up

The release of the PSP Go is fast approaching, and while it had a great showing at E3, many questions remain surrounding Sony’s plans for the handheld and their strategies for supporting it. Some people think that the PSP Go will be in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone once it’s released, but Sony has yet to outline their plans for any available applications or app stores. [Continue Reading]

E3 ’09: Where The Wild Things Are The Video Game Developer Interview

Where The Wild Things Are“Where the Wild Things Are” was one of my biggest surprises at this year’s E3, and not just because it looked amazing – I was shocked it was there. It slipped under my radar, and I wasn’t expecting to see it at Warner Bros. Interactive’s booth situated between “The Watchmen” and “Scooby Doo.” At first glance it may look like just another kid’s movie game, and it could be, if it wasn’t based on “Where the Wild Things Are.” You play a completely new, and original story as Max on the Wild Thing’s island assisting them in finding a new place to live. Check out Unit’s interview to find out a bit more about the game. [Continue Reading]

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