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Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Review: Karate Chop!

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

Action figures are a fundamental cornerstone of almost every young boy’s childhood, so much so, that many adult males have trouble letting them go. At some point, early on in every boy’s life, he picks up his favorite armed service themed figure in his right hand, and then reaches for his favorite plastic sculpted wrestler in his left and proceeds to smash the two of them together, attempting to ask the age old question; “Who would win in a fight, G.I. Joe or Hulk Hogan?” While those fights may only be pretend, and usually result in someone losing their arm, “Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic” is now here on Sony’s PlayStation 3 to either help recreates that same type of experience by taking it to the next level, or help you work through some of those residual childhood issues. [Continue Reading]

New PSP2 Rumors – Second Nub Still Absent

Not the actual PSP 4000

While it still looks like Sony is waiting until E3 to officially unveil their new PSP, anonymous sources from around the game industry are spilling the beans on what gamers can look for in the next iteration of Sony’s handheld.

1up’s sources tell them that the new PSP will indeed git rid of the UMD drive, and that a huge amount of titles will be available at launch. Two of these titles will be the freshly announced Namco Bandai games “Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny” and “Tekken 6.” (The PSP version of “Soul Calibur” will reportedly have a new character named Dampierre.) The new PSP may also be available in two units, one with carrying 8 gigs of storage and another with 16. [Continue Reading]

Dev Box Interview: Paradox Interactive’s Producer Johan Andersson

Dev Box: Johan Andersson

It usually takes a small army to create the video games that we play, and, most of the time, all of the focus gets put on the game itself, and not on the people that came together to make it. Our Dev Box interview series takes a look at some of the unsung heroes that have committed their lives to entertaining all of us. This week we are letting Paradox Interactive’s Johan Andersson take a break from working on “Hearts of Iron 3” and give him a chance to get on the Dev Box and tell us a bit about himself, and what he thinks about the games industry.

[Continue Reading]

Live Retro Play Theater: Metal Storm for the NES

Retro Play Theater

Metal StormMarkyX here, we got another one this week. A little earlier then expected because I like to mix things up sometimes.

Today’s game is “Metal Storm” for the NES from publisher IREM. This game is a gravity-defying side-scrolling shooter is considered to be one of the NES’ the most underrated games. When it was released in 1991 it sported great graphics and some of the best controls the system offered.

The concept of the game is very similar to “Mega Man 5″‘s Gravity Man stage, only you control gravity at your free will. Before you yell “rip off,” “Metal Storm” was released two years before “Mega Man.”

As with my last Retro Play Theater attempts, I will be playing live on Mogolus, and I will use whatever is programmed into the game to win. The expected length of the first game is an hour, although there is expert mode. I plan on initially tackling just the normal mode.

Going Long: Madden NFL 10 For The Wii Preview Interview

There were bundles of goodness at the EA event last week in New York City, and today we bring you one of those bundles – a first look at the re-vamped “Madden NFL 10″ for the Wii. This year’s version sports an all new visual style, differentiating the Wii version from it’s PS2 brethren of past years. It reminds me of the glory days of “NFL Blitz,” but this isn’t an arcade experience, as you get your full “Madden” simulation complete with a couple of distinct nuances that EA thinks will make this title a must have. EA is focusing a lot of their development on the Wii this year, and its looking like it’s well worth it. Check out this interview for what to expect.

Help Wanted: Rainbow Studios (THQ)

It’s no surprise to anyone that the job market is pretty terrible as of now. But it isn’t all doom and gloom as you might hear all the time, especially in the games industry. And so, we here at TGH will be posting up new job positions from game studios located around the world. So, if you’re not sure of the industry’s landscape, check back here every week, and hopefully you’ll spot some game company who you’d like to get your feet wet with! Without further delay, we present the hiring game company of the week – Rainbow Studios: [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Our PA Furiouslee has been burning up the sticks lately and we’ll be bringing you some new Play Theaters soon. Check this one out for the game “Wanted: Weapons of Fate” where we take you through the entire level Spiders Don’t Have Wings. This title has none stop action, and some cool bullet bending sequences. This vid may well get you to go out and purchase this game.

Uncharted 2 Now Featuring Multiplayer

Happy Monday, everyone. Over the weekend news leaked of an “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” multiplayer beta invitation being included with preorders of Sony’s PS3 exclusive “Infamous.” The thing is that word on any multiplayer in Naughty Dog’s hit franchise has been kept on the d.l. for quite some time, until now.

Naughty Dog has finally released details and a new trailer on what we can expect when “Uncharted 2″ sees its release later this year. [Continue Reading]

Muggles Talk About Video Games: Harry Potter Developer Interview

“Grand Slam Tennis” wasn’t the only game that Davedagamer had a chance to check out last week at EA’s preview event in NYC. He also had a chance to see what the boy-wizard Harry Potter was up to in his latest movie and book based game, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” which is coming out for pretty much every system possible. Check out what Dave found out about the game from its lead designer, and what you can expect to do on this trip to Hogwarts, when the game is released at the end of June.

Got Free Time This Weekend? Play Scarygirl!

OK kids, a short post today. I just got back from the good ole doctor and now I have a tee time, so I must be brief.

Play “Scarygirl”! It is a brilliant flash game done by Nathan Jurevicius and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. You play as “Scarygirl,” a girl who has washed up on a beach and is having terrible nightmares. In them she continually sees the face of a man who she feels is behind the dark, foreboding dreams. [Continue Reading]

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