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Killzone 2: First Impressions From The Frontline

“Killzone 2″ is out, it’s is really kicking my ass… but in a good way. I will have a review for you guys some time during the week, but, if your still on the fence about picking it up, I thought I’d offer some first impressions to help you guys get a feel for what your getting into if you pick up the game. I’ve gotten about a third of the way through the single player campaign and there are a couple of things that have made the game really stand out.

1. Bring your skills – I’m playing it on hard, hoping to reduce the number of playthroughs while I attempt to fish for medals (sadly, it still looks like I’ll be playing it three or four times), but I gave it a quick try on medium and “K2″ is not for the inexperienced FPS player. The Helghast are intelligent pricks that will ride you every step of the way. They work in teams, have masterful aim, and throw grenades within pinpoint accuracy. However, the game remains manageable, and as long as you utilize “K2′s” cover system, you can prevail. With that said, I’m not looking forward to playing it on elite…  yikes! [Continue Reading]

A Gamer’s Thoughts: Street Fighter IV’s Music

Whut up folks! Got some more “Street Fighter I”V talk. This time around it’s about the music selection within the game and the odd choice Capcom made with one of the tracks. Do you like the soundtrack, dislike it? Drop a comment below about your thoughts.

New Damnation Screens For You To Steam-Geek Out To

So, kind of a slow news day today peeps, but I did scout out some new pictures of “Damnation”. Being developed by Codemasters, “Damnation” puts players in an alternate history where the world is basking in all things steampunk.  It looks as if you’ll be playing some rugged, don’t-take-shit-from-anyone, steampunk cowboy.

I can’t remember where I saw a preview for the game, but I think it may have been on the latest free issue of “Qore”, Sony’s monthly PSN magazine/show. Where ever I saw it, the game looked impressive, and points for originality have to be given for the game’s awesome setting. For those that don’t know, steampunk is an amalgamation of fantasy, and an alternate history, where steam power technology was quickly becoming the way of the world. Very cool weapons, settings, and fashion can be found within the steampunk “era.” Do a little research if it sounds like your cup-o-tea. [Continue Reading]

X-Blades Review: A Slashing Good Time


The formula Gaijin used for the design of SouthPeak’s latest hack-n-slash game “X-Blades” is almost mathematical: take one pretty girl (preferably a treasure hunter), add swords and/or guns (both in this case), some kind of mystical power, and a whole lot of att-i-tude, subtract clothing and bam, you’ve got a game dudes will buy. Even though this formula is pretty tried and true at this point, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a good game on your hands. The final sum of “X-Blades”’ equation is a game that might not appeal to everyone, but it’s still pretty fun for what it is.

Even though there is an “M for Mature” rating slapped on the front of the “X-Blades” box, the heroine’s barely covered bottom is going to alienate a few different groups that might have given the game a shot. First, the ladies; who may find the lead character Ayumi a little too sexy, and a little too perky for their tastes. Secondly, most self-respecting gentlemen may not be giving “X-Blades” a run, because they may find it to be a bit below them, in terms of intellectual stimulation, as well as overall entertainment value. Fortunately for “X-Blades” it’s a good thing that there aren’t a lot of gamers in either of those categories. Back in reality, there is one group of gamers that this game may turn off pretty quickly – the ones that don’t like anime. At its heart, “X-Blades”’s story is very inspired by anime, so, if you have any kind of aversion for Japanese cartoons this game might not be for you. However, anyone that’s looking to have a little bit of mindless fun slashing and shooting tons of baddies at once, just to finish them off with some kind of short cutscene prompted mystical spell, all while staring at a darling piece of eye-candy, then you might want to give “X-Blades” a chance. [Continue Reading]

The Hottest Video Game Hip-Hop You’ll Hear This Year!

This is a hot one folks! Coming straight from the U.K. is hip-hop artist Dan Bull with his latest track “Generation Gaming.” Described as “an epic rap documentary of the history of gaming from the early 90s to the present day,” I’d have to say he pretty much nails it, for the most part, although he missed the whole Genesis / Super Nintendo era. I guess he was more of a PC guy. On top of the track, what’s also cool is he put this whole video together himself. With tight lyrics and a sick beat, this has easily become one of my favorite video game related hip-hop tracks to date. You can check out or purchase his full album (although not all game related but it’s still tight) here. And just a heads up for all you rated PG kats, there’s some explicit language dropped in the video.

Searching for Gold: An Uncharted 2 Wishlist

Hola kids. You may remember a while back I posted an article on collecting trophies. Well, after beating “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” almost five times, I’m only one trophy away from 100%, and, after all this time, I’ve really started to separate the things that made the game enthralling to play through, and the things that I could do without. So, pulling from all my experience with the original, I present to you a brief list on things I hope “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,” will contain, or omit when it comes out this fall.

First off, I’ll start with the end of the first game; the final boss fight. I got through all 22 chapters, all of which had a nice increase in difficulty, and introduced new ground dwelling enemies in an unforgettable fashion. I experienced one climactic event after the next, and when I got to the end of the game, all I got for a boss was a lame shootout and a less-then-exciting, button pressing minigame. “Uncharted 2″ has promised to be a more story-driven, cinematic experience than the first, and when the game finally reaches its finale, I hope to see a more worthy adversary than Navarro awaiting me at the end. Even on the harder difficulties, the strategy of beating the boss remains the same since all one really needs to do is memorize his firing patterns. LAME. [Continue Reading]

A Gamer’s Thoughts: What’s Wrong With Street Fighter IV

Whut up folks! Unit here bringing you some of my thoughts as a gamer. I’ll be posting up these videos from time to time discussing whatever’s on my mind from the world of gaming. To start things off, I wanted talk about a little known (or maybe not so little known) problem in the recently released “Street Fighter 4″ … I think most of you that’ve played the game will know what I’m talking about. Now Some of you may agree with I say, some may not. But whatever the case, feel free to leave a comment below and let yourself be heard. Peep the video and enjoy!

Dev Box Interview: Atari’s Producer Todd Slepian

Dev Box: Atari

It usually takes a small army to create the video games that we play, and, most of the time, all of the focus gets put on the game itself, and not on the people that came together to make it. Our Dev Box interview feature takes a look at some of the unsung heroes that have committed their lives to entertaining all of us. This week we are letting Atari Producer Todd Slepian take a break from working on “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” and “Ghostbusters” and give him a chance to stand on the Dev Box and tell us a bit about himself, and what he thinks about the industry.

Name: Todd Slepian
Title: Producer
What you do: I make sure everyone working on the title both internally and externally are working on time and on budget and try to solve any problems before they become major issues.
Most recent games worked on: “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” and “Ghostbusters”

1. What game has most influenced you, and why?
I have always loved the “Zelda” series. It’s a great combination of Action, Story and Puzzle Solving. [Continue Reading]

Play Theater: Ninja Blade’s Opening Sequence and First Level

In the beginning there was “Ninja Gaiden.” It was the first game on the NES to really introduced and set the standard for early cut scenes, as well as what a ninja game should feel and play like. Since then, many ninjas have come and gone, but it wasn’t until the return of “Ninja Gaiden” on the Xbox that ninjas really felt like they had a game that truly represented their lifestyle, and it again set a high bar of cut scenes, gameplay, and overall ninja incoherence. Well, with Tomonobu Itagaki’s unfortunate departure from Tecmo “Gaiden”‘s rule over ninja games may be over, and it might be time for From Software’s latest release, “Ninja Blade” to fill the gap. Watch the video to check out the game’s opening sequence, as well as an extended play through of the first level.

Hannah Montana PSP Packs Coming! Oh, and Lots of Games as Well

Sony announced big plans for their tiny system at this year’s Destination Playstation meeting today.

First off comes news of two, new PSP bundles that will both be available sometime later this year. In order to reach out to gamers with boobs, Sony unveiled their new lilac PSP, which will be on sale as part of a Hannah Montana pack, which will contain a Hannah Montana game, various episodes from the show on UMD, a 2GB Stick PRO Duo, and…wait for it… OMG, Stickers!

For the gamer who likes to lift weights and grunt in the mirror, Sony announced a similar PSP bundle packed with an all new, exclusive entry into the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, all accompanied with a Piano Black coating, and, one would assume, no stickers. [Continue Reading]

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