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Geo-political Simulator Review: Running The World… Or Ruining It?


Many strategy games give you a role as a commander taking control of a battle or overseeing a campaign, although they are often taken place in fictional settings. For those of us who prefer to launch nukes instead of spells, with our targets being authentic countries, there is the political genre. It is a genre within a genre, giving us strategy gamers a world where can relate to: ours. Unfortunately, many political games tend to focus on one area of politics, such as getting elected or preventing warfare. “Geo-political Simulator” tries so hard to cover all the bases of politics and fails on nearly every single one; which is pretty damn shameful because this game has a lot of potential.

“Geo-political Simulator” truly feels like a political game, where you have the freedom to be the biggest fascist in history, the nicest guy on the planet, or someone who likes to dance on thin moral lines. It’s such a unique experience that I’ve never experienced a political game where I managed to convince a local tennis star to endorse my leadership, only to find out that my defense ministry was kidnapped by the Russian mafia. This game demonstrates how chaotic and unpredictable politics really can be. [Continue Reading]

Resident Evil 5 Demo – First Impressions

So, a fairly short post today, guys. Earlier this afternoon I got the chance to play the “Resident Evil 5″ demo on the 360, and I wanted to talk about my brief time with the game. For those of you, who’ve already played the demo, feel free to share your thoughts on whether or not you dug this short, zombie-stomping romp.

For the PS3 owners out there, you can read on to see what’s in store for you next week. [Continue Reading]

Gold… I love Gold! – PS3 Trophy Hunting Madness

Hola boys and girls. I’m getting sick of posting news articles, so I thought I’d take a break from that and bitch about my frustrations with certain PS3 trophies that I’ve been trying to get.

For that the past month or so, I have forced myself into crunch time so that I can try to earn as many trophies as I can. Since I was laid off from my job, now seems to be the perfect time to have massive gaming sessions every day in search of my first 100% platinum trophy – those bastards can be damn hard to get. While I did get 100% completion on one game, I don’t really count the effort since the game was “Linger in Shadows”, and while it was a very interesting experience, I didn’t really consider it a game. I’m also in a bit of a time crunch because, when February hits, the new wave of must-haves will be fast approaching. “Street Fighter 4,” “Killzone 2,” “Madworld,” and “Resident Evil 5″ are all games that the TGH staff will undoubtedly be battling each other over, to see who can do which reviews, and review or not I’m still going to play ‘em. So, in saying that I give you a small list of trophies that are taking me much longer then expected to achieve. [Continue Reading]

FF XIII Trailer Out – Battle System Real Time??

Not the biggest news but it’s still worth mentioning. For sometime now, Square-Enix had a count down timer on their Asian and European sites. No love for the west. Still the internet has various ways to bring us together. No one new what the timer counted down to. Several guessed it was a trailer of some sort. The new item was due at 4PM GMT today 1/28/2009 (about 11AM EST). That means most of us were either at work, on our way to work, looking for work, or perhaps in bed thinking about work. Whatever the case was you should check out this new trailer. Finally, the battle system!! If you only care about that, then scrub the slider to 1:25 to see it in action.

This looks like FF XII to the 9th power. It’s obvious again that on screen seemless battles are back! While the reception for this had mixed reviews during Final Fantasy XII, I’m wondering if Square-Enix made any improvements to the system. Though I could hardly see any in this video, other than a graphical/speed/hype upgrade, I’m sure people will have good and bad to say about it. For me, it could be good.

Dev Box Interview: Jumpgate Evolution’s Art Director Darrin Klein

It usually takes a small army to create the video games that we play, and, most of the time, all of the focus gets put on the game itself, and not on the people that came together to make it. Our Dev Box interview feature takes a look at some of the unsung heroes that have committed their lives to entertaining all of us. This week we are giving NetDevil’s Darrin Klein a chance to answer some of our burning questions. [Continue Reading]

Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers New Footage!

Finally some new footage of the long thought canceled Square Enix project, Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. Now we get a chance to see some of the game play mechanics which look to incorporate a system that allows you to grab any enemy and fling them about as you please. It’s like that classic game Wild 9(underrated title) from the PS1 era. It’s good to see some Square Enix support with this and the upcoming Dragon Quest X. And is also a good thing to see they are trying different gameplay as opposed to their standard rpg stuff which this generation, seems to be going the way of the dodo. Anyway, Check it out!

PS3 Episodic Comedy ‘Rat Race’ Comes Back From The Dead

Rat Race

It’s not often that a game comes back from being canceled, but it looks like that’s exactly what’s happened for the episodic comedy game “Rat Race.” The game, which was announced in late 2007, quietly faded into obscurity when the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, was quoted as saying it was canceled at last year’s E3. However, “Rat Race,” which is being developed by Super-Ego Games, may be about to come back to life. Last week I spoke with Bo Lasater, one of Super-Ego’s co-founders, and asked him whether or not “Rat Race” was dead, and he responded with, “Is Rat Race dead? No, it is not dead. Is it 100% alive? Maybe the patient is coming out of a coma.”

So, if one of Sony’s studio presidents declares your game dead, and you say it’s just in a coma… where do things really stand? In terms of “Rat Race”’s future, things look pretty good, so much so that the first episode of the game could come out next week. But it won’t. Aside from being in the queue at Sony for certification, the game technically has no has yet to announce a new publisher to release it (“Rat Race” does in fact have a publisher), since it’s no longer a first party Sony title. [Continue Reading]

Dropping This Week: Jan 26-31

It’s a new week with new games! At the top of the list is everyone’s favorite Afro sportin’ samurai in his debut game for the Xbox 360 and Ps3. Also peep the best games dropping this week.

Midway Dodges Economic Fatility; Another MK on the Way

Late last year Midway released “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe”. The company had high hopes for the game, not only because it was the latest entry in their beloved Mortal Kombat franchise, but because it quite possibly could’ve been the last MK game ever released. Midway was on the eve of bankruptcy, and many looked at “MK vs. DCU” as Midway’s last chance at economic survival.

However, earlier today Midway announced that “MK vs. DCU” may have indeed been their saving grace, as it has sold nearly 2 million units since its’ release in Nov. 2008.  Other noteworthy statistics include 3.6 million matches online on the PS3 version alone. Also, “MK vs. DCU” was the most pre-ordered game in the history of the 17-year-old franchise. [Continue Reading]

Moon Review: Intergalactic, Planetary

MoonThe first time I saw “Moon,” I had a very private demo of the opening of the game from Mastiff’s “Big Dog” in the back hallway, upstairs at the Nintendo World Store. While the demo didn’t last that long, since there was an entire other even that was about to happen (it involved professional eaters), I got a small taste of what was to come for the new FPS from Renegade Kid – the small team that graced the world with the twisted “Dementium: The Ward” a few years ago. Needless to say, when I finally got my hands on the final version of “Moon,” I was impressed by the intergalactic game that was crammed into the tiny DS cartridge; one of the best FPS games for Nintendo’s handheld.

“Moon”’s story is a pretty standard piece of video game fiction – the military is brought in to explore some extraterrestrial unpleasantness in space, something goes wrong, and you have to shoot it. Even though it isn’t that groundbreaking, it’s still compelling enough keep you playing through the game, and to want to continue on to find out just what is happening on the “Moon” (that last part is best read in a deep and foreboding voice). While the overall story is just okay, but there are some really entertaining highlights found throughout the game on the informational panels found throughout the base on the Moon. My personal favorite was about how multiple religions were created to cause conflict amongst the earthlings… well played Renegade Kid, well played. [Continue Reading]

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