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Mushroom Men Developer Walk Through Video Part 4 – Pax Heads Home

In this, the last of our exclusive “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” developer walkthroughs, we get a preview of one of the game’s later levels – Pax’s home… or at least what’s left of it. You’ll get a look at one of the most creative and beautiful, levels to come in quite some time for a 3D platformer, as the mysterious enemy Pester turns Pax’s world upside down, literally.

For more level walkthroughs you can check out some of these videos we’ve posted over the last two weeks:
Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Pax’s Journey
Part 3: Pax Goes To The Bathroom

And, check out our interview with Red Fly Studio’s Interactions Lead James Clarendon as he gives us some insight to the development of “Mushroom Men.”

Freeman/Mario ’08 – Games’ Best Write-In Presidential Candidates

With election fever sweeping the country (as well as splitting it almost in half), everyone has an opinion about who should be elected President next Tuesday. However, with only two major parties on the ballot, and a handful of independents, what if none of the nominees are still right for you? Well, you can always write-in your own candidates – anyone or anything you want – it’s your vote.

I’ve put together, what I think is the strongest possible ticket from the video games, and would be the best choice for the country, you know… if they were real. If elected, a combined ticket of “Half-Life”‘s Doctor Gordon Freeman and “Super Mario Bros.”‘s Luigi Mario have a really good chance of putting this country back on track, headed towards greatness.

Here is what each has to offer us: [Continue Reading]

Saints Row 2 Review: Headin’ Back To The ‘Hood

“Saints Row 2.” The very words will automatically make the inevitable comparison to the sandbox genre’s father, “Grand Theft Auto.” It’s not really a surprise though, as both games deal with the criminal lifestyle, offer a wide variety of activities in a metropolitan environment, and involve hijacking vehicles.

Fortunately, the comparisons end there. “Grand Theft Auto 4” showed the world that Rockstar wants a Hollywood contract, whereas “Saints Row 2” shoved players down into an alternative universe filled with shit spraying trucks, chainsaw wielding cop impersonators, and purple ninjas. So how does this game pan out with all the lowbrow humor and novelty? Surprisingly enough, it’s still a good game beneath all the glitter.

The storyline starts off several years after the events of the first “Saints Row.” You were involved in a Yacht explosion in a political assassination attempt. But since you are equipped with plot armor, you survive the ordeal, and are in major surgery inside a prison. Your character in the first “Saints Row” was forced to be a guy, but you’re allowed to pick your gender in the sequel. After picking a gender, you’re off to get yourself out of prison and rebuild your gang to take over Stillwater while facing off against three other gangs. [Continue Reading]

Mushroom Men Interview: Inside The Developer’s Head

Today we are taking a break from “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” gameplay, to ask Red Fly Studio’s James Clarendon some questions about the game. Get a look inside one of the minds behind “MM” as we talk about everything from classic video games to Les Claypool.

For more on “Mushroom Men,” check out more videos from our gameplay walk through series:
Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Pax’s Journey

Part 3: Pax Goes To The Bathroom

Check back later this week for a look at one of the craziest levels that “Mushroom Men” has to offer.

COD: World At War “Nazi Zombie Mode”

That’s right, you read correct. The new Call of Duty is going to have a multiplayer mode that involves evil Nazi zombies. This is going to be a mini-game feature added to all games so you don’t have to worry about and exclusive nonsense. Now you’re probably wondering why zombies in a Call of Duty series? They’re games never had a history for introducing anything supernatural into their titles. Well, I guess it’s included because you’re fighting Nazi’s and, according to sources unknown, Nazi’s used to mess with that demonic stuff back in the day. So, it’s only fitting to say they raised some evil far worse than what they were dishing out, and the results back fired turning them in the flesh eating meat puppets.

I have to admit, although this maybe a little mini-game, it does look good enough to be a game on it’s own (sorry Left4Dead I’ll still hold a special place in my heart for you). Besides I’m down for popping Nazi tops any day!

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows … My Spider Senses Another Bad Game!

Alright, first off, in case you didn’t know, “Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows” is an all new adventure unrelated to any of the movies. This time around, old web head is facing an alien invasion threatening all of New York. So, Spider-Man must don the black suit, once again, to fight and protect everyone and everything he knows and loves. So, with the PSP version at the start of the game you’ll be amazed at the graphics (of course you would it’s the PSP) but, we all know from playing previous Spidey titles, it’s not all about the looks.

The game play is what really matters, and, sadly, the PSP fails in this department. This time around, it’s all about the choices you make to determine the outcome of the game, for example, Red suit vs. Black suit. You’ll engage in various pointless dialogue between randomly placed people throughout the levels, and, depending on the way you answer or preform good deeds, the game adds or decreases your points which earn you the right to buy Red or Black suit abilities. So exactly what type of tasks are you asked to preform? Well, how about the one in the first level where a lady asks you to carry her to a rooftop to find her lost keys. Ok, so you do that only to find out that she didn’t loose her keys, she only wanted someone to carry her because she’s lonely. Ummmm… Spider Sense, webs that can bend steel, crazy agility… and this is the best you can come up with! [Continue Reading]

Prey The Stars Review: Get In My Belly!

What happens when you mix hungry monsters with a need to save the world? You somehow get Koei’s newest DS game, “Prey the Stars.” It’s one of the oddest, and most unique titles to grace the portable platform in a while. As an added bonus, it can also be a lot of fun, and a really satisfying experience, especially for anyone looking for a new multiplayer game to play with their friends.

“Prey the Stars” starts off with a rather wacky, slightly humorous, and, overall, pretty random story line where you, the aforementioned hungry monster, need to eat everything in sight to save the world. You play as one of four creatures looking to devour everything in their path, and not let anything get in their way as they do so. The single player campaign is full of goals and missions to complete as you make your way through the game, moving on to bigger and better meals along the way. As you advance you collect spirits which take you to new areas, and unlock power-up skins, and basically help you save the world.

The power-up skins that are unlocked as you complete each area not only allow for you to customize your character, but also help increase your monster’s ability in three different areas, all of which are vital to the gameplay. If you need a little help with biting power, spirit sucking, or element licking, the skins are the only way to go. Each monster has different strengths, and correctly using the unlockable skins can either compensate for your character’s deficiencies, or really play up your character’s strengths. [Continue Reading]

Mushroom Men Developer Walk Through Video Part 3 – Pax Goes To The Bathroom

Is there really a better way to start the week than with another preview of “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” with Red Fly Studio’s Interactions Lead James Clarendon? I think not. In today’s preview you’re going to get a look at Pax’s trip to the bathroom, some drop-in multiplayer (it’s better than “Mario Galaxy”), and some 2D platforming action – oh, and the return of that pesky possum.

If you like that video, be sure to check out the two previews we posted last week of the game’s opening, and one of the early levels where Pax learns to use his abilities. Also, check back later this week for even more exclusive “Mushroom Men” previews.

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Rock Band 2 Review: Keep On A Rockin’

“Rock Band” may have not been the most innovative rhythm game on the market, since it basically was just a combination of three other games, but, the end product was truly something special. Once the game was released, one of the questions that was on a lot of gamers’ minds was whether or not there was going to be a sequel, since the game was described as a “platform.” Well, with the release of “Rock Band 2” there’s little doubt about how the series will be continuing on, but a very different question remains – is “RB2” a worthy successor, or will we be rocking out to a sophomore slump?

A quick look at “Rock Band 2” will reveal that not a whole lot has changed. The basic gameplay, graphics, and music styles, are all pretty much the same. However, when you dig a little deeper, you see that there are a lot of changes that needed to happen, as well as, and more importantly, changes that fans wanted to see happen. Fortunately, the team up at Harmonix listened very closely to their audience (they had to after all that loud music and little ear protection) and put the polish on “Rock Band 2″ that it deserved. [Continue Reading]

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