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Pokemon Platinum japanese commercial

The new storyline will involve a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet, as a portal to the “Ruined World” is opened and Sinnoh’s climate becomes colder. The trainers have been given new outfits to suit the colder climate.

So get ready for the Poke madness once again, this title will surely fly of the shelves in japan and will definitely make the same impression over here in the states. I think with the success of the series on the handhelds, the developers are ready to tackle a version for the Wii. Believe me when they finally announce that, the internet will blow up with talk all over about how it’s going to be the next biggest thing since mario galaxy’s new look.

Wii devs….look long and hard at this!

Okay devs, this buds for you. Take a long and hard look at this video from AiLive that pretty much shows how game design with motion control is pretty much limited by your imagination. In this pretty impressive tech demo, we get a glimps at the wonders of 1:1 ratio motion contol now offered by the Wii motion plus add-on. In particular the sword demo in which the demonstrator shows how easily an fps sword game could be handle. Simply put, it looks pretty damn good and the fact that they even use a light saber in the demo is proof enough that everyone wants a Star Wars game in which you wield the famed blade. Thanks to the blessing that is youtube, I present the video for your viewing pleasure!

New Tenchu 4 trailer…ninjas ARE cool!

If there is any thing this new trailer proves is that you’ll feel sorry for the way some of the enemies get killed in the game. I mean damn, it really must have sucked back in the day to get offed by a ninja. Not only wouldn’t you know who killed you, but you also would have died a painful way. It’s good thing this is just a videogame and ninjas don’t really exists anymore today. Come to think of it, maybe the world would be a better place if ninjas were around to take care of all the knuckleheads! Enjoy the vid.

Comic-Con Trailers… warning some bootleg footage

Here are some trailers from this years Comic-Con, now these are not that clear but we couldn’t wait to show you guys what’s in store for 2009. The biggest Preview was none other than “Wovlerine”, the movie looks like its going to be action packed. Fans of the comic will notice characters like The Blob, Gambit and Striker and I’m sure there will be many many more.

We also have a trailer of the Friday the 13th remake produced by Michael Bay creator of the Hit Transformers and Bad Boys series. Also a teaser trailer of Pixar next soon to be hit titled “UP”. Last we have the trailer for TRON 2 from disney so sit back and enjoy guys.

X-Men Origins Wolverine

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Friday the 13th Remake

Teaser trailer for another Pixar master piece “UP”

Tron 2

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New story trailer for Spiderman: WOS

This is truly looking to be the best Spiderman game made. This new trailer show cases the story mode of the game and it looks to be an epic one. The alien symbitoe every spiderman fan is familiar with is back but this time its taking over the entire city. So how is one man suppose to save a whole city from an full scale invasion such as this, well peep the trailer you’ll see one of I’m sure many heroes who will aid old web head in this mission to save new york.

Ladies and Gentlemen a real Resident Evil Movie… finally!

The story is set in autumn 2005. Bioterrorists manage to release the T-Virus on a busy US airport. The release of the zombies leads to danger of an outbreak and the terminal is closed off and guarded. It has been confirmed that Paul Mercier and Alyson Court will reprise their roles as Leon and Claire respectively.

At the end of the second trailer, a creature is seen that has many similarities to G, including the trademark Eye on a shoulder. This shows similarities to Resident Evil: Dead Aim, in which Bioterrorists release the T-G virus.

Afro Samurai is back!

Awwwww sh!t, that’s right Afro Samurai is back in an all new movie! Dropping in  january 2009 on Spike tv, this is the sequel to one of the hottest anime on american tv’s to date! I for one can say that I’m excited and can’t wait to see more sword slashing mayhem to some phat RZA beats (it just seems like hip-Hop and anime were meant for each other!). And from the trailer below, it looks like it’ll deliver. Peep the synopsis and phat trailer below.

Unit out…

Spike TV’s critically-acclaimed, funktastic anime series “Afro Samurai” returns with an original movie event set to premiere on the network in January 2009. “Afro Samurai: Resurrection” stars Academy Award®-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson opposite, Emmy Award®-nominated actress Lucy Liu. Award winning artist The RZA once again provides the original score. “Afro Samurai: Resurrection” is produced by Japanese studio GONZO in association/partnership with GDH K.K. and FUNimation Entertainment.

“Afro Samurai: Resurrection” is based on the original art and story telling of manga artist Takashi Okazaki, of a black samurai’s quest for revenge and justice for his murdered father. Samuel L. Jackson (The Spirit), who also serves as an executive producer, reprises his role as the uncompromising hero, Afro and his motor-mouthed sidekick Ninja Ninja. When his father’s body is stolen from its grave, Afro is forced to pick up his sword and wreak bloody vengeance against an army of deadly foes lead by a sadistic mastermind.

Lucy Liu will give voice to Sio, a beautiful, seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro Samurai. Liu is the star of several Hollywood blockbuster action-adventure films including Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill and has joined the cast of the ABC drama “Dirty Sexy Money.” Liu can currently be heard as Master Viper in the animated film Kung Fu Panda.

Additional casting includes Mark Hamill as Bin, Sio’s manservant and protector and Yuri Lowenthal as Kuma, the teddy bear-headed warrior from the original “Afro Samurai” series. Best known as the young hero Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, Mark Hamill has had a successful career on Broadway, as a voice actor in both animation and video games and as a comic book creator. Yuri Lowenthal is the voice of Sauske in the hit children’s anime series and cultural phenomenon “Naruto.”

Wii motion plus explained…

Confused as to what the new addition to wii-mote actually does? Well the fine folks over at Inven Sense have put together a pretty informative video which shows off the technology behind the tech. The video does a decent if rather boring job of breaking down all the workings of the new add on as well as bring to light some of the Wii-motes shortcomings. As it stands now, Nintendo is currently making the decision to incorporate the tech into wii-motes as opposed to selling it as an add on. Check out the video and try not to fall asleep!

Watch me!

Wario Land : Shake it! direct feed gameplay footage!

Now who says 2-d is dead! Anyone who thinks so should take a look at gameplay footage from the recently released(in japan), Wario Land: Shake it! The game sports some slick hand drawn backgrounds with traditional hand drawn animated characters(by Production IG of Ninja Scroll fame). The controls for the game are played with the wii-mote held old school style. The motions come into play whenever you grab an object, you can shake the remote which causes Wario to shake what ever he is holding. You also have the ability to tilt the controller while holding an object to direct where you toss it. It’s relatively simple stuff, but adds a little flavor to the classic gameplay. Peep the video and don’t fret as the game will launch here in the US in September!

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Dead Space: Downfall animated prequel

EA and Starz Media have announced Dead Space Downfall, the feature length animated movie prequel to the upcoming horror game. The release of this DVD and Blu-ray will be around the same time as the games release in October.

Downfall tells the Dead Space story from the end of the comic book series to the beginning of the game, detailing the finding of an alien artifact on a mining colony and its affect on those near it.

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