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Mass Effect, the once herald of action RPG of 2007, is heading to the PC. The gamers out there who either only play PC based games, or only own one of the three current generation systems, should be pleased with this transfer. Also, this keeps our hopes up for the other 2 titles since MASS Effect is actually a Trilogy.

The bulk of the game is identical to its console parent but for those of you have low-end PCs, get ready to suffer in Molasses Hell. However, minus the graphical errors if your system is not up to snuff, the menus, and interface turns out to me way more intuitive on a mouse and keyboard. Perhaps the PS3 owners out there would be happy to hear that but with the way ownership has been going around for this franchise, who knows what will happen.

Included with the PC Version is the Bring Down the Sky expansion pack: FOR FREE! The PC version may very well be the best option for experiencing this masterpiece.

A Better Way to Play Your PSP ..?

Seriously, the controls on the PSP have received a salvo of critical acclaim that makes Michael Jackson seem like the next hot thing. It’s a work in progress I’m sure but that does not mean that gamers should have to wait for something … better (different). Still some titles just don’t work that well with default controls. If you want to take your PSP to the next level, and end those nights of bitching with a certain FPS, look no further that Blizzard’s Single Connector External DualShock Controller Mod -

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTDq2-jaEo0[/youtube]

This will be no easy task. Consider the post here at ACIDMODS if you really are interested in taking your PSP out of warranty and into levels pain-free existence.

New Resident Evil 5 trailer!

Here it is folks! The official trailer for Resident Evil 5. In this latest version of the popular zombie franchise you’ll play as returning Res Evil favorite Chris Redfield. Res Evil 5 appears to be running off an enhanced version of Res Evil 4′s engine.  This time the action takes place in Africa, and like Res Evil 4, you won’t be fighting slow ass zombies; instead these enemies seem to be possessed by the same parasite like virus “Los Plagos” that infected the residents of Spain in the previous game.  Albeit, they look a little like the infected vampires from the Blade 2 movie. So far it’s looking good, and we’re finally introduced to a new female character. Knowing Capcom you’ll be able to play as her. With a release sometime in 2009, this game can’t seem to come soon enough! Peep the new trailer below.

Street Fighter 4:new Rufus and El Fuerte pics

Capcom has released some new images of Street Fighter 4, this time spot lighting two of the new characters, big bellied Rufus and lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte. Also, you can see two new stages, a jungle and a 50′s styled diner. In the bellow images, El Fuerte appears to have a move were he pulls out a frying pan? I guess they still have some comedic elements in this version as well. These pics are from the arcade version but I’m sure the ps3, pc, and x360 will be arcade perfect ports, and then some.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia trailer

You knew it was coming! That’s right, a new Castlevania has been announced for the Nintendo DS. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia will have for the first time a female protagonist as the lead character. This will be the third Castlevania game released on the DS and in this version you’ll once again hunt for Dracula. At your disposal you’ll have all sorts of magic based weapons with a twist, all your weapon attacks consume mp! No longer will you be able to consistenly mash buttons to attack, you’ll have to watch your MP bar to make sure it doesn’t deplite, otherwise your attacks will have no effect on your opponents.

But before you yell wtf! all is not lost as your MP bar will instantly regain its energy back the moment you stop attacking. Konami stated that there will be weapons in the game that don’t deplite MP when used. And for those that bitched about the anime styled art from the previous games, you’ll be happy to know that konami has gone back to the more painterly styled art.  Gamers will be happy that Konami choose to keep these games 2d and on the ds, the dual screen is a blessing! You can have your map displayed at all times on the top and that helps out a hella lot in my book! This new Castlevania drops this fall in Japan and proably won’t hit stateside until the Winter 2008-09. For now, peep the trailer below and get ready for another trip to that ol’ castle.

Tecmo Bowl DS

The first and foremost name in arcade football gaming—well, circa 1988, at any rate—is coming back this fall. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff will be coming to the Nintendo DS sometime in Q4 2008 with all the usual fast-paced pigskinnery. According to the press release, the game will feature customizable teams and playbooks, stylus control, wi-fi and wireless multi-player, and something called super abilities that allow you to “take over a game” with “over-the-top player.”

“We are extremely excited to bring back everyone’s favorite football game to the Nintendo DS,” said Ryan Gilbo, executive producer, Tecmo, Inc. “KICKOFF is packed with everything that fans wanted to see in this revival. No other football game will ever compare to TECMO BOWL as this is the game that started it all.”

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer

Ahhhhh! I for one have been waiting for the sequel to this one for years after the cliffhanger they left us off with in the end of first game. This was one of those games that just didn’t make enough noise in the sales department but it soon became a cult classic.  It’s style and game play is what made this one stand out from the rest and also it started a female character. Thats right a girl named Jade no busty babe half dressed either just a fully clothed A cup gal armed with her Bo and trusty camera out to discover the truth. The look from this new trailer gives us the impression that they’re taking it in a darker direction.  You can see that there’s heck of a lot more detail being used on the CG models. I can’t wait to see what Jade looks like where in the trailer you only get to peep a back shot of her.  I just hope they don’t ruin the model by giving her huge boobs and reveling clothing.

Reloaded Studios – The Day

Ever heard of Reloaded Studios? What, you haven’t? Well, neither had I until I heard that they were working on a MMO that will reap the benefits of the all powerful CryEngine2. Okay, now for the burning question: “Is it even possible to run an MMO on CryEngine, let alone CryEngine2?”

Apparently the word can’t does not exist in the Korean Developer vocabulary. Considering that the MMO market is becoming oversaturated like the FPS market, it is getting harder to convince gamers that there is anything else other than WoW that they should spend there time with. What can Reloaded Studios bring to the table other than simply statiing that they intend to differenciate? Perhaps Style, agression, and speed.

Jino Lee, the Lead Producer on the game, wants to make an MMO that’s more than just a “Cookie Cutter” game. Since this title is aiming to be an action-oriented MMO, with focus on heavy combat and gameplay satisfaction, the Koream team might pull off something worthwhile. Lee also pointed out that tools used for the development of the game, CryEngine2, were not used based on fact that it provided a graphical overdose, but instead provided tools, and mechanics, that made sense to him and his team. With that, the game might prove that CryEngine isn’t just around for good looks alone.

New NG II Footage – Itagaki Speaks

Kotaku rescently sat with Itagaki to talk to him about Ninja Gaiden. He also went on a tirade about how bad Devil May Cry is, and how the producers didn’t go deep enough into the combat like his game.

He not only went on to point the ills of the game but to also talk about the producers as well, even though he claims to have deep respect for them. Personally, I’m not sure what he’s talking about; my biggest gripes with Ninja Gaiden include a horrible camera system that’s always in your line of vision, and controls that could be much much better.

Oddly, some of the new trailers posted by Gamersyde show how people take his deeply rooted combat system and numb it down to one move that we all know and love: Swallow. So much for deep combat.

Phat Intros!: StarCraft 2

What up folks! Unit here bringing back the Phat Intros! In these posts I’ll be showing you the hottest game intros/ cinematics that you may have missed or didn’t know about. Intros for vidogames have come a long way from the days of still frames and text (which are now done for artistic reasons today). So to kick things off, I’ll start with this hot ass intro from the upcoming Blizzard strategy game StarCraft 2. The level of detail in this intro is ridiculous! From the rust, dirt and lighting it all looks insane plus the animation is of the effin’ hook! (check out the way his feet moves when pressed against the ground!…yeah i’m a nut for details!). Anyways enough talking and peep the trailer below.

Unit out…

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