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Pure Pulse – Part IV SCEE Gives us a HeadzUp


SCEE LiverPool .. my favorite developers across the pond, gives us the 411 that WipeOut Pulse is getting ready to be one the biggest WipeOut games to hit the franchise. Soundtracks are sounding good. Check out the new web site with the above image. Developers promise that the game is in the final stages of development and should go Gold soon. Check out the tracks, teams, music and more. The amount of tracks, modes, and features in this bad boy is summed up in one word: amazing. A full online 8 man battle system is confirmed via the site as well, as well as the ability to maintain an online profile. Can’t wait! ^_^

DMC 4 – DEMO Clip


Nega’Hangul’Ma’Chel’Mo’Tam’Ni’Da :D . Besides that fact, deciphering Korean is madness but the obvious post on Ruliweb.com’s site shows us some new footage from the DMC 4 Demo on the PS3. Nuff Respect to RuliWeb.com for putting this up ^_-. The videos showcase just how smooth this game appears at 60fps.

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Another Week in Gaming …

And so the eyes have it. Well, all of us who eyed someone else with a PS3 on the train, in the streets, around the city that is. Let’s not jump for joy just yet Sony, your fan base is still upset about a shoddy 2.00 firmware update that practically made Assassins Creed, and perhaps affected Call of Duty 4 to levels of unplayability. Someone even had the ghast to report PS3 bricking at www.charlieoscardelta.com. Rumors, truths, half-truths. Truthfully, after updating 2.00 suffering from COD4 diembodiment was eminent. Swift behavior from Infinity Ward to bandaid the situation was a welcome. IW went on to promise last week that a patch update will arrive … soon for the consoles. The PC patch, 1.2, is currently out. Rock Band is out as well and the reception has been hotter than a night at the mosh-pits.

Don’t expect any bruises though as this game is smooth and delivers on promises of stardom. The same can’t be said about Singstar but the presentation for that games leaves me to wonder: this is the menu system that I expected for the PSN online store, WTF? A similliar expression from the PS3 crowd as the fabled Orange Box was delayed yet again for the PS3.

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Soldner-X: Himmelsstrmer in Action

A shooter fans’ wet dream – release the sequel to Einhänder. That game was classic in every way and had an addictive nature to it. If there was a time for you to be excited about 12 stages of bullet-dodging mass-explosive action, this title seems to fit the bill.

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This Week in Gaming …

And so Mario, the first King of Gaming, has arrived. Mario is good, especially if he has a special place in your heart, the little guy knows how to suck you into a void of no return. Consider a friends quote: “dude, I may pick up a WII just to play this game.” Perhaps it’s that warm fuzzy feeling or tingle you get from playing a Mario game. Regardless, the game is cool and hands down the best titles to hit the WII. Get if you own a WII or go for the SP Edition if you dare.

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Charlie Can’t LogOn to Server …

… and so goes the saying as gamers joke around about their recent inabilities to hit up an online multiplayer fiesta via Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. What gives? Not sure really but perhaps Infinity Ward was not expecting the hits that their servers got after they released the beast that is CoD4 mid last week. Gamers are thoroughly unforgiving, especially when they are told they will get an A and they get a B. “Charlie don’t Surf” but apparently he can’t log on to a server either as the XBOX 360 owners and the PS3 owners moan from the lack of a proper online session. [Continue Reading]

Finger tracking with Wii in 3 easy steps!

Remember that scene from Minority Report with Tom Cruise? Well if you couldn’t get enough of it, you can recreate that in the comfort of your home with a Wii. The video shows a pretty simple to follow instructions on how to exactly setup the the Wii-mote in a way were it tracks the motions of your fingers. It look pretty cool to say the least and can work on your PC to boot! Since the Wii dropped on the market, it seemed to have become the ultimate toy for engineers, musicians and programmers alike. With all that has been to the system, I hope Nintendo themselves are taking note as these things can lay the foundation for some cool new features in the next round of consoles!

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Get off the couch and jog in your living room!

In Nintendo’s continued push to be the ultimate family console, this holiday in Japan the Japanese will get the new Wii fit board. In this new trailer we get see some new features to the game such as Snowboarding and Jogging. Many of hardcore gamers may scoff at the idea, but there is no denying that this looks to be a good addition to the casual games push. If Wii sports is any indication, the Wii Fit board should be a hit. And releasing here in the US for the price of 70 bucks will go well with many of casual gamers. I personally think they should release the board here first because America is the only country with a serious obesity issue!

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Sony no longer backing Cell Processor *GASP*

I’m at a lost for words! Just read the article below taken from Gamespot.

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Last week in Gaming … Consoles?

What’s going at the WII camp – not that much, not that little either. I think that GT should go easy on the Mario Galaxies trailers, I use to actually enjoy seeing a new mario stage for the first time but I may see the entire game online if I’m not careful. Hmm what else is there – table tennis got announced. You know … that rockstar game that was almost impossible to play on a 360 controller has finally found a home worth living in. If it aint broke bring it. XBoX360 – echoes of Ninja Gaiden continue to reverberate as Ps3 fanboys are continually bullied by 360 fanboys, and eventually spawn a WII fanbaby that thinks they are wasting time and should spend more time with their games. [Continue Reading]

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