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Lets Talk HD DVDs …

… So to continue the banter, in recent sales, Transformers may have posted a total of 115,000 sold copies of HD DVD version. Clearly not enough to catch up to the sales of other BluRay titles. And straight from the horses mouth are as follows -

…Though there was no hot new Blu-ray Disc release, consumers continued to buy more Blu-ray Discs than HD DVDs for the week ended Oct. 21, albeit by a slim 51% to 49% edge. Paramount says Transformers sold 190,000 units its first week in stores, but Home Media Magazine market research and studio estimates puts the actual number of units that sold through to consumers closer to 115,000.

Dirty rotten scoundrals, reporting invalid numbers. Pfft! But who is right? Don’t worry, the BluRay player owners of the world will change that for ya! And so the battle wages on, in a never ending clash of souls and warriors … bah you get it. :) Oh, don’t forget to pick up your Spidey Trilogy this Wednesday. As a reminder from your friendly neighborhood TrueGameHead, this version of the not so loved, not so hated series will come as follows -


  • Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 1.85:1
  • English: PCM 5.1 [NOooOice! O_O]
  • English: Dolby TrueHD 5.1
  • French: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • English SDH, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai
  • 50GB Blu-ray Disc – Four-disc set

Since we love figures let’s point out the more general count of things: BluRay sales YTD: 3.01 Million; HD DVD sales YTD: 1.97 Million.

Crysis Demo Review …


Diving into your PC Machines over the last few days was that elusive Crysis demo. For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to play this game in its demo form, you can now download it from a multitude of mirror sites. When this game was first announced several of us tried our best to ignore all the hype that surrounded it. Why? Because this is a grahpic-whores wet dream. Crysis plays well on DX9 and if you have a reasonable machine, say like a Duo/Quad Core with a 512 card, you can do just fine at 1280*1024 with medium settings. Putting this sucka on high will start to demand more and a 768MB card starts to make sense.


But, do you need to shell out $500 – $1000 on a GPU alone? Yes, by all means, if you got it flaunt it because when this game runs at full specs, its a sight to behold. It’s not hard to believe that the above screen was taken from a machine running 4GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo, DX9 and a 256MB card at 1280*1024? Even on the lowest of settings this game looks good. Work due to the partnership that Crytek had with Microsoft when putting this bad boy together. As for the claims about this not being possible on a console, I’m not so sure after playing it, because it seems highly possible. Then again, being completely un-educated in the world of Crytek and its’ world generator or the strain that may put on next gen consoles when running, gunning, throwing grenades, shards whizzing by you, all the while holding some solid frames, lush environments, and the like.

The game starts off with you taking a leap off your super secret jet with your crew members. In-between points A->B you will be taught all you need to know about your suit, pick the female robotic voice, and begin to kick some serious ass. Being the speed hog that I am, it was easily tempting to abuse speed mode. Enemies are easily surprised by your “Sonic” like movements and its easy to run around those annoying turrets if you can time your movements well. So far so good, the game sounds good, plays frantic, and has a serious sense of urgency with regards to the story. My personal love of Science Fiction novels plays towards an appreciation for the title. In addition to your suits’ futuristic powers, you will not be able to abuse them. Each ability is well balanced.

On normal, the game gives you a challenge, on Delta mode … well its Delta mode. Though not new to the era of the FPS genre, it’s good to see such a diverse cast as well. Each character in the game is distinct down to their movements, gestures, and attitudes. Why does Jester sound like he’s from the Bronx? Broken accent and all. Still it is something we have gotten accustomed to since the early days of Call of Duty. An absence of such a feature would do more harm than good.

The menu system in Crysis was also impressive. It’s not a bad idea to spend 10 minutes playing around with options before you start a game. Easily beckoned to those quarters of a game, its not hard to walk away unimpressed if it is done poorly. Take for instance the menu system for the PC Version of Bioshock – it was a flicking nightmare. The Crysis menu falls along the lines of smooth, simple, futuristic, and clean. Not only that, things actually work and make sense. In highlight, changing between resolutions is very, very smooth; something that has always bothered me with previous PC games. Sometimes, changing resolutions would result in a crash. However, there is a slight problem with the suit toggle mode between Speed, Strength, Cloak, Armor, and others. It was difficult to find a one button configuration solution for this but one can hope that a solution will be implemented in the final version for the game.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but feel that it’s another FPS; a beautifully done FPS that is. Crytek will hate me for that comment but that’s the impression I got. There should be more to the plot than meets the eye but so far my appetite has been whetted and I am looking forward to the release of this title.

This Week in Gaming

What constitutes good research? How do you protect your intellectual property? Who is responsible for aiding in you in that action? How much effort will suffice to protect it? Hasbro and its partners did not see this one coming …

Apparently you can print Eye of Judgement cards that will work with the new PS3 title of the same name. Perhaps this does not fall along the lines of what to do but you have to wonder with the way kids are these days just how blurred are the lines of morale actions. Vidoes of putting their BluRay game DVDs in a microwave to later see if it will run are examples of the extent gamers go. Nor do the new found abilities to HACK HD DVDs, copy them, make backups of some 20 gigs of data via ISO images and the like. There’s no limit it would seem. Think of the strain a R&D department must go through, and resulting thoughts for the above news – ” we didn’t see that coming guys, sorry.” What’s it all for if your creative perspective can’t survive two weeks in the see of customer appreciation deviousness.

And with the bad, there’s always some good; no matter how small it may be. My breathren believe that I am ignoring the 360 world but I perhaps have more exposure to it than they would ever think. I have to admit, that taking a look at XBLA always leaves me impressed, especially with the rescent announcement of Omega 5. For those that know me well, I am a huge shooter fan, and if you didn’t know, XBLA has tons of that. Omega 5 looks to fit the bill very nicely.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27018" height="392" width="480" /]

Another adage in life is – “if it aint broke don’t fix it.” True to the core. Even more apparent with those Dual Shock Rumble ads that have been hitting PS3-dom lately. The most recent incarnation comes in the Motorstorm with the new 3.0 Patch, that not only adds more elements to online play but rumble support as well. Perhaps owning up to the fact that your motherboard still melts falls in this realm as well, even when you take an elite-est approach to the matter. Interestingly, every angle has scratches, bad points, good points, so-sopoints, and more, but then masses pick sides, or shells out untolds amount of cash and picks all sides. Is this the only way out, or into, gaming? What’s the real driving factor an action like that?

Perhabs not the $841 million loss that Sony posted not long ago. Still, the firm also reported total sales up to $9.2 billion. Hmmm. It’s hard to take in these numbers right? I found much harder to accept another game to approach the space horror genre though, Dead Space. This is a realm that has been explicitly claimed by System Shock and perhaps one of those AVP games. Still it looks impressive but can they deliver on that promise?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27173" height="392" width="480" /]

Let’s hope so because the genre hasn’t been tackled in a while.


Carnival!! :D

Something to get your blood going!

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itgSyPxfqoE[/youtube]

E4ALL – Iga-San Speaks Castlevania…

Iga-san not only has Castlevania symbols running through his blood stream but was nice enough to shed some Holy Light on the long awaited Rondo Of Blood, one of those Castlevania stories that never made it to the west. Though the game is currently only available on the PSP in 2D, Iga-san is not completly ignorant to the industries embrace to 3D and its relationship to movie spin offs, and to also crush the rumors of an XBOX360 version as well. Still, with the way things are in the business these days, you never know. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear some whip cracking coming out of Hollywood as well.

Official – MGS4 Rings Death Toll for Snake

The Raven hating MG fans out there may be crying their hearts out at the official announcement that Snake will tell his final story in the MGS saga but they can be guaranteed to hear every nook and crany of his annoying voice when MGS4 dawns on PS3. Out with the old and in with the new, its the way of the world kiddies, get used to it.

Still, fans shouldn’t be disappointed as the game will receive reasonable treatment and take full advantage of the 50Gig storage that the PS3 media will provide. Most likely this may only appeal to audio/video-philes like myself. In a recent interview at E4All, MGS US based members said that fans shouldn’t just expect tons of cutscene dramas and but will get the uncompressed PCM audio treatment as well. A step up, if your recievers [or 4000$ TV's can handle it directly] can handle those types of signals, that may be appreciated by a those of us who have gone that far with our game rigs. Oh, as a reminder, do get your hands on those new HDMI 1.3b Specification cables since we’re talking HD components. No, it’s not cheap, as an 8FT cable hits the $200.00 barrier easy. Trust me, it makes all the difference until the next best thing comes out. It’s tough knowing that my $20.00 HDMI cables no longer holds the bar, and in addition may actually be hurting my HD LCDTV. What’s 1.3b? Here’s a brief explanation -

General HDMI specification requires enough bandwidth to support all current HDTV formats; however, the HDMI version 1.3b specification increases its bandwidth to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps) to support future HD display devices that could provide higher resolutions, Deep Color and higher frame rates. HDMI 1.3b provides the highest audio quality as it enables the full, lossless audio data of Dolby TrueHD to be transferred digitally to AV Receivers.

As if the Home Theatre world wasn’t expensive enough :D . If you’re an audiophile/videophile pick up these at your local electronics retailers.

Capcom Poors it on Some More


As if serving up SFIV, and the PS3 version of Lost Planet wasn’t enough for this clandestine group, they had to drop an entirely new IP on us. Capcom recently pushed out videos of a new game called Dark Void. The titles’ expected release is either mid 2008 or late Christmas 2008. The premise of the game goes like this -

Something is consuming out the universe, a vast and ancient force almost beyond our comprehension. Millions of years ago, the minions of that power found their way to the 3rd planet of an unremarkable yellow star. Ours. The race they created came to call their masters “The Watchers. For a millennium we knew them as Gods and served their dark purposes, but a few humans developed extraordinary powers. They were known as the Adepts and they rose up, banishing The Watchers into a parallel universe, where they have manipulated and schemed from afar. Until now.

And so, everything comes in combos from Capcom. Take a peek at the video below:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=26666" height="409" width="480" /]

Sony Drops Prices on 80GiG $499, 40GiG $399

Console Warz, HandHeld Warz, Cell Phone Warz, and Who has the Bigger TV Warz; I just can’t keep up anymore. Still it’s good to hear that the producers of these things that we covet, love and become insatiable war mongers over, take heed to our waring cries of agony. Or, perhaps it’s just how powerful the holiday seasons can be. Add that to the dropping prices in Sony’s BluRay players and you have to wonder … “perhaps they do listen to their consumers.” Check it out here on the Sony Official Blog Site for the price drop info and some other details.

Here’s a comparison chart for the War Parties as they stand. Ahh but the eternal question, are the wittle fishies biting the bait? Amazon.com has reported a 863% sales hike on the 80 Gigabyte PS3 compared to any other console [this number is as of 10/19/2007 11:09 AM]. Well here’s hoping they stocked up on the unit. Everyone agrees that the unit should have been cheaper from day one but the 40Gig model is reasonable I guess for those us that still can’t go the 80GIG route. War is tough. If you can’t buy either then I guess you’re S.O.L for now.

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