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PSN Update

It looks like you’ll have a great weekend if your a PS3 owner. Several new items have been added to the PSN store. This includes Super Puzzle Fighter HD, and the long awaited network add-on for Tekken 5 – Dark Resurrection. One thing to note though about Tekken is that its’ a full game, so there is not demo for it. Finally, the menu looks more like a Tekken menu with the following modes – arcade, ghost, vs, online[new], survival, practice, gallery [new], and options. Included in practice mode, is a new style called defensive training, for those turtles out there.

For online you have several modes to select from, opti match, quick match, custom match, friend match, ranking and profile. I really hate this part in profile, I can’t select my own countries flag. A trend I find common in a lot of games, as if the other countries of the world didn’t matter. You can easily find a database of flags on the internet for use in games like this but ah well, that’s my rant. Anywho, online is everything I thought it would be … tekken online. You can use voice chat but be for-warned that if you don’t have a descent online connection you’ll experience lag. By now, I’m guessing most PS3 owners use broadband. You have option to turn off/on voice chat when you make a room. But I’m happy about that since I had my ass handed to me on my first bout cuz I would never have heard the end of it. :D All the tekken bs also exist here but at least it’s not accompanied by lag – which was a surprise but then again this was just an update to a PS2 game right. Still, its’ good and paves the way for other versions.

You can DL the demo/full game for Super Puzzle Fighter HD, which I might add is not slouch, especially if you’re into puzzle games. We all know that this game became cult hit, to cult classic and this version, in high def, is all that you would expect from Puzzle Fighter.


Wow, it’s good to see your favorite character take a solid beating, but this is too much … check out this trailer from the new DMC .. and watch Dante get a serious beat down from the new boy in blue. Oh yea, some new bosses are revealed as well … might I add boobies are in this winter ..they keep you warm and snuggly.

[quicktime width="500" height="300"]http://www.anyo.org/pspfanboy_com/LGC07/DevilMayCry4.mp4[/quicktime]

Wii sets another milestone….

To add on to Dave Da Gamers recent post, Wii has went on to becoming the UK’s fastest selling console in history. To put that into perspective. Here are the numbers for past consoles:
Wii = 38 Weeks
PS2= 50 weeks
Xbox 360 = 60

So with that in hand. It’s being reported that Wii owns 68 percent of the console market in the UK coupled with the DS owning 86 percent of the handheld market….Nintnedo….IT PRINTS MONEY!!!

Official news article here

Heavenly Sword Animated

I’m not sure if any of you have been keeping track but you can download these cool movies for Heavenly Sword as a prequel to the game on PlayStation Network. So far four of them have been released on PSN, the fourth released yesterday. A fellow PS3 owner on my buddy list added the latest movie so here it is. The animation on this is done very well, and somewhat reminiscent of the Star Wars – Mini Clone Wars and Samurai Jack series.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=99675" height="409" width="480" /]

TrueGameHeadz Brings you Heavy ANIME!!!

Sir-G and yours truly help promote Heavy.com’s new Anime lineup. Peep the first of a few spots below



Never take a serious movie man, or gamer, likely. While I was only talking out of my ass when I said that “it would be nice if someone actually make a disc drive that plays all HD formats and shatter the idea of a HD War”, I didn’t think that firms had already caught on to this idea. Besides the feeling that my thoughts are no longer my own , I am happy to see that Buffalo will be making a combo drive to play all formats. This is just awesome, well at least for the people who don’t give a flying fart about game consoles but are into movies like lungs are into oxygen [and have nice silk lined pockets :) ]. Though in Japanese, the JP site lists plans for the new drive to be sold with internal and external versions ranging from Â¥47,000 – 74,500 [about $400 - 650.00]. Yea, the price range isn’t at the sweet spot that some of us would like but being the insane consumers that we are, it’s good to have options. With that in mind, I am sure home players will follow soon. Buffalo may end up being the UN forces for the War On HD, as movie executives rain terror on who gets what in HD. Personally, I think they will double up on their earnings by releasing, the once format-exclusive movies, in furture BR/HD versions so as to double up on their cash earnings. Hey, this is America, you better recognize. It would be good to point out that reviews on Buffalo’s hard drives have been descent over the years.

TrueGameHeadz will Not Lose

What’s up people! Check out these videos done by Sir-G and yours truly for RocaWear’s I will Not Lose campaign.

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dave Lose

Not so Old, Not So Young

Check out this cool screen shot of the you know what movie that will come out you know when ;) . Several questions will be asked, where is Sean Connery, where did Indiana’s son come from, and will Indiana break his bones after doing one of the Drake – Uncharted chasm style jump-o-death? Can’t wait!

Console Sold Numbers

Here are the Latest Sold Console numbers as reported by Video Game Charts.

Now I’m not trying to start a frenzy here, but their research is based on a credible way to judge these numbers. I have only one question. With all those Wii’s sold, what are they playing??? Beats me.

Console Sold Numbers

One of my Favorite MC’s Chaundon

In this video he’s talking about NY Rappers and how they aren’t real anymore. Peep it.

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