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July 20, 2007

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Peter Moore, what have you got up your sleeve?

July 18, 2007

As you all may have heard the shot around the world. Mr. Moore has jumped ship to the other hated company in all of gamedom. But what does this mean actually? Why is EA so concerned with “Growth” haven’t they put out over half of the games on the shelf already? Sounds like somebody is readying their ship to launch their own “Console”. I put console in quotes, because I don’t think they’ll necessarily drop a console, but more likely to start a platform that’ll connect their users. (Think XBOX live)

Very interesting. Money talks and BS walks. Remember that people. Like people in sports who get traded always say, “This is a Business!”

EA is looking to be broken up by government Antitrust watch!

Jamie Kennedy a.k.a WACK ASS COMEDIAN!

July 17, 2007

Wow! Somebody had to have burned for hiring this corny ass guy to host Activisions press conference during E3. The dude was never funny to begin with so it amazes me as to why Activision would have even considered using him. Either way, peep the video and try to bare with it as you see one mans decent into entertainment rock bottom. The minute you see kats like this doing events like E3 pretty much says your career is DONE WITH!

Last Week in Sony and other Tidbits …

July 17, 2007


Wow, what a week last week was. I don’t know where to start, I have a lot of joy but a lot of hate right now for Sony. You know its like, hearing from your older brother that he was going to get you that cool toy on Monday, but by Friday you find out that you had to actually pay for the damn thing.

That sums up the general feeling for Sony loyalists and people who were even considering purchasing the Monday priced 60gb PS3 for 499 which was originally 599, to hearing that it would go through a clearance sale to be replaced by a 80gb version that would once again be priced at 599. Confused? A lot of gamers are but its just this, in the West, not including Europe, the unit will be phased out. Kinda sucks huh? Not really. People wanted a price cut and I’m guessing that’s what the marketing department at Sony came up with. Now there are rumors of the 80gb version not being all it can be in comparison to the previous SKU. This makes the 60gb version all the more better in terms of quality if that’s true.


More Home details were shown and its looking sweet, and surprisingly you will be able to launch any game from the Home interface. Games? Phil H. announced that owners of PS2, PSP, and PS3 need not worry as around 500 games are in development, or near completion for this year, and the first two quarters of next year. So if you had problems choosing games, that should vanish in time.

Probably the worst game I’ve seen in a long time will hit the PS3: “PAIN”. Never has a title appeared to be more pointless to me that this thing. I mean, what is it? On the other spectrum, you have titles like L.A.I.R, Drakes Fortune, and Heavenly Sword, so I guess balance is preserved. Interesting tidbit about Heavenly Sword. It turns out that it doesn’t play that much like God of War. Andrew Yoon, of Ps3Fanboy, had a chance to play the game and pointed out some of its mechanics -

“The most important thing to note about Heavenly Sword are its controls: don’t start playing the game, expecting it to control like God of War. This is a vastly different beast to tame, and button-mashing isn’t as encouraged in this battle system. Expect to be a lot more methodical, and observational, as analyzing enemy movement and stances becomes crucial to true success in the game.”

Credit: Andrew Yoon

It sounds promising and perhaps the game may be more comparable to the likes of Ninja Gaiden with regards to the above quote.


After a few days the 60GB PS3 is now on back order at Expect this trend to happen soon across the board. Don’t forget to pick up your Remastered version of The Fifth Element while you’re at it. I’m surprised that Sony even considered answering the cries of a many a fan for this movie after the previous version that was released. Another BR you may want to pick up is the BBC’s Planet Earth. If you’re into History Channel and TLC then this BR is for you. Not only is it informative but the scenes look so good you’ll think that its CG. One of the extra’s in Motorstorm had a similar HD display of the desert that was simply draw dropping.  Now all I’m missing is that BR version of Ghost of in the Shell 2: Innocence.

5thEl pe

Bad Ports

Well, at least we know that Sony is attempting to make new IPs for the system and several a user won’t have to deal with those God awful ports. Someone made an interesting comment once about ported games many years ago: “its like they just slapped this thing on the cartridge and called it Harry.” This can be said about Rainbow 6. While I’m sure you’re all willing to bite my head off for that comment, I want you to know that I actually beat the damn thing on realistic and played several a co-op game online. Personally, it didn’t do it for me. The sound in the game was horrible, and the visuals were just so dated, it almost look like it could have been done on PS2. Well, thank God that’s over with, I’m selling it and picking up The Darkness. See you next week.

More Innovative GP from WII - Dragon Quest Swords

July 16, 2007


Check this very cool trailer for DQ.  I have to admit, not only dos this title looks good, but it sounds good as well.  Can I get JP voice over with the American version please.  I’m sure some of Japanese friends wouldn’t agree on the Japanese voice acting but it just sounds so cool.  Check out this video from E3 for this very amazing adventure.

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World Record for Fighter: 150 Characters @ Start!! O_O

July 16, 2007


WTF! DBZ has taken it to another level. Man, I remember going to high school and hating this f’ing game. For those of you weren’t lucky enough to experience the early DBZ games, lets just say you guys are lucky. What’s more impressive is the fact that the WII version will have full online support - TAKE DAT VIRTUA FIGHTER, YOU STUPID PIECE OF … *ahem*. Sir-G can quote me on this, but I’ve never been a fan of the original games, but ever since Tenkai’ and the other versions, I have to admit it has come a long, long way.

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Jam Sessions…guitar in your pocket, FOR REALS!

July 15, 2007

Whether your into guitar based music or not, you have to give this new DS title props as it’s one of the coolest new “non-games” to hit the system yet. I personally don’t know how to play a guitar, but after watching and reading about the game it got me pretty interested in giving it a shot at doing some come cool little riff or something. The actual strums sound pretty impressive and spot on to the real thing(especially when they have it hooked up to amps) and the fact that you can save your recordings is a huge plus(the original Japanese version didn’t allow this). I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing get pretty popular with the underground music scene much in the way the Wii remote has done.

Contra 4…a return to hottness!

July 15, 2007

Konami and WayForward team up to release the heat in Contra 4 for the DS. Forget about those other Contra games on the PS2 as this is a true sequal to the series as it picks up right after Contra 3: The alien Wars for super nintendo. Right now the graphics are looking very detailed as well as animation looking pretty sick! This is Contras true return to form. Now on the DS, the game us the dual screens to present a long vertical level with enemies coming from both the top and bottom screens. So to allow for faster movement between screens, there is an all new arm grappling mechanic just like in the old school game Bionic Commando. This allows you to jump between screens with the quickness. I’m so happy to see Contra is back the way it was meant to be and looking beautiful as ever! DS proves that 2-d is far from dead!

Who said the PC gets no love! Crysis not just good looking.

July 15, 2007

VISTA may have disapointed many a hard core PC user but maybe not its gamers. With titles like Lost Planet, and the new expanded version of Gears of War hitting the PC VISTA market soon, PC owners have something to look forward to for the next generation of PC gaming. Enter VISTA, DirectX 10, and the insane developers willing to go through hoops to bring you titles like Crysis. In other news, expect a new version of First Ecounter Assault Recon, and the sequel to hit some time next year. In the mean time take a look at this walk through for Crysis, so you can get an idea at just how intense this FPS will be when it hits shelves - I guess it not just all looks after all.

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Mario Galaxy:the true Mario64 sequel!

July 15, 2007

Nintendo has answerd the prayers of many gamers who didn’t quite get the feel for mario’s last adventure Mario sunshine. Although sunshine was a good platformer, it lacked a certain umph that made mario 64 hot. Well it seems that “umph” is back in mario galaxy! The water spraying jet pack is gone and we have good ol’ mario in his running and gomba stomping form. But he’s back with a twist, the levels in galaxy are now set up as if they’re little planets orbiting in space. And for those that worry all the levels will be tiny sized pieces, that won’t be the case. There will be full sized levels to run thru plus some new powers that enable mario to be transformed into a bee or a boo didley just to name a few. And for a first, a second player will be able to join the game in sort of a semi co-op mode. The way that works is who ever has control of the second wii remote, they’ll be able to attack enemies (by shooting stars at them), grab and hold mario (for instance if your mario and you jump to a moving platform but see your about to miss it, the second player can grab mario while he’s in the air and hold him until the platform moves back into a reachable position). Also at first glance it may seem disorientating but several hands on impressions have said that it feels fluid and fun. Mario Galaxy is gonna hit us this fall and it can’t get here soon enough! Peep some vids below of what is sure to become another mario classic!
Unit out…

Switch and Bait tactics by Sony spreads to the EU ….

July 14, 2007

… in your dreams. David Reeves is an interesting man. He not only single handly took the EU Sony market to fame but brought about a fever pitch high for the late years of PS2, garnering a solid business for Sony in Europe. This implies that he is not stupid, and its not to say that the rest of Sony is, but, we have said it before: too many peripherals and too many versions of one thing is over kill.

It’s obvious to us now that Hard Drives come cheap to Sony over at their manufacturing plants. had the opportunity to sit with Mr. Reeves and got some interesting tidbits out of him. When asked about the Switch and Bait tactics that his firm was pulling over in the US, David pointed out the following -

David Reeves: Well, they’re not really are they, because what the US are offering from the 1st of August is a USD 599 version with one game. All they’re doing is taking their stock they’ve got at the moment of the 60GB model, marking the price down and it will all be gone by the end of July.

What’s even more interesting was what he said when he was asked why the lads across the pond weren’t adopting the 80 gig model -

David Reeves: The difference between 60GB and 80GB is not really necessary. The difference in cost between a 60 and 80 is just Euro sense; it’s nothing, because the cost of memory is so small.

This proves my point, that no matter what unit you own [with the exception of the 20 gig version] you can just upgrade the unit on your own free time and money. While David may not think Sony HQ has lost their bloody minds, its perplexing, and down right nebulous to gamers as they witness the change. What’s more questionable is the fact that the change is not universal in the world called Sony. I smell a dead goat coming!


Even more strange, is the fact that they are getting the following rumble pack errr combo pack:


Reeves went on to say that “we just didn’t want to complicate things … ” for gamers. When reality sits in though, gamers are a strange breed as they are still shelling out cash for the PS3. Why oh God why, and He and He alone knows, oh Jah Rasta’far-I.  Sure enough I will never, ever understand the gaming market. Check out the whole interview here and big-up to for the bundle image.

E3 - How to make stages 101: Little Big Plent

July 14, 2007


Below is a little trailer on just how easy it is to make cool casual style stages for the most casual game on PS3 [no harm done WII, I love you but this looks hella cool].

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

E3 - Orange Box

July 14, 2007


Portal looks mind bending. Before you start going that this took ideas from Prey, bear in mind that the game was created with no knowledge of Prey’s existence. Check out this cool demo for the game due for the Orange Box on the PS3, 360, and PC.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

PS3 Gets Unreal 1 Year early - Why?

July 14, 2007

Cries can be heard across the net, especially by Epic game loyals and 360 owners a like. Keep in mind 360 owners, some of you didn’t even play pc games to begin with and this thing was on my PC long before you even thought of EPIC so get in line! :) Producers say that the game will hit VISTA and PS3 first because those systems will give them the ability to push out a higher quality game. Well, after my review on Armored Core 4 with SirG and comparisons of few other games, that remains to be seen. Though you can bash me with Gaiden, and other titles, lets just wait till it comes out wasabi.

Now I hear that GOW is going to VISTA and will have 5 extra levels to enhance the story? Last I heard the story won an award, but to even put more? Bring it, as I already have VISTA waiting for the likes of Crysis, and other 360 titles that are coming over to PC gaming.

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