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The real deal behind Ken(crazy Ken) Kutaragi’s retirement!!

Well it looks like the truth has come out on Ken’s retirement. It’s a long read, but worth it if your intrested. GameIndustry.biz takes a long and detailed look at the legacy he left behind at Sony as well as is his fall and how the powers that be inside the company ultimately forced him into his retirement. The whole joint reads like some Hollywood behind the scenes horror story. It’s crazy how it was pretty much a bid for power and Kens ultimate goal of trying to reach the top of Sony’s ladders to run the company. Check out a couple of excerpts below:

“It was no real surprise, then, when at the end of last November, Kutaragi’s descent continued. He was replaced as president of SCEI by former SCEA boss Kaz Hirai, although he was promoted to Chairman in the same move. Still, it was clear to everyone that this was no happy promotion – and nor was it the end of Sony’s retribution for Kutaragi’s mistakes.”

“Given enough rope to hang himself, Kutaragi had just managed to prove to Sony’s top executives and board members that he wasn’t the man for the top job. In his place, Sony took the extraordinary step of appointing its first non-Japanese boss – Welshman Howard Stringer. While Kutaragi had struggled with the poisoned chalice of the home electronics business, Stringer had been excelling as the head of the Sony BMG content business. Idei positioned him as an ideal candidate, replacing him as the favourite in the race to the top – and Kutaragi’s ambitions of ever leading Sony died.”

“At 56 years of age, for someone to retire from a senior role like Ken Kutaragi’s is almost unheard of in Japan. His removal from the top spot in SCEI is not a voluntary one; it is both a punishment for his own failures with regard to the PS3, and, by extension, an offering to shareholders angry at the losses sustained by the firm in the development of the console, and the negative press surrounding it. His head has rolled – perhaps pre-empting changes such as a price cut, perhaps merely as an act of contrition for past failures. Whichever is true, the Father of PlayStation has been put out to pasture.”

So grab some popcorn and sit back and read the whole write-up. It sounds almost good enough to make a tv movie off of it!


WTF is wrong with sony’s pr department?!

In one of sony’s latest publicity stunts to promote God of war 2′s release in the u.k. They hosted a party were they used a freshly decapitated goat as the centrepiece and not only that, the guest were invited to reach inside pull out and eat the intrails from the carcass while it was still warm….now what kind of sick ‘ish is that? That joint seemed more like a satan worship party than anything else. The whole events pictures were printed in the official uk playstation magazine (which has now been recalled because of said pics). Peep the full article here. I Know one thing, somebody’s gonna get fired! and sony should have known better than to do some crap like that.

Call of Duty 4 trailer!!!!

Call of Duty is back and boy is it back with a vengance! But this time and thank the heavens there’s no nazi’s in sight. The setting for this version is in modern times hence the name Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat and what appears from the trailer you’ll thrown into the battle that is the current iraq/terroist war that’s raging on as we speak. The game looks sweet and looks too take this game in a much need new direction. Peep the trailer below and say Hot Damn!! Cuz it looks like Call of Duty 4 is about to bring tha noise!
Also peep the official website for the uncut trailer (you have to register to see it tho).

Ken Considers Stepping Down

Ken Kutaragi rescently considered stepping down as CEO of the one the most influential, and much needed competitors, game creators of our time. As you all know Kaz Hirai has been taking charge of many a thing to do with Sony HQ and Hirai has shown that he is able to keep things moving in a fashion developed by the father of PlayStation.

Kutaragi will continue to have some influence in the firm, as he will take part as a Senior Technological Advisor.ÂÂ Though we hardly understood your point of view at times Ken, we are still grateful for your efforts in era of Video Game – Omegetougozaimasu!

Motorstorm Update 1.2

I’m not sure about most of you but I’m a little annoyed at the micromanagement that a lot of these games have been moving towards to these days. Several of my friends who keep up with the business side of things all agree that games are rivaling movie budgets, time, man power, and equipment that need money dropped on it in copious amounts.ÂÂ Still, I feel like some developers are using it as an excuse to deliver on gamesÂÂ at anÂÂ unquestionably low quality to gamers at times.  I’m sure that a publisher deadline has to be kept, but at the sacrifice of a descent game, you’d have to wonder.


Motorstorm 1.2 will hit ps3 soon and will have many-a-filler-patch. For anyone who has played the game for some time, knows that it has some serious issues other than just a slow start, taking some insane amount of time to load cars in the User Menu [WTF], and some server crashes here and there. Don’t believe me? See this post. Well that’s that, the new update will include -

  • - game listing improvment for online
  • - host ID [what did they use before for the data base]
  • - boost exploits?
  • - buddy list augmentations,
  • - audio fixes
  • - player ranking [shit, didn't even know that wasn't there from the start]
  • - auto start [wtf is this]
  • - save data corruption protection [guess my current file is shot and I don't even know it]
  • - lobby information [how did users navigate before?]
  • - vechicle damage reset after fatal crash [this didn't happen all the time but I to can vouch for this patch, so cool]
  • - Missing Audio! [wow, never heard this one before]
  • - Name tags [really, they were there in the first place, wow, new ones, that stay!!]

See what I mean?


PS3 has made it to the land of Curry, fine looking women, and crowded streets. Lets not forget Dubai but for those of you don’t have the time to travel, consider staying there for a few nights if the chance ever comes by in your life or you have the sudden whim of a feeling to just go east.

India Flag

Now for the cost of the system – about $40,000 Rs.ÂÂ And you thought you had a lot to complain about here in the US man.ÂÂ Each game goes for about $3000 Rs so I guess its not bad considering the FX rate – but damn!!!ÂÂ Nothing has really changed in terms of the system itself and the regular marketing applies to our beloved George Forman Grill with Spidey Text.

EA NCAA Football 2008 About to Bring Da Noise!


NCAA008 Tao Ticket



What’s going on peeps? Just got back from the EA Press event in NYC in honor of the NFL Draft this weekend. On display was an eaaarrrrly build of NCAA football 2008. But from what we can tell, this game is definately going to be sweet. Big props to the Gameplay programming lead Ian for walking us through the nuances.

This year it’s finally happening. 60 FRAMES!!! The game looks so much smoother and the individual player animations look sweet. New and improved gang tackling, hit stick 2.0 and individual team celebrations.

Also they’ve done away with the annoying Camera Shake and replaced it with a new momentum meter that’s actually dependant on the individual’s play. No more letting the computer a.i. do everything for you. You get bonuses for user picks and catches!

This weekend is gonna be filled with events around the Draft. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, big shot out to JaMarcus Russell who was getting busy on the sticks. We can see for miles where that advance money went (Can you say BAMA pendant with more ice than your fridge?) Yes he’s from Alabama not Louisiana, but who’s counting? JACOB that’s who! LOL

D out!

Crackdown Update Sneak-Peek

There has been a lot of wailing from the Crackdown fanboys (including this blogger) for new updates to the game. To give you the heads up, while Crackdown is indeed a fun game, the problem relies on a very unpolished feeling and lack of content after beating the game. Think Saints Row with just the missions and none of the side activities for you to enjoy, except the fact that your character can leap like Neo and pick up trucks when he is bored.

Strangely enough, after nearly two months of silence, they released a screenshot on their next update.  This screenshot tells two things: New vehicles and a new game mode.
Check it out

Get your GOD of War: Chains of Olympus Demo for PSP!

GOW Chains of Olympus


Sign up to the Playstation Underground on the Official God of War PSP site and received your free copy of the demo.

While supplies last…


Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 demo out now!!!!

Well this will be about the third go round’ for old Tecmo and Ninja Gaiden. Available now is the down loadable demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 network. If you haven’t played the game before, I strongly advise you to cop the downlaod and give it a spin. Here’s a warning though, this game ain’t for the faint hearted when it comes to difficulty. So many of you may be flingn’ your controller out the window! Either way, the game is pretty damn tight and easily sits along side God Of War as one of the best action/brawler type games available(sorry Dante, but your gettn’ old). Here’s what Sony had to say about the release:

“The Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo is a great way for PLAYSTATION 3 owners to get a sneak peek at the Team NINJA masterpiece,” said Yoh Watanabe, Tecmo’s Marketing Manager. “For the first time ever, Ninja Gaiden will be playable exclusively on a PlayStation platform and we’re amazed at how incredible Sigma looks and feels. This is the must-have demo for the must-have game.”

The demo will feature 1080p ninja action at 60fps, new weapons, new combos and secret unlockable ninja content. The Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo is now available only on the PLAYSTATION Network!

So download now!


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