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You want games?..We got em’!

Here’s a video montage of all the upcoming x360 games which most were shown at this years X06 show in barcelona spain. Nows a good time to be a x360 owner, everyone jump in!!


How do you play that?!

As most ya’ll know madden ’07 will be droppin for the wii and alot of you guys are scratchin’ your heads and sayin “how the hell are you gonna play that with the wiimote?”. Ign thru up some picture in picture vids showing just how you would do it. Now for this version of madden ea really wants to bring in mad heads that haven’t played any of ther other versions because of the complicated controls and what not. And i must say although im not a sports fan, i’ll def’ like to give this one a try because its more than just pushing buttons. Now we all Know (and im sure ea does too) that the real hardcore madden fans will prob’ never give this version a try because their set in their ways but there is a slight chance some may. Peep the vids below and check out ign’s hands on here
Unit out..



Not Just a VideoGame Site! TGH Highlights Hip-Hop!

Yeah folks, as you may have already figured out, we are Hip-Hop heads. Moving forward we will like to shine a light on cool Hip-Hop that’s going down. Here is the first snippet. A cool ass video by the upcoming Tonya Morgan group. Check out their album, it’s fiyah!

Myspace should pay these kats!


DEFCON First Impressions and Demo

Today is the day that Introversion released DEFCON, a real-time strategy thermal-nuclear game.

I just played about an hour of DEFCON and it is a very welcoming experience to see an indie developer create an original but great game that doesn’t require a seven-digit budget. It also follows the traditional “easy to learn, hard to master”. Not to mention that the game does involve nuking countries, something many developers for some reason won’t touch.

This isn’t the typical real-time strategy game that you’ll find with the label of Microsoft or Blizzard on the box art. There is no resources to hoard, no mines to gather, no technologies to research, or workers to create. This game simply says “Here is a fixed number of units, here is your land, enjoy”. The strategy comes in how you position your units and your decisions throughout the battle.

And that’s why this game is so much fun. Almost anyone who enjoys a bit of a real-time strategy can get into it and there isn’t dozens upon dozens of units to memorize. You can count the number of units using your hand: Submarines, Bombers, Carriers, Battleships, and Jet Fighters. That’s it.

The number of buildings is even smaller: Silos, Airfield, and Radar. Silos can either be your air defense, or they nuke the crap out of people. Radars help you see your area, including neighbouring foes. Airfields can spit out bombers to blow the crap out cities or buildings, or fighters to attack nukes, other fighters, and scout.

The deal with the units is they have certain modes that take time change. Carriers can be anti-sub or throw planes. Silos can be anti-air or nuke. When you play the game, you need to decide what you are going for, and where will it be done.

I wrote this on another forum about my first online game.

It was random map and fate has decided to put me in the South America (and Mexico). I deployed everything, mainly putting up air bases up north and spreading my silos around. I tried a bit of a random placement so off-throw the enemy and put the radars in the middle of a bunch of SAM sights.

I mixed navel units with battleships and carriers, and two fleets of subs. One fleet went up north to bomb the crap out of California and Texas, the other went to Southern Africa to “cure AIDS.” (His words, not mine)

As soon as DEFCON 3 hit, my fleets of battleships and carriers ceased to exist. It seems my weakness is ships, because they die off so quickly. Even with the help of my airfields nearby, the ships still sank.

Unlike the other players, I started the nukes really early, which gave me a bit of an edge. I disabled two of America’s radars and sent some fodder fighters to distract the SAMs while the bombers from the area nuked the southern States. Southern Africa had no defences and I launched every possible nuke from the subs, earning myself a crapload of points.

Nearly halfway through the fire, freaking Asia and Europe begins bombing the crap out of North and South America. I sent my fighters and managed to switch my silos to SAMs to counter the nukes. One thing I noticed is the defense systems in this game are heavily based on luck. No matter how missiles I’ve seen launched, that one nuke manages to make it through.

Africa, being pissed as fuck, starts launching nukes at my silos. I sent my fighters to intercept and strangely enough, it did. Despite blowing up one half of Africa at the start, they couldn’t even touch me even with my silos shown.

China and Europe were nailing me down pretty down but my building casualities were all safe but one abandoned airfield.

With ten minutes remaining, I decided to do an insane tactic. I used a silo the most south on my land. Why? I wanted to go after New York, and if the Missile was going through the Atlantic Ocean, not many SAMs from North America will be able to stop it from going to New York. The only thing I was worried about was the sea, which had numerous ships and subs I could not see, fighting with each other, and it might be shot down from overhead.

I must have a lot of luck today, because they weren’t many fleets at the Atlantic Ocean at all. I sent all 10 nukes towards New York alone, while I sent my bombs and fighters from two different airfields to mess up the SAM sights at the south border and their cities.

Nearly a minute left and New York becomes a city with a population of only six digits.

I end up being in third place. Russia and Asia were too busy laying the smack down on Europe.

The demo is out if you want to see how the game is like. Get it here!

UPDATE: My first victory. Two teams of two, and two lone wolves. I, a lone wolf, won the match!

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OMG Graphics! Alan Wake

No matter how good these Consoles claim to be, they are always YEARS Behind what the newest Graphic Cards and Core Processors can do.


This Alan Wake Demo or more precisely “Tech Demo” is proof that these guys are not resting. But the one thing that seperates PC from Consoles? Gameplay. Third Person Games “NEED” a controller. You can get away with ill Graphics on a First Person Shooter with Gameplay, but when you have to run and Jump you need a controller.

Either way prepare to be blown away.


Touching is good….right?

Aight, we all know the Japanese tend to be some crazy kats when it comes to making games. But I think this is going a little bit overboard! Apparentley SNK is droppn’ this game called Doki Doki Majo Saiban in Japan. The premise, you basically have to find witches hiding on modern day earth. And how do you find them? You simply touch them in “special” areas to see if they are a witch. Now I don’t know if thats how they did it back in the day in Japan(if they even had witch hunts to begin with), but I think thats a little crazy. Can you imagine someone seeing you on the train touching girls on your DS screen!!! The site is in japanes, but check it out for some pics!


Marvel Universe Online Movie

The Cryptic Studios Website now offers a teaser movie from Marvel Universe Online, the just-announced comic-themed MMORPG. The clip can be found in the menu that runs down the right side of the page.

New Superman Footage!

EA wasn’t sleeping afterall. Check out this footage of the New Superman Game. That is not based on the movie. I like the sense of speed and distance Supes can throw enemies!



Yeay!!!! PS3 games are $60

They had us sweating for a while there. It seems as is Sonystyle.com is listing its Playstation 3 titles for $59.99. Which is a relief after rumors that the games in Japan would top out at $85 US. This puts them on par with the XBOX360 price point. Still waiting on Nintendo for their concrete pricing strategy for the Wii.

What is puzzling to me though, is that certain media outlets are refering to Microsofts MSRP for their first party titles as selling for $49.99. WHERE? I haven’t seen any Xbox360 titles brand new for that price (Xcept for Table Tennis which was $39.99) What gives? Are we in the Big city not getting a price break we are entitled to?

ESRB comes under fire for not doing their job!

YES! I say YES! I say YES!

How in the hell do you rate something and you’ve only played the first Level? Well it seems as if that’s what the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) has been doing. Which comes as no surprise to me. Many people feel it’s their duty to talk about games with authority and haven’t made it halfway through the game they are referring. But now if it’s mandatory that they have to actually go through the game, then we would get more legit ratings. Themovie raters don’t watch 30 mins of the movie and give it a PG rating. Well yeah these games are 40hrs long, so what? Aren’t you getting paid? To do your job? ok then. Eat it. If you don’t like it, go empty parking meters.


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