2 free to play mmo’s you probably haven’t heard of…

Whut up folks, Unit here and i got the lowdown on 2 free to play mmo’s you might not have heard of. And our guest editor and resident pc man J-Quest is gonna dive right in and tell you what’s the deal on both games. Check it below.
This is an On-line strategy action game .I would qualify it as being a PVP game. Rakion offers a fast and easy way of attacking opponents.

It offers hotkeys for both health potions and skills. There are five classes to choose from which are Mage, Ninja, Archer, Warrior and Blacksmith. Takes place in the medieval time period. There are different type of battle to choose from which are Stage, Team Death match, Solo Death match, Boss War and my favorite Golem War. In which one must attack the other teams Golem mean while trying to protect yours from the opponents attack.The team that kills the other teams Golem wins the match.

Leveling comes by beating opponents, whether it is by soloing or team effort. You will also receive Gold and bonus points so you can build your character by buying armor, weapons and accessories.

What I like about Rakion is that no matter what level one is, you will be able to compete with other player who may be a higher level that you are. One of the striking features of this game is that as you can summon your inner creature as your rage meter hits critical point. This feature can turn the tide of the game. It doesn’t last long but it can be useful.

If you are looking for a fast paced get in and get out type of game and that is free and fun, I would suggest going to Softnyx website and download your free copy. be warned that this game is bandwidth hog, some servers won’t let you in due the speed of your DSL or Cable.

If you ever played Lineage 2this game is a clone of NCSoft’s MMO. The graphics seem dated and just like its counterpart you grind like there is no tomorrow.

This being an RvR (realm vs. realm) or light vs. dark the quest are rather bland, kill x number of lizards, orcs and oh yes monkeys, OMG no, how has it come to this. Oh well, you can level and get gold faster by doing the quests. The armor and weapons can get very expensive at the shops.Since this is a free to play MMO one can purchase potion to help you level quicker.

Can’t say much about the skilled based system, as you gain points thru each level your character can acquire ever more powerful skills. There are six classes to choose from on the light side, there are the Archer, Ranger, Priest, Defender, Mage and Fighter. The opposing faction has similar classes as well but just with different names Assassin, Oracle, Hunter, Warrior, Pagan and Guardian if you choose the dark side. Not much in terms of character uniqueness, everyone just looks like your clone.

The only time I had fun is when you reach about lvl 15 or so, you go and battle the opposing faction. You will enter the portal where the war is ranging and that is where the fun really lies in this game. You can party with other members of your faction at any time and try to defend the castle. The opposing faction are always trying to attack and ambush you while you are finishing quests.

Since I’ve only played and Elf mage, this review is only based on that particular class of the light faction. I will give a longer review of this game in future posts. If you like RvR then Shaiya has some features that can hold you in the game for a certain amount of time. 1500 vs 1500 , Arena Fights, and Guild Events. Want to give it try? the web site is Aeriagames.com

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2 Responses to “2 free to play mmo’s you probably haven’t heard of…”

  1. fatfoogoo on September 1st, 2008 7:37 am

    Thanks for this article! I gave both of these a spin and have to say that while both were entertaining, I could see the lack of interest factor building up rapidly. That combined with the massive lag spike I experienced in Rakion is a bit of a downer. On the other side of the coin, more free to play titles with good graphics and a decent storyline are always a good thing.


  2. UnitDaGamer on September 1st, 2008 7:56 am

    no proab’….although alot of free 2 play games may be ok or just plain garbage, it doesn’t hurt to be informed about them. You never know, alot of gamers have different taste and some may actually enjoy these games.


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